Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Not just about hate for Nascar and Roids

you know... every once in a while, I actually do a little something called SHARING here at the Fever.

well.. I mean, I share my thoughts on stupid shit all the time, there's no question about that. but sometimes, like right about now... I get the urge to let my readers peek deep inside this cavernous brain of mine and realize what a fucked up place it can be.

Last night I was feeling particularly hormonal. call it a side effect of being a woman, or this pregnancy thing I have going on, by the chains in the brain were clinking, and gosh darn it.. I was a time bomb ready to explode.

let me back track.

when I was pregnant with Rhena, Troy and I lived in Nevada. with NO family around. no mom, dad, cousins or who-have-yous to pop by for brunch or dinner or holidays, or you know... be in a cheering section when it came time to push a baby out of my crotch.

Now believe me when I say that I am definitely not the kind of gal that wants people being in a delivery room when things inside of me are trying to come out. Sure.. I can manage peeing with the door open, and out of survival, I've become fine with crapping and puking with the door open so I can keep an ear on Rhena... but BABIES??? out of my TIDGET??? yeah.. that gets a strong round of HELL NO!

so whatever... yadda yadda yadda... no family around, so it's just me and troy and a bunch of contractions, drugs, puking, monitors and hospital staff and eventually some knives and staples to get Rhena to come out. And life was good. Troy and I brought our girl-monster home and were able to figure her out on our own, without any family telling us how wrong we were doing shit. but yet... we had no one there to help us, and we probably did everything wrong. good sides and bad sides to everything, I know, and I swear I have a point here... but remember, we're in my brain, and there's no straight lines in here.

so ANYWAYS.... last night, Troy's talking about his work situation, and for once, things seem to be going really well. the fledgling start-up he began working for 2 1/2 years ago is on the verge of potentially going big time (which could mean WE'RE on the verge of getting a really nice payoff, but we're not playing the wish-this-would-happen game). and the sorta short of it is that he says that things are going to be crazy for the next 3-4 months.

so let me tell you something. things are ALWAYS crazy with Troy's work. the hours he works in a day are freaking ridiculous. I mean, sure... he does have nights where he can relax and watch a movie or cut out early, but more often than not, I only know my husband's face with a soft soft glow of a computer screen in front of it.

but again.. I'm digressing.

so he's telling me about how crazy shit's going to get in the next couple of months, and the One Within starts kicking me. as in.. yeah, no SHIT things are gonna get crazy in the next couple of months... did you SEE the belly I have and realize that we have to throw a birthday party for a two year old, and halloween and have a BABY and the christmas social and christmas and oh yeah let's get the new kid baptized?????

so I'm a clinkity clanking in my brain about all the stuff that's going on as Troy's telling me that things are going to get crazy. if you want to have an idea of the stress and anxiety that one little statement from Troy can bring me... think Titanic, think the Captain, and think about him hearing "hey jackass... you just hit an iceberg really fast in the middle of nowhere and we're sinking".

if you're STILL not connecting the dots, let me tell you that when troy says things are going to be crazy, he'll be working from 6am-6:30pm, come home for an hour to say hi and shovel food in his mouth, then go back to work til midnight -2am for like 3 or 4 months straight. it means that plans that have been set in stone for over three months (like a trip to Washington DC) will suddenly be in jeopardy of being cancelled for lack of him being able to watch our child for more than 2 hours in a row.

now I dunno about you, but I've been keeping track, and I'm supposed to have another BABY coming out of me within the next 3 months.... right around or smack in the middle of crazy-ville.

to be fair... with my mom not going back to work this year, I do need to say that she will be coming down to Stepford for the last week or so of my pregnancy so she can be with Rhena when it's time to go produce another Johnson. I'm very happy about this, as I know no one else (save troy or myself) would be able to care for her in a way I want, and since I'm also going to need Troy by my side to calm my shit down when I attempt to give birth... la madre is the prime choice for taking care of Boogie. so I have a silver lining.

but yet... hormonal, irrational pregnant me started worrying that with the combination of his work getting crazy and my mom being here to pick up some sluff.... would my plans for having troy get me through birth be shackled by his boss (who, by the way, thinks the answer for everything is to pay for a nanny and cleaning service to make up for the husband not being around) will troy have to do a code drop instead of coming to the hospital? would his boss assume that since my mom is here in town that Troy would be at his disposal 24-7?

so... gingerly... I tell troy that while I'm totally cool with him working 20 hours a day for the next 2 1/2 months... I told him that I hope he understands that that's going to change when it's time for the baby. Now in MY mind.. I'm thinking that he should just say.. "well no DUH, you irrational hormonal pregnant girl! I'll be right by your side whenever you need me"... but I got silence. two long minutes of silence followed by "well, what the hell does THAT mean? things aren't going to magically CHANGE when the baby gets here you know"

oh boy.

