Saturday, August 12, 2006

out of office

yeah.. so if anyone is actually still checking this; I wanted to let y'all know we're not in stepford anymore.

I woke up at 2:30am yesterday, and finished getting us ready for the drive-o-rama that was to ensue. Thankfully, Troy drove the whole time, so I got to wiggle into a comfortable spot when the baby decided to use my stomach as a punching bag.

all went well, though, and despite dealing with Chicago traffic on a friday afternoon, we got here to Troy's folks in one piece. or three pieces, if you count each one of us.

Rhena was a DOLL the whole time, and was even a good sport when she was clearly uncomfortable after shoving a dried apple piece up her nose. no.. *I* didn't shove the apple up her nose.. SHE did.... and YES.. it did eventually come out about an hour later when she sneezed. oh, and YES... I actually did whip around in my seat fast enough so I could retrieve the apple-booger before it ended up in her mouth. two points for the momma.

I FINALLY ate at a cracker barrel for the first time in like 10 years. I had one egg, 2 pieces of BACON (thick, greasy, glorious dead pig BACON) and a biscuit, and rhena a enjoyed her pancake. The food was good enough.. far better than a MC Donalds... and I'm proud to say that despite all signs pointing toward the inevitable.. I managed NOT to throw up. again.. score points for the momma.

I DO need to explain my fascination with cracker barrel, but now's not the time, as I'm using up rhena's nap time to hide in the basement to type this. oh wait.. I MEANT to say I'm missing some non-stop baseball and nascar coverage by typing, so I ought to get back upstairs....

ought to... but yet the feet drag. (or is it fingers?) either way; I really don't want to be rude, so I'll be ending this soon.

the weather here is fucking gorgeous. (yes.. it warrants a 'fucking')... NO humidity... sun is shining... it's like only 80 or 90 out. I'm almost cold, compared to the humidity oven I've been dwelling in these past few months... but we are taking rhena outside as much as possible. Boating on the lake will also take place, and rumor has it that we're going to take advantage of free babysitting and troy will be taking me on a date while we're here.

so anyways... all is well here. pills are being taken, throwing up is not happening.... and there's an air of relaxation about the house that suggests I may even just go watch some clouds. or eat cake.

have a great weekend, gang... there'll be more when I can; though troy and I are going to try to squeeze in a day trip with boogie into Chicago to do the aquarium. and of course... maybe eat some cake.

again... two points for momma.


gina said...

wow sounds glorious!!!! i love boating. how very stepford of you all! LOL

cant wait to hear the cracker barrell story.

have fun ! get spoiled! take pics.

holy chaos said...

wow! no humidity??? lucky you! an apple piece up the nose? my son had a lego piece once when he was three!

sounds like a great time!


greekchickie said...

Oh have fun with KG!!! Give her a hug from me!!! And lots of piccies, please!


susie said...

That's the weather we have right now - gorgeous!! Have a great week!

Christi said...

I stuck a black-eyed pea up my nose when I was little. My mom said she almost took me to the hospital b/c it was cooked, and everytime she tried to get it out it would just come apart more!

Sara said...

So how many points for you? Can't travel on this side of the country w/out Cracker Barrell.
OH that's funny my work verification on this comment has the letters puk in it.

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Little update from the planet Carrie's visiting...she spoke too soon about the humidity. This morning it's overcast and the humidity is so thick you could cut it with a chain saw. I think you jinxed yourself girl...spoke too soon! If you read this I'll give you a call this afternoon!

Jewl said...

Sounds like you are enjoying yourself! Glad you are doing better... I hate it when they shove food up there nose! Peas are the worst!!

Angela said...

Glad to hear that you are feeling better!

Have a great visit!

kerrianne said...

Oh! I love! CrackerBarrel. Something tells me you will not have to explain your fascination to me. :)


AND you like NASCAR? *is possibly a bit giddy* Did I read that correctly?

: )

Wethyb said...

Sounds awesome!!!

I love Cracker Barrel!!! They have the best breakfasts ever!!!!

Have a great time on your date!

Liza said...

tee hee cracker barrel!! we have those here!!! yum!!! get me some grits!!