Monday, August 28, 2006

Good Intentions

so I honestly think I had good intentions to blog about something interesting today. In FACT.. I distinctly remember that while cleaning my kitchen counter this morning, I had one of those "ah-HAH!!!! now THAT would be a good blog topic!!" moments.

don't ask me what in hell that topic WAS... as now that it's 5 hours later.. I have no idea.

I WILL share that I spontaneously puked this morning... Now THAT was a treat! Not!!

yeah.. This morning was such a weird experience, I can't even be pissed or upset about it.

so there I was, in the post-morning glow of some quality time with Little Einsteins... (yes, this morning was ANOTHER play of the "duck duck June" episode where we're taking a trip to bring duh-key home, bring ducky back home to his FAA-MAH-lee.... riveting story lines, gang... let me tell you)

so yeah anyways, the show's over, rhena's running around downstairs like she owns the joint, and I'm talking on the phone to my Twinkie. I take a sip of my coffee as my friend relates yet another tragic tale of what a moron his sister-in-law can be.. and all of a sudden..




who-the-what-theFUHHH????? ....more coughing/gagging/puking ensues.

thankfully, most of it ended back into the coffee cup (thank GOD it was near empty), just a little on the coffee table, and the rest hurriedly into the toilet.

but seriously.. who DOES THAT??? I was like my own little fraternity party.. taking a shot of something nasty, thus causing me to spit it back out, thus triggering my drunken gag reflex, thus puking all over. except, well.. the coffee wasn't nasty, and I sure as hell wasn't drunk. (not saying we don't party here on monday mornings at 8:40am or anything.. but really... me in my pj's puking coffee lacks that certain 'party-girl' image I had a few years ago.)

so have I officially nominated myself as the poster-blog for birth-control yet? I'm SUCH a glamorous preggo.... I know I just make EVERYONE want to rush out and have kids.

so yeah. that's how my morning sort of started. STILL can't remember if/what I was going to say. I think it was a confession of some sorts, but honestly.. right now I got nothin'.

ok. happy monday, then....


Wethyb said...

Yay I'm first!

Wowsa...what a shitty morning! I don't know if that's every happened to me. I hope you feel okay though!

And don't feel about not remembering--I can't remember shit even when I'm not pregnant.

Laura said...

Maybe it was Quincy...I DON'T EVEN BEEEELEEEEEVE IT!

The song! My blog! Josh Turner!!! It's a good one, isn't it??

gina said...

wow how do you manage??? although, little einsteins makes me wanna puke every time, but still girl?? you poor dear!! how much longer?

holy chaos said...

same thing happened to me but with tea... yuck!

i cannot stand to puck...

Christi said...

My friend from high school just adopted a little boy from Guatemala. She has one little boy now, and wanted more kids, but swears she will NEVER go through pregnancy again. She puked and was sick the entire time she was prego w/her first, too.