three super-picker-upper papertowels full of snot later, we come to the understanding that *I* was just needing to hear that no matter how much money is dangling as a carrot in front of us with his work thing, Troy will be there for the entire birth process, and *Troy* finally understood I wasn't asking him to only work 8 hours a day or questioning his desire to be a part of this baby coming out.

the bottom line is we both feel the same way, and pretty much always HAVE felt the same way about the birthing thing, but because I asked about it, he figured maybe we DIDN'T feel the same way. but me being me... I just needed to hear it again.

you know... it's funny when I write these long posts like this... by the time I'm done typing out my long convoluted thoughts out, even *I* wonder what the hell is wrong with me... which would probably explain why I don't type out my real thought process too often. it's kinda like going from A to B but going from A to Z and all the other letters in reverse first. my brain just seems to always take the long way.

oh well. I guess my point is that the home-stretch jitters are starting to kick in. I really DO spend too much time thinking about whether or not I can really push a baby out of my tidget. and handle being a mom to two kids, and be a good wife, and be a good friend, and daughter and sister and aunt and all the other shit in between.

hearing some reassurance from Troy was what I needed last night. Of course it didn't help that afterwards we watched a movie about a disfunctional family in north carolina that featured an off-beat pregnant girl whose baby dies in childbirth..... but that's another story.


Liza said...

carrie!! i miss you!!! i'm sorry you're having some jitters :( but you still crack my shit up even when you are in a hormonal attack. TIDGET? NEVER heard it called that and i think i farted from laughing at that so hard.


susie said...

WOW my head is spinning. Well bottom line is you are on the same page and he's gonna be there for the birth. Great timing huh? Kudos to you for still planning your Christmas social around all of this. I'd be lucky if I got all the holiday shopping done. If anyone could do it all though, you seem like you can. Supergirl!

Jewl said...

One day at a time chick!! Everything will work itself out... Relax, this is supposed to be a good time in your life!!
By the way, you made perfect sense to me!! LOL

greekchickie said...

Man, that's a lot of hours for him to work. I would think that now these days, with companies being more "family friendly", that they would be more accommodating with situations such as yours, but corporate America SUCKS. I hope for the best!


Jodes said...

now carrie-o, you know that could have been me writing that whole thing. i totally get where you are. and i will fly down with the boy, though i'm not sure the thought of the two of us descending upon your house is at all comforting. but lord knows, i'm not seeing the hubby if i'm here or there so....

gina said...

sometimes we just need a good cry!! glad you got yours. it will all work out. God will not give you more than you can handle, to be totally cliche.

btw, two is HARD very hard, but after a while , you will get the hang of it. i just remember having two all of a sudden, and no one had warned me about how different it would be.

Maria said...

I know exactly how you are feeling. Cassie was born smack dab in the middle of football season. You know how much I fucking hate football season, right? He got to be with me the day that she was born and thats it. I had to go home after a c-section with a newborn and a 2 year old and go it alone. The head coach (his boss), thought that he was generous for giving Ed the day off to be at the birth. Have I mentioned how absofuckinglutely I despise football season?

ZuphChic said...

Wow! After reading that, I feel like your shrink. You owe me $150 for the post, by the way. Glad you and the Mr. were able to get on the same page...

Also...thank you SOOOOOO much for leaving a message for Amberly. I think she is more than overwhelmed with all of the love and support she's received in the last few days...thanks again!

Wethyb said...

Goodness, my head's spinning too! I can imagine why you were feeling that way. I would too! Don't worry, I'm uber hormonal now too, and I'm not even pregnant! At least you have a good excuse.

It'll all work out sweety and I understood every word you said :)

doc-t said...


Yes... you really can do it...

You can push that baby out.

You really can be a great mother and wife and friend and alll those things...

the fact that you're even worrying about it suggests that you care...

relax, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

Hänni said...

I sympathize. I too have an absentee husband, but that's mostly because his profession as a pilot requires it to be so.

I can't even imagine how crazy I'll be if I ever decide to push a rugrat out my tidgit without the hubs around F/T.

If anyone can handle a little chaos and calamity, it would be you my dear. Six months from now you're gonna have a new baby and Troy will be making more $$$, and yeah christmas and halloween and all that shit will be over. It'll be awesome.

holy chaos said...

hey carrie,
i agree with all of the other posts.... and... tell yo that going from one child to two was the hardest adjustment for me as a mom...

it sounds like you are going to be a single mom for awhile... i know how that feels,too.

take it easy... you are a super mom without doing all the"stuff" we as moms feel like we have to do...