Monday, September 25, 2006

break the seal

hey gang....

I swear I'm still here... just been slow to the take lately.

not a whole lot going on.. though I guess enough has been going on to keep me from actually getting online and posting.

My teaching CCD started last week, Rhena's been running around like a chicken.. the One Within has been getting bigger... and time just keeps a tickin'.

today we had a failed attempt at apple picking, but since this is a lame break-the-seal kind of post, I'll save today's recap for tomorrow.

right now, I'm tired.. thinking about puking, and have to get caught up on last night's episode of Flavor of Love. so tomorrow.... more tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hey girl!

Good to know you are still kicking it!

Thanks for the birthday greeting.


Christi said...

We went to the grocery store today, a big feat for me lately. My husband was in some kind of a hurry for some reason. Every five feet, it felt like, I had to stop and lean on something to catch my breath! I can not wait for this child to come out of me so I can breathe again!

greekchickie said...

I'll look for you soon!


Jewl said...

How do you watch Flavor? UGH!! I love reality shows but I just can't hack him!!
Glad to see you back if just for a bit!