Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Trying to be positive


I know I've bitched and moaned on here several times about the number of medications I've been having to take to keep the puking *somewhat* at bay. I REALLY don't like having to take 10 pills a day, but I REALLY don't like puking regularly even more.

well, my insurance people have decided to cut my supply of my main puke pills.... my zofran. They say that I've already hit my allotted quantity for this month, and I will not be granted another refil until September 10th.

what this means is that the TWENTY pills I was given on August 10th are to last me until September tenth. did I mention I have been prescribed to take this pill every 6-8 hours?

other interesting facts are that this pill costs an EXUBERANT amount of money, and there is no generic form of it available in the USA. I shit you not... for one refil, AFTER insurance.. I'm paying $50. ready for the sick part? if I had no insurance, this pill would be costing me approximately $1300 for twenty pills.

so BEING the cheap bitch WITH insurance that I am... I have been regulating and stretching my perscriptions out as much as I can. I often only take two or even ONE zofran a day, in hopes that I can make the bottle last a whole 14 days, versus the 5 to 7 days, if I were taking it every 6-8 hours. because in addition to this $50 a refil I pay for this pill, I'm also paying $50 a month for my prevacid, $30/month for regalin, and $45/month for my prenatal. and if you ask me, I'd rather be shelling out $100/month for zofran instead of $200. cause again.. me. cheap.

now mind you, while stretching these pills out does help in the financial realm, it ends up having a negative impact on my puking. the trick is that even when taking the full dosages, I'm still puking, rest assured. except.. when I am cutting back on the zofran, I just puke more often, and the sessions are more acidic and violent.

so now... thanks to dear ole blue cross.... I am only allowed to have 20 pills to cover a span of 30-31 days. THAT'S LESS THAN ONE PILL A DAY, GANG!!!!

can't I get a fucking BREAK?????

call me a whiney bitch if you must, and I'm fine with that. please do not mistake my frustration with all this vomiting to be any sign that I'm not appreciative of the life growing within me, either. I'm blessed.. I know I am.

but before I went on the zofran, I was puking A LOT. like 4-5x a day a lot. and it sucked, and it hurt, and poor baby Rhena had to watch me get sick and hug public toilets and curl up in a ball on our own floor from the wretching and pain.

I only have ten weeks left til I'm at my official due date. and I know I'm in the home stretch, but man oh man.... I'm tired. I'm trying to be positive.. I really am.. but I'm tired, and I just want to hold my baby already and make this puking go away. but unfortunately, the only thing going away is my access to my pills.

so forgive today's break-down. I know shit could be worse. and we all have our hardships to endure. it's just that it's hard to be positive when I know I still have at least another 10 weeks left.


Bridget said...

Oh honey, sending you big hugs!!! Whine away, you've earned it!

The insurance system is sooo messed up! Anyway your doc can intervene on your behalf?

holy chaos said...

man, i am sooo sorry.... hugs to you.... bc/bcs sucks... my insurance has gone way down this pregnancy.

i don't blame you for whining...30 weeks is a loooong time to feel that way...

i am praying for you...

susie said...

Can you talk to you doctor instead of the heathen nurse? Can you petition to get it covered? That insurance bites.

I hate to say it, but what about getting cut at 38 weeks? Two less weeks of ralphing in a toilet in exhaustion BEFORE a baby comes to make you more tired.

Love you babe.

greekchickie said...

Oh this is just effin ridiculous. Talk about INSANE!

I would give your doc a ring-a-ling-ling & tell him/her what has happened. Maybe they can work some magic.

Freakin idiots.


C said...

Good grief. I would be right there with you. All those pills and you still puke. I don't know what's worse acid flavored puke or acid and pill flavored puke. Man...what a hard on the stomach pregnancy. Be strong.

Sara said...

I love to come to your blog and read about puking... I do feel bad for you.
You know what the sad part is?? If you were on medicaid you'd have all the free pills your puking heart desired. People with insurance get screwed. xoxoxo Hope you feel better soon. xxx

john boy said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment :)

Sorry to hear all that you are having to deal with :(

Liza said...

aww, poor you!!!! stupid insurance!!!

Katy said...

All my hugs go out to you, Carrie. I don't know how you still manage to do such a great job with Rhena, travel, clean and plan enourmous parties. I would've curled up in the fetal position by now and said forget it, I'm done!

Hang in there girlie!!

Mr. Apropos said...

Ouch. Lot stuff coming the wrong way out of the pipes! Sorry, dude!

I just wanted to add that, if I'm paying (retail) around $1300 for 14 days worth of pills plus untold riches for other meds, I'll want to get more than "just not puking"

I feel for that kind of investment you should get more: hairline should start creeping forward instead of back, that the annoy "Bob" guy on the teevee should be like, "damn, brother, what you on?", and I should be waking each morning with breath so freash it would make a mountain-side worth of flowers weep because they can't compete.

I guess there really is a difference between sex for money and sex for love: sex for money is always cheaper. (and clearly involves less time praying to the porcelain Gods for one reason or another.)

Still, I hope the puking gets better soon.


Laina said...

That seriously sucks!! I hate insurance companies. Have you tried calling the drug company and asking for either assistance or free samples? Ask the doc for free samples too! Maybe you can get enough to get over the hump.

Wethyb said...

Oh man......I'm sending you big hugs honey! That's so sucks. Here's to hoping the next 10 weeks FLIES by and you feel better soon!

momxtwo said...

Prayers are going up for you right now.


Christi said...

I was all ready to come on here and comment to ask you if this pregnancy is totally killing you like it is me. Man, don't I feel like I'm getting off lucky!

You might want to check w/your dr. and see if he might have some samples for you to have. I know many a time I've been given enough samples to cover whatever I've needed the medicine for. Even if they don't give you a whole lot, even a few might help out some.