Friday, September 29, 2006

Three pounds forward, four weeks back

well... it's friday... and all I can say is thank goodness.

yesterday was one of those afternoons that reminds me that this pregnancy can really do a humdinger on my head... especially when the hormones are allowed to have a say in anything.

To recap... I had my 34 week appointment yesterday. I was sort of excited, cause we're heading into the final stretch, and I was enjoying the fact that I still had one more appointment left before my lower body becomes the latest exploratory region for anyone with rubber gloves.

(Call me silly.. but I've been enjoying not having to take my pants off in my enlarged state)

anyways... turns out I had to wake Rhena up from her nap so I could make it to the appointment on time. for anyone not knowing Rhena.. this in itself is a BAD IDEA. You see... Rhena... like her momma... does NOT like to be pried from sleep. when able to wake up on our own.. we can be very pleasant people. however... whomever dost wake the slumbering beast.... well, let's just say they're in for a real hell ride for the next HOUR or so.

SO if you can tell where I'm going with this... rhena was a real skootch the whole appointment. screamed and cried when I had to do my urine sample, cause.. who the hell knows ... cause we were in a bathroom??? And while I'm at it.. why on earth do doctors' offices bathrooms have such a tendency to ECHO??? I mean... seriously. most of the time if you're at a doctor's office, you're not feeling well, and add in bathroom time to that, and well, echoing is just not pretty. And rhena screaming to an echo was no fun either.

(I won't even really get into how I ended up pissing on my own hand and spilling half my sample on my thigh... I'll just let you run with that one....)

so it turns out the doctor I was scheduled to see had to go deliver a baby. This didn't bother me so much, cause I like knowing that in the back of my head that babies coming out of vaginas take precendence over scheduled appointments. but the extra time with a pissed off child waiting for another doctor to see me did not make the day go quicker, if you know what I mean.

so yadda yadda yadda... finally stuff gets rolling, and I'm happy to report that I actually gained weight this appointment. 3 pounds, to be exact. This makes my total gain to this point at 14 pounds, which is pretty good for all the puking I've been doing. so hooray! progress!

Unfortunately, the next part of my exam didn't go as well. turns out my belly is only now measuring 30 cm.... which is a whole centimeter less than I was two weeks ago, and approximately FOUR less than what I SHOULD be measuring for someone who is 34 weeks pregnant.

so basically... even though I finally gained some weight... my belly shrunk.

given my frazzled state from rhena yesterday afternoon, and the hormones that tend to run amok during pregnancy... I did not receive this news very well. I manned up as the doctor measured me no less than six times, all with a furrowed brow. I manned up when each person that came into the room muttered a concerned "only 30 cm? oh..." and even again when they told me to come back next week for an ultrasound.

I cried like a baby when I called troy on my way home, though. and when I talked to my mom once I got home.

cause you know... with all the shit I've been dealing with with the puking and the medications, and rhena being an UBER pain in the ass yesterday... I just kinda broke.

Today... I'm fine. I know in my head that things must not be at a state of emergency alarm, because they would have made me have an ultrasound like right then, or even today. The fact that it can wait a week makes me feel like this is only a precautionary measure for the One Within.

I DO maintain some quiet reservations wondering if all the anti-puke meds have anything to do with this backwards development in the baby's growth.... but right now they're still quiet. I figure there'll be plenty of time to stress next Thursday if indeed anything is majorly wrong.

and again... I'm happy about the weight gain. that's a good sign. But alas... I'd be lying to say if my heart wasn't just a teeny bit heavy with concern for the One Within.

oh well. next thursday will be here soon enough, and I'm sure Rhena will keep me busy til then. In the meantime... I'll be the one laying low, and secretly rubbing breast-enlargement cream on my belly.

have a good weekend, gang....


greekchickie said...

Wow... I've never heard of such a thing...

I'm glad you're getting closer & closer to your due date. I know you're ready for all this ookiness to pass.


holy chaos said...

i would of cried ,too!

i'm praying for you and your sweet baby!

Jewl said...

Awww.... Poor thing. I feel for ya. I'll be thinking of you and just try to relax (Well, as much as you can with a two year old)... I am sure the one within is fine... Lots of love chicky...

Christi said...

I'm sure it will all turn out fine. Perhaps little one is just watching his/her figure, and doesn't want to get too big. That is, of course, to help you in the delivery process...what a sweet and thoughtful child already!

Okay, as for the peeing thing...Can someone explain to me why exactly you are expected to pee into a little tiny cup each week when your belly is GINORMOUS! Like, I can't see past my belly to know if that cup is in the right place! I do NOT like peeing on my hand, but alas, it's pretty much a weekly thing now...I feel your pain totally. Honestly, do you think they really need that pee, or they just want to torture you and have a little fun? I think it's the latter....

Wethyb said...

Aww, it's going to be just fine. You wait and see. I don't blame you for being worried though. I know I'd be.

But hang in there! You're almost there and it'll be here before you know it :)

susie said...

You know I'm thinking of you and the monsterbabe.

As for the 3lbs - goooooOOOO Chex Mix!

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Sounds like you are in a real catch 22. Puke your guts out and be miserable and not gain weight, or not puke and shrink the belly size. Who knows, maybe it was swelling that went way because your body quit wretching! Maybe it isn't bad. And I am sure the boogie can keep you more than occupied until Thursday!
Be good and keep your sanity!
Lots of love!

Laina said...

Could the little one just be jiggling around--I'm confused as to whether your belly is smaller around, or whether you're talking about the whole fundus height thing when you're talking shrinkage. Because if you're talking about the fundus height, it's very possible the baby has dropped some, and that will make it appear to measure smaller, when in fact you're the same size, and the baby is just using your bladder instead of your ribs as a punching bag. It also leads you to have to waddle because it feels like the baby's head is between your legs all the time.

If we're talking circumfrence, well, then the above has absolutely no bearing, but I'm sure there's an equally rational explanation. You're so right--if they were truly worried, they'd have done an u/s right then. Relax chica, you're in the home stretch, and it'll all be fine.

Liza said...

hey dude! i'm just finally getting around to catching up on blogs again after a few weeks hiatus. i hope you're feeling well!!!

i hate doctor bathrooms especially when i have to pee in a cup!! ewww!!

Laura said...

Can I just tell you that one of the last times I had to pee into a cup at the OB, I completely spaced the whole thing off? I sat down, cup in hand (not in the line of fire, mind you) and just went. And then remembered that I was supposed to catch some of that in the damn cup. DUH!!! I had to stay until I produced some more urine..only to be told that I was fine. No kiddin'.
As for the breast enlargement cream, I think someone's been secretly rubbing it on my ass. would certainly explain the swelling. Ha!
You'll be fine...the new Bee will be fine, too. ;)

Kelli said...

sending you my prayers and love....thinking of you, babe.

momxtwo said...

Prayers are going up right now for you!


suzanne said...

Hey, everything will be ok. Just remember that if anything were serious they wouldn't have let you leave. Up until about last week (37weeks) I was measuring smaller than I should have been, but my Dr wasn't concerned because he said after 32 weeks the measurements could be off due to the pisitioning of the baby. I'm sure everything will be just fine - however, my thoughts are with you because I know what worrying during pregnancy can do to someone. Oh and I hope your pukes go away. I was on diclectin for the same reason (that stuff is heavenly)