Thursday, September 28, 2006

Body by Chex Mix

I SERIOUSLY have a problem.

it's called chex mix, and I've been eating the shit out of it like it's my JOB. I've eaten no less than three bags of the "chocolate lover's Turtle flavor" this month alone. BY MYSELF. and MOST of the time, mowing down at least half a bag in one sitting.

and you KNOW it's just naaaaaasty when I puke it up later... but here I am... chomp chomp crunch. *poof!* another bag bites the dust!

I mean, I suppose there are worse things I could be inhaling at break-neck speed... like, say.... deep fried oreos??? (which, by the way, I have never had, but my girlfriend told me she saw a sign for them and now I'm utterly intrigued by the idea......)

other than my strange and totally wrong-proportioned eating habits.. not much is shaking here. Fall TV shows have begun again, so my movie watching and book reading has declined to the point of me MAYBE reading like one chapter of a trashy easy-reading book a week. IF THAT. and netflix is surely getting their money's worth out of us now, as we MIGHT watch one movie a week. MIGHT. most of the time it's HALF a movie, and then it sits around for another three weeks til we watch the second half.

I did watch Green Street Hooligans last night, though. interesting flick... VERY graphic fight scenes. like makes-Fight-Club-look-like-a-bunch-of-pussies-sitting-around-drinking-tea kind of graphic. I was ducking and weaving and saying OOF! and OH! like the old batman shows on more than one occasion.

It got troy and I playing the 'what if' game afterwards, too. Like... "what if we're out sometime and some guy comes up to you and grabs you really hard? how would you wnat me to react?"

It lead to an interesting conversation regarding how so many women differ on their thoughts... from the "if any man even LOOKS at me funny you better kick his ass" type, to the "under NO circumstances is fighting ok" type.. to the middle road types.

I'm more in the middle of the road place. I mean, situation is everything, so it's hard to say how you'll react unless the picture is right there, but I told troy that I would expect him to remain respectful and in control at all times.... whether meaning towards me, another woman, another man.... doesn't matter. "Contain and Maintain" I believe is what I ended up labeling it. basically, I guess I feel that if a strong word can correct behavior, I see no need for punches to be thrown. but again... depends on the situation.

Of COURSE this got me thinking to Rhena, and in which case I'd say all bets are off, cause momma bear would rip some new assholes if anyone tried to hurt my baby.... but once again... situation is everything.

oh well.. I thought talking about fighting would make me less hungry, but unfortunately is hasn't.... cause Hooligans sounds like Houlihan's... which was a restaurant that I remember getting a stuffed chicken breast at once like, I dunno.. 10 years ago... and now I'm thinking about food again.

and the chex mix is gone.

oh well. at least Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. surely watching that whore-bag character Meredith hook up with the married guy again will make me lose my appetite.

one can hope.


novaks8 said...

That stuff is addictive!

There is one flavor that is so has some sweet stuff in it.


Hope you feel better soon.

I have been thinking of you!

Laina said...

More like watching Meredith's scrawny anorexic ass will make you lose your appetite. Why do people suddenly drop like 30 lbs after their show makes it big, a la Courtney Cox? WHY?!

greekchickie said...

I've tried the apple cinnamon flavored ones & the tropical flavored ones, but not the turtle flavored! I need to look into that!!! You're right ~ that stuff is addictive. I will look for it this weekend when I go shopping.


Taylor said...

I'm a cheese chex mix fan...haven't had the turtle flavor yet. Sounds kinda icky!

Wah! I love Meredith's hoe bag ass! ROFL! Can yah blame her for wanting to sleep with McDreamy?! Haha.

susie said...

Merewhore needs to eat some chex mix. Or something. Anything really!

Hey is that chex stuff better than this moosemunch shit I'm eating? PSHAW!! Kidding.

Christi said...

WHAT! You think Meredith is a whore? I just think she's totally taken advantage of...and who can resist Derek, honestly? I mean, they were in love and all...

If it makes you feel better, I'm addicted to mushrooms right now. At work, I'll eat half of the bin of them that's meant to go on pizzas every night. I'll try to just eat a couple, but then I'm hooked, and all I can think about are mushrooms! And did I tell you I failed my glucose test? Tell me about eating wrong! Now I get to spend Monday in a lab suffering...

Oddly enough, Trey and I had a similar conversation that was brought up due to some tv show the other day, and I told him I wasn't quite sure if I'd want him to fight for me or not. I guess, like you, it depends on the situation...

Oh, and from what I remember, there is a Houlihans in Charlotte, somewhere on the way to Concord, but I'm not exactly sure where. I've been there before. Trey used to live there when they had one in Chas.

Jewl said...

I love that Chex Mix!! Hey, it's cereal... that's the way I look at it anyway!

gina said...

my dh is all into some new show ultimate fighting.

turtle chex mix? might have to try that.