Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Give It To Me Baby

ok..... I was SO ready for this nap-time!!!!

I honestly do not know WHAT crawled up Rhena's ass this morning and decided to take camp on every last nerve of mine, but can you say


poor baby--- I think she's cutting another tooth or growing or she's just overly sympathetic to starving children in Africa.... cause she is just a pill today. cry cry cry, whine whine whine, bite bite bite, and repeat.

oh well. this too shall pass.

speaking of passing.... please pass the BLOGSHARES!!!!!

like I really needed ANOTHER thing to distract me from housework.... I was pibbling around on Slacker-Man's website when I noticed that he's listed on Blogshares. (look under Data Fever for the Blogshares button) then I come to find out that some dude named Steve Everett and Steph (from DJ and Me) are owners of my blog. Hello??? does anyone else find it weird that they own more of my blog then *I* do??? why am I always the last to find out about things???

anyways... it's my newest addiction, and I love it. I think EVERYONE should list their sites. I already have bought stock in about half of my link-list.... now get to work and make me money, bitches!!!

Just kidding... there's no actual profit you make off of this... and you guys are not my bitches..... (but you can be if you want to!!)

bottom line--- I'm having fun with it. I'm taking small joy in the fact that my blog is listed higher in value than my brother's... but that's not hard cause he never posts on his any more. (LOSER!!) I guess he's too busy Woot-ing to post these days. Though he should at least post his Woot entries to his blog... he can be quite creative when he actually tries..... but the last miracle I know of was quite some time ago, so I ain't holdin' my breath... ya knowwhaddayemean?

does anyone else watch these ridiculous summer programs that the networks are slopping at us? yeah, that's me....


I'm addicted to the red-head whore-bagger on Average Joe (the hot guys are SO NOT HOT this summer!!).... can NOT stop watching the train-wreck I-want-to-be-a-Hilton show, and am hooked for Strip Search. Biggest Loser is coming up, and So You Think You can Dance has got to make me piss myself at least once or twice.

I need to get a life.

today's title brought to you by Rick James, 1981


Christi said...

I can honestly say I have never seen any of those shows...well, I watched the first season of Average Joe, but...If it's not on Fox, I don't watch it....except for CSI:NY.

When I get some time, I'm going to check out this blogshare thing.

ZuphChic said...

I'm a sucker for Bravo this summer...Blow Out, Sports Kids Mom and Dads, Being Bobby Brown, etc....bring it on!

dnyduck said...

Hey now....I told you about Steve and Blogshares (or at least your blog stock) back in the comments of your Drive By post. I accused the two of you of having an affair. :) I'm really starting to feel hurt now. First no comments over at my place when you return from you trip and now you don't read mine that I leave here? FIne! Be that way!!!! :) I know! You are one popular chica and sometimes you just can't get to all of the comments. Just let me pout a little bit longer will ya? I promise not to scream like the booger is doing! Love ya babe!


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Blogshares. It's cool.

Carrie said...

Steph---- I was wondering what in hell you were talking about with Steve???

I just thought Kevin was trying to start up another NASCAR dig or something???? :)

and you're done pouting, BTW... I bought shares of your blog on the very first day of joining blogshares, (instead of commenting) so SHADDUP!!! XXOO love you!!!

Christi--- you take your time... I would say you've kinda got your hands full these days???

(FYI... Christi recently had a beautiful baby girl!!!)

Zuphy--- I've seen parts of Blow out.... I'll have to chekc out the others!

Carrie said...

Lightning Butt--- I think I maxed out my transactions for a 24 hour period... but I'm thinking I need to buy some of yours.... :)

Laina said...

Blogshares--another way for me to compulsively assess my online popularity.

Liza said...

how can you watch so many crappy reality shows? haha, although, does poker count as a reality show? I like that.

Melissa said...

Big Brother tomorrow night! I'm sooo excited!
Poor Rhena..and poor you. I know how aggravating that can be.
I listed myself on blogshares but I'm not sure how to do it. GRRR.

greekchickie said...

Ditto! Big Brother!


Jenni said...

oh, i can so relate to the reality show thing. did the train wreck thing on the Hilton show last night...what the hell was up w/ opera girl??? OMG! I also am hooked to Bachelor, Big Brother, Survivor, Apprentice, watched Who wants to Marry my Dad last year, For Love or Money....yikes, I watched a lot of them!!

popfizz said...

you know the only way to stop crappy tv is not to watch it. though if pressed i would have to let Miss Hilton into my pants. but i would think of it as just taking one for the team.
but then again.. i am with liza on the poker stuff. that is art at its finest.
river card this!

Susie said...

Sista I think I just made you some Gs by posting photos one at a time through Hello. Buy me something pretty. Or better yet - send the choc chip banana bread that Troy ate for me!

Carrie said...

dude... you know my lazy ass still has it in the freezer!!!!

I SWEAR I'm going to go to the post office ONE of these days!!!!

Tee said...

LMAO @ "or she's just overly sympathetic to starving children in Africa." .... SO FUNNY! ;) Love it.

I love reality shows - the Hilton one is dumb -watched for like 5 minutes... I'd watch more of them but Hubby HATES them. (Well, he says he does but while I'm watching he pops his head in the room every 5 minutes, "You're still watching that stuff? It's so stupid... What are they doing now?" )... LOL.

Jewl said...

Joined the whole Blogshare I just have to have time to figure it all out.
Gotta love the Strip search... I have never seen so many stupid men in one show... I just about pee myself everytime I watch it!