Thursday, August 24, 2006

Clap your hands everybody!

you know you're a bit off the normal path to mommyhood when you're driving in traffic and it brings you great joy to see your daughter clapping her hands in time to the beat of a metallica song.


been busy this week.... between unpacking, getting back into a routine, and cleaning the house I feel pretty worn out. the good news is that I did manage to get SOME things off to the post office, all of rhena's birthday invites and envelopes are printed, stuffed and stamped, the new baby's christening reception has been figured out in terms of location and menu etc (still have to figure out the cake and centerpieces, invites and yeah.. HAVE the baby), ordered all the stuff for the favors for rhena's birthday party, met with and joined a new mom's morning out-slash-playgroup, and knocked off another doctor's appointment.


I think the week off from being home let shit backpile enough and me rest enough that I'm just chopping through things like wildfire. It feels good, though.... I like that feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. helps me justify the nap I'm about to take, anyway. ;)


ps... "ice cuke" is how rhena says "ice cream". don't ask. this is the same kid that pronounces "chicken soup" as "pee pee puke". that's just how we roll over here.


greekchickie said...

Thank you for clearing that up for me! LOL


susie said...

I figured she heard so much puke talk that she decided she liked the sound of the word.

Glad you are kicking ass and taking names over there... cause over here I've got bon bons to eat.

Christi said...

I so wish you lived near me. We'd get along SOOOO well. TJ's favorite snack for a while there was stinkleberry stew, which is just those little canned mandarin oranges, but who wants to call them that? Plus, I call my kids turds, which I'm sure you could accept better than some people I know!

Oh, and Taryn was dancing yesterday to some hardcore metal song I had on in the car, and it warmed my and Trey's hearts!

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Girl, I am soooo sorry we didn't get together. The last few days you were here I was out for the count sick. Like sleep 20 hours of the day sick and I figured you were puking enough and didn't need me around. Now it just gives me an excuse to go on vacation...after my vacation. Eventually I know we will get to meet on one of these trips to NASCAR-VILLE! And I'll even make sure I have some popcorn made up for you so you feel totally at home! J/K.
I hear you with Rhena, when it was popular my girlfriend D'Andra used to jam down the road with her daughter Chloe` singing 'All for the nookie!' Funniest thing I've ever heard.
And thanks for blogging about what you do. Sometimes I feel like the only one out of sorts, but then I think about everything going on with you and Boogies and it makes me want to sweep you away to Hawaii with me!
Have a good weekend!

Jewl said...

What will you all have to talk about after the baby is born? LOL

Laura said...

Ha! Which Metallica song??? She'll be throwing horns next, you know. Maybe she and Joe will end up getting married..Joe loves Metallica, AC/DC and anything with good guitar riffs. Good Lord....
I can't wait to see pictures from the par-tay!!