Friday, July 15, 2005


well... another week of voting is over, and ABBA delivered a CRUSHING blow to the Bee Gees.

that's right, with a final score of 14-7, ABBA took home the trophy this week.

there were a lot of good points brought up all around, and I'm still figuring out just how I feel about it. I love both groups, so either way one has to lose. I suppose it makes sense... I mean.. the Gibbs are a bit of pussies, aren't they?

that's all for now... I have something eating my craw, but I can't remember what it is right now... blame the self-induced slimfast coma I'm in.

So dance on, teenage beauty queen... feel that beat of the tambourine, ooooh yeah.

this post's title brought to you by the Bee Gees, 1978


Porq said...

Congrats to ABBA!!

Oh well, so they don't speak english but then again, I heard "NO" from females in almost every language!!



Oh yeah, get ready, weez a commin'!

Susie said...

Mamma Mia! I sensed something in the air tonight, Fernando. But knowing me, knowing you, there's nothing we can do. Take a chance on me and send out an SOS, Chiquita!!

I know. I need a life. It's the name of the game. UGH I can't stop!!!

dnyduck said...

Yahoo! Although I would have been happy if the Bee Gees won also.... I just think I like ABBA slightly more. :)

Oh! And I owe you a great big thank you Carrie! Thanks to your site, I can't stop listening to Disco music now! The people who have to sit around me are going to have a revolt soon, I just know it! I know you are a Disco Diva, but maybe some '80s stuff next time you change things up around here? Nah....that's just not you. Me maybe, but not you!

Oh the parties we could have had together if we had only lived in the same town. You and your disco self and me stuck in the '80s. :)


dnyduck said...

Oh and need to get a life my dear. You have one and I love it!!! :) I LOVE Broadway...Mamma Mia is one that I haven't seen yet. My mom went without me (I was too close to my due date to join her) and she loved it.

Pieces of Me said...

Oh well...I guess yay to ABBA have a great weekend girl!

greekchickie said...

Wow... that was a crushing defeat!

Have fun with the fam this weekend!


Melissa said...

Dangit!! I wanted the Bee Gees to win. I demand a recount!!

The Life of Bill said...

ABBA delivering a blow to the Bee Gees? That had to be the least appreciated blow of all times!!!

Marie said...

Yes! I am happy that ABBA crushed the Bee Gees here.

Carrie said...

now Bill... To be fair... there were 2 guys in ABBA... I'm sure they appreciated the Gibb Dibb!!!

Susie--- love you.... plain and simple.

Steph--- gotta say... i'm just not an 80's girl... but it's yours for the taking! :)

oh... and FYI... that picture of Porq is NOT his real picture.... I may have MARRIED a toothless guy, but it does NOT run in my family!!! :)

(well, ok.. my mom has had a lot of work done... but we're just talking the men in my life here...)

Chief Slacker said...

This is twice now I;ve voted and everyone voted for the side that didn't make sense! what's wrong with the world today??

gina said...

susie- how clever you are!! ROFL.
i am glad abba won. i want to see mamma mia!!

midwest_hick said...

ABBA would get my vote over them any

Lil Country said...

I think you need to pop up a picture of you in full out disco wear on this thing. Now that would rock!

mlwhitt said...

Abba... be listening to a different band.. Sorry I couldn't resist.

Christi said...


Wethyb said...

I do have to say I loooove Dancing Queen!