Monday, August 07, 2006


*cricket chirps*

yeah. so that's how things have been around here. Pretty much a whole lotta nothing, gang.

Now that's not to say I haven't been busy; just this past week or so has been the kind of week that you just go through. kinda like treading water. you KNOW your legs are moving, but there's not a whole lot going on.

I think it's a combination of this suck-ass HEAT we've been having, and that I leave for a road trip this coming weekend. We're going up to Nascar-ville... just kidding... I mean to say we're going up to see Troy's folks.

I'm looking forward to it, and THEY are positively gigged that they get to see Rhena.... I'm just not looking forward to the 12+ hour road trip. The good news is that Troy will be with us, so I don't have to worry if we're in the middle of the middle of america and I have to throw up. Troy will keep Rhena safe from the corn and cows.

so that's good. just... bleh. at least that's how I feel today. not sick, thankfully, but not outright fabulous. just bleh.

I imagine I'll find myself busy this week before we depart; gotta get boogster's hair cut, gotta creatively use up all the groceries in the fridge, gotta SERIOUSLY go to the post office and mail the packages that have been plaguing me since the last winner of cze-bingo has been announced.... oh, and there's doctors' appointments to attend this week.

so yeah. good times in the life of Johnson-ville... and I suppose it's a GOOD thing when I don't have much to talk about. at least it means that nothing is terribly going wrong or pissing me off. and THAT'S always a nice way to start the week.

hope you have a good monday. or a Blue Monday.. if you're into wearing themed underwear and stuff. whichever.

peace out!


Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Hey girl. Is it Troy's parents that live up here by me? Let me know...we can do a quickie lunch or something. I will be gone Aug 30-Sept 9, so hopefully it's before then!
Lots of love, and I'll do a silly indian dance for the 'pukies' for you!

momxtwo said...

I am praying for safe travel and no puking.


Angela said...

Have a wonderful trip!

Love ya!

Jewl said...

Have a safe trip and hopeully a throw up free one as well!
Hope you have a better Tuesday...

Christi said...

Drive carefully!.

holy chaos said...
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holy chaos said...

hey carrie,

have a great trip. i'll be praying for you!

take care,

suser said...

Hey chica - I don't believe I authorized any trip to any nascarville. Anyhow, stay away from deep fried things like pickles and twinkies and have fun. Love you MWAH!

greekchickie said...

Have fun in Race Central!


Chief Slacker said...

Nothing wrong with NASCAR ;O) I'm heading to Michigan next week to watch the cars go round and round and have some fun camping!

And hey, if you're bored, apparently your dad needs help finding his cheesy-tots ;O)

Sneaky Pete said...

corn and cows? I'd watch out for rednecks if i was you. nascarville is full of 'em.

Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Hope your trip is fun....also that you are feeling well!


Hänni said...

Blog again please! I need to hear about your barf and diarrhea on atleast a bi-weekly basis.