Friday, July 29, 2005

Knock on Wood

well... we have arrived at another Friday. whooooo-yeah!

not that my friday is really a friday, (or was it every day was like friday???) anyways.... I just like knowing we're on the verge of a weekend.

not much going on in Johnson-ville.... we FINALLY got some rain last night.... but the stupid bitches of our tv networks just happen to SUCK at their emergency broadcast system.

so here we were... watching garbage cans and porta-potties fly down our street (no... we are not white-trash.... we just live in a construction zone while they finish all these houses around us...) and we're watching the news, and not one... NOT ONE network has any news flash of any kind warning about high winds or tornados or anything.

so while debating on which closet would be best for us to hide in should the roaring outside get a little louder... we put on the weather channel. So they at least say there's a severe thunderstorm warning in effect. no shit, sherlocks! so whatever... the storm finally passes, we eat dinner and settle in for some Wheel of Fortune. well... not 2 minutes into Wheel, and the first of about 15 emergency broadcasts come across, warning the po-dunk counties of North Carolina that they are about to be assaulted by heavy winds, lightning and rain.

what?? just cause we live in a HOUSE we shouldn't get warned??? not even a "hey Huntersville, we know half of your town is under construction to accommodate the growth of Charlotte, so heads up for some flying construction debris and maybe a random 2x4 or porta-potty????" yeah... good looking out... fuckers.

so anyways... other than our garbage bin getting blown into the street, and a lot of debris on our lawn, we only lost 3 screens, which troy brought inside, so all I have to do is bring them upstairs and put them back in. so knock on wood for no damages.

speaking of knock on wood... our floor guy is coming today to check out some creaky boards. I guess new houses aren't supposed to SOUND like old houses this soon.... we'll see what comes of that.

and for my dish of culture this week... Troy and I watched this movie called "Talk To Her" last night. odd movie... but it won an oscar, I think, and it had subtitles, so that definitely counts as culture in my book. notable moments from the movie include a pretty girl burping, same pretty girl talking about taking an elephant-sized shit, and a shrinking man that crawls into a woman's vagina. (this ought to pull in ALLL sorts from Google search now, huh???)

so if you're into those kinds of things.. the movie is worth a watch. Also features dancing, two women in comas, and bullfighting. I mean hey.... if you can't pull them in with men walking into vaginas... SURELY the bullfighting will draw the crowds???

on that note.... my audience of one is clamoring for some attention. apparently one of the 6 or 7 toy phones she has is for me!

happy friday!

today's title brought to you by Amii Stewart - 1978


Susie said...

Happy Friday! So glad you didn't get tossed around with the port-a-potties last night. That would have blown. Get it? Blown? I'm hurting today. Liam is waking from a 45 min morning nap - what do you want from me?

Tee said...

Man! That's a little creepy that they didn't alert you guys! Geez pete.

That movie sounds good. I love foreign films.

Wethyb said...

Happy Friday girly!!! Yay!!

We need more rain too. Been dry as a bone!

Best go take your phone calls. Maybe it's Ed McMahan telling you you've won the sweepstakes :)

S.C. said...

So, do you think they'll hyphentate it like every other city in N.C.? Charlotte-Huntersville, NC?

midwest_hick said...

Watching porta potties move isn't right....defies logic for dropping by my inane site...have a great weekend

Jenni said...

and just what is so white trash about a port-a-potty? HMMMM????

I'm kidding....we are white trash. Port-a-potty for 6 months and all. :)

have a good Friday, chica!

greekchickie said...

Glad y'all are ok! I love storms, but not the really skeery ones.

Have a good weekend, chick.


Marie said...

Wow, your story about all the floating debris is crazy. Sheesh! I'm glad you all didn't get swept away by a porta-potty. ;)

Maria said...

You've got porta potties and shit flying around your neighborhood and you question my status as possible white trash?

bizzaaaaaaaaaatch!! :-P

I still love ya girl

Christi said...

Huntersville is a nice area. We thought of moving there once, but then we got transferred here. Oh well...

scrappintwinmom said...

I watched "House of Flying Daggers" on Friday night. I love those subtitled Asian martial arts movies. Just checking in on my blogroll...thought I'd say hi.