Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Walk in the clouds

ok.. so it wasn't even cloudy, but boogie and I went for a walk this morning.

took a few pictures.... and up until she started getting cranky... we had a good time.

other than that.. I finally changed the looks of this place. note the pills to go along with my NEW medical regime.... yesterday the doc prescribed yet another pill to help me stop puking; I'm currently taking about 9 total doses of four different meds each day. we'll see if this one does any good.

last night Troy and his friend installed our ceiling fan, which has been sitting on my dining room table for about 3 months now. (or at least two....) I'm digging it... it has a remote!

well, I spent rhena's nap working on the template, and now she's awake and ready to eat, so that's what I suppose we shall do.

perhaps I will actually write something interesting tomorrow. (perhaps)


gina said...

i cannot think of anything more interesting than a ceiling fan with a remote. isnt that the best invention EVER?? love that.

cute pics of the babe.
feel better soon, friend

Anonymous said...

awww she is losing that baby look more and more every day!

Hope you feel better soon.

susie said...

Thanks for the pics today - I needed them! I like the template though hate that you are having such a hard time. This inspires me to find a very appropriately worded snarky onesie for Thing 2.

Ah the thunder is rolling here, best get off my electronic device. Love you!! my lovah!

susie said...

oh and I can see this in IE again - yahoo! no more firefox.

greekchickie said...

Everything you do is interesting, love.

Yuk ~ pills!


bridget said...

Man, she just get's cuter and cuter!

Hope the new meds work for ya!

Christi said...

Are you trying to say puke and fans aren't interesting? Ummm, who do you think inspired my post for yesterday? Let me tell you, the stories have really increased even since I wrote it!

The little lady is getting cuter by the day.

Oh, and so sorry to hear you need so many drugs. However, I am glad you mentioned them, b/c you reminded me I have to get mine refilled. W/o my happy pills, ain't nobody happy!

Jewl said...

Cute look. Your little girl and my little girl have the same problem... they are looking more and more like a big girl!! She is so sweet!!

momxtwo said...

What a precious little girl you have!

I love the idea of a ceiling fan with remote. HAven't seen one of those before.


Taylor said...

OMG I cannot believe you are on so many meds for sickness. That really sucks. You know my girlfriend was the same way and they ended up giving her suppositories and it really helped. Nothing else worked. Maybe you should try those?! LOL.

Carrie said...

X-NAY on the shit-sticks.....

a girl's gotta draw a line SOMEWHERE!