Friday, August 04, 2006

I'm in a Garden State of Mind

no readers.. I'm not about to get flowery on you. I could still care less about what TYPE of pink flowers my neighbor has. I can see they're pink, and that's all I need to know.

and yes.. I'm the girl in stepford who is HAPPY when it rains, cause then I don't have to feel guilty for not watering the dry spread of straw ... er.. grass we have for a lawn. I SHOULD care more. part of me WANTS to care more.... I just don't.

Now don't get me wrong.. even I have my limits... when our field of glory gets above the knee in height, even I'll drag my pregnant ass out there and mow.... I'd just prefer to leave that to troy. besides.. I got enough shit going on INSIDE this house to be bothered with how my azaleas are doing. (and no, I don't think we even HAVE azaleas.. it's just the only plant I could think of off-hand)

anyways... since it's friday, and i'm lame like that (and I've been puking like a drunk college kid this week) I'd figure I'd spew about another movie troy and I watched last night.

Actually, troy's had a cold this week so has not been working at nights, so we've caught a few movies recently.

the other night we watched the World's Fastest Indian. I was impressed in a sense that I had no expectations, was really only half-interested in watching it, and found it to be entertaining. I enjoyed the character Anthony Hopkins played, and found myself liking his quirkiness. Impressed about the record still standing to this day, too. hmph!

oh.. saw the movie 11:14 earlier in the week. definitely not a GREAT movie, but fun enough for the series of connections a bunch of people had in a small town, and how all their lives were affected at 11:14 one night. a little hokey at times, but it definitely kept me interested. twisty-turny in an I-doubt-this-could-really-ever-happen-but-they're-in-a-small-town-in-the-middle-of-nowhere-so-maybe-it-could kind of way.

last night we finally saw the movie Garden State. not to sound like a heretic for Netflix... but the good thing about it is that troy and I are catching all sorts of off-beat and older films that we would never buy outright, and since both of our asses are pretty much BANNED from rental places like Ballbusters....(I'm horrible about returning movies on time)... again... not to plug netflix, but it works for us and we've caught some interesting shit along the way.

which is nice, cause I dunno if I've said it before, but summer tv sucks ass. so with all the ass suckage on the networks, we've been catching up with our movies.

but once AGAIN I digress.

Garden State. I found myself thinking very much of the early days of troy's and my relationship. if anyone knew troy back then, they would have seen him as a guy sporting a "what the FUCK is going on with her, but I can't help but kinda sorta like her" look on his face. like all the time.

*I* came to the conclusion that anyone that is not from jersey or has not has a meaningful relationship with someone from jersey will probably not like the movie so much (I can honestly see a couple in texas that was born and raised there saying "I just don't get it" throughout the whole movie)

Troy disagreed with me, but what the hell does he really know? he MARRIED a girl from jersey!

and it's not any one thing or things that the girl character in the movie did that scream out.. oh yes! that's so jersey! but yet... I still had this kinship, so to speak... with the movie. and with the characters. it was good. it hit home, in a you-remind-me kind of way. oh, and I really liked the soundtrack.

(by the way, if you have or haven't seen the movie, and then choose to do so... please do not mistake my kinship for the girl with the need to wear protective head gear to work every day, or having a hamster pavilion as big as my living room....)

oh well. that's about it on my end. it's too hot to really even think lately, and adding in my fabulous stomach lately, and well... I think you've got just about all you're gonna get for today.

oh... one last thought. if anyone knows anyone who could have a friend of a friend or any form of connection to a supplier of cheesy tots for my dad.... hook an old man up. I personally haven't had them, but the old man digs them.

peace out.... and happy weekend, gang!


Jenni said...

hey Carrie-O!

i'm so behind on ALL movies, that I've never heard of any of the ones you've watched. wow. Wish we had the money for netflix, b/c w/ only having the 4 networks, tv REALLY sucks ass!

please don't mistake this for pity--haha--but I hope you start feeling better...I honestly don't know how you get up and function once you've thrown up that much, and I admire you for that. Not pity--admire. :-)

love you bunches!


susie said...

Hey mama good to see you posting, esp cause that means your head is out of the toilet for a spell.

I saw Garden State on Netflix a while back - I want to say Christmastimish. I liked it. I didn't think it was Jersey as much as it was quirky. While I do agree that people from Jersey are odd, they don't corner the market on quirks. I thought the main character was very like several guys I knew it college.

Anyways, have a good weekend!

Jewl said...

I haven't seen any of those. I was wondering about Netflix though... seems like a good deal. Do they have new releases though? I am always to lazy to bring back the movie on time!

kerri said...

I loved! Garden State, and watched it waaay after theaters, too. As in, like a month ago. I didn't even know Zach Braff wrote and directed it until after it was over. I was pretty impressed after hearing that. The hampsters named "PeanutButter," and "Jelly" were my favorite. :)