Friday, September 01, 2006

All is well

just wanted to post quickly to let y'all know that all is well here in Johnson-ville.

the only impact we had from the hurricane was a slightly cool front (today's high is only 75... quite the delicious temperature compared to the 90+ we've been having) oh, and a little rain yesterday. no nothing to sneeze at.

as for me personally... I am now on a new anti-nausea med, which seems to be working... as I have not officially thrown up since monday. Thanks to all for the well wishes, really. I do appreciate them all!

side effects have been putting me through the ringer, as I have experienced dead-tired drowsiness as well as restless twitchiness. this is day 3 on the med, though, so I think my body is just about getting used to it.

there are and were a lot of special days that happened this week... Troy and I celebrated our third anniversary. so weird to be saying that. part of me feels like Troy and I are old souls that have been together forever, so three years feels like nothin'. but yet... there's really times when it feels like just yesterday we were holding hands at the alter as we exchanged our vows.

but maybe that's the makings of a good marriage... that mix of old-souls and new-love? I know it works for me.

speaking of work... my brother and sister-in-law have been married for ten years today. kudos to them for making it look easy.

another good thing about today is our dear friend Liam (star and total baby heart-throb of Raising Liam) turns TWO today. Rhena's had a crush on Liam before I even knew she was a Rhena, so you know this kid is handsome.

so there you have it. birthdays, anniversaries, new drugs, and no hurricanes. all is well!

oh, and for the files of you-KNOW-I-have-to-share-this-cause-I'm-always-talking-about-it.....

I'm pooping again! not sure if it's the change in meds or the kick-ass date rolls I got in a package from one of my favorite bloggers yesterday... but I had my first non-popcorn shit since like March today.

amen, I say.. all IS well!!!!!!


holy chaos said...

so glad to hear your good news at both ends! LOL!

happy anniversery!

Anonymous said...

yayyy for regular bowel movements!

They rock!


Jewl said...

Glad you are feeling better chicky. Like the new look, very cute! We had horrible rain here and winds... now we just have to clean up the mess! :(

greekchickie said...

Happy Anniversary & Happy No Puking! Man, you are really being put thru the ringer this time around.

I'm glad the rain wasn't so bad. I've been thinking about you.


Angela said...

Yay for no puking and better pooping!

I am glad the hurricane isn't bothering you too much.

Have a great weekend!

Angela said...

I don't think I've ever commented right after an Angela before - there's a first time for everything. Including delurking!

Happy Anniversary, and yay that the hurricane isn't affecting you too bad.

Christi said...

Oh happy day!

scrappintwinmom said...

Glad everything is going well. I so do not miss the puking/nausea thing. Just blogsurfing some friends today!

susie said...

Glad you aren't puking...and the countdown is getting closer!

And hey thanks for the shout out, but my referral link is; not the blogspot one.

Love you, miss you!

Hänni said...

You got the rolls! And now you can poop!


Laina said...

YAY for proper gastro-intestinal workings all around!!

Wethyb said...

So glad your keeping both ends under control :)