Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Big Wimp

ok. I know you guys are sick of my bitching, but can i TELL YOU about the biggest son-of-a-fucker blisters I have on my pinky toes?????

THEY HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. now that THAT'S out of my system.....

I've been very busy this week. cleaning, errands, shopping, maintaining some shred of sanity... all taking up the ticks on my tock, if you catch my drift.

BUT... despite feeling a bit run down and out-of-the-loop with my favorite bizzles... I'm feeling accomplished.

all of the baby showers I have been invited to for our street of screams (I mean extremely fertile neighborhood) have been bought for, and wrapping supplies purchased.

birthday present for 4-yr old's b-day down the street this week? check!

shampoo purchased so I stop using rhena's hair wash? ditto. check and check (got conditioner, too)

food is in the fridge.

clean underwear are in my drawers. (hah.. that's kinda funny.. drawers... underwear... hah!)

restaurant is BOOKED for thing two's christening in December. booked booked booked!!! and I'm excited about the menu!

I even spoke with the CCD people today and confirmed that I will be teaching again next year.. minus a few weeks for popping out a child, that is! I'll be back in full force for 2nd grade. Now I'm just hoping my niece's first communion is not the same time as my class'. Cause she's my godchild, and I plan on going to her communion. I'd just hate to not be there for 'my kids'. but family's first.

ok. time to stuff my face. gotta keep the wheels turning afterall!


holy chaos said...

Wow! I am impressed! CCD? i think i know what school you are talking about. my best friend in college went to that school and her father was the headmaster.


Christi said...

I don't know what CCD is. You are a teacher? Is this a Sunday school kinda thing? I'm guessing, since you said it could interfere w/your neice's Christening?

Okay, so let me get this straight...You're going to pop out a kid in November, and already by December you're going to have him/her Christened? Wow. At my church they don't want them baptized till about six months or later if possible. I pushed it w/Taryn and did it around five. I thought about it the other day, and I figured there's nothing to worry about yet b/c he hasn't even come out yet! You, though, have already booked a restaurant! I feel like such a slacker!

susie said...

You are a Superstar! The feeling of accomplishment is a wonderful thing. And congrats on getting the christening stuff booked. I was SO behind with that stuff with Liam. He was 6 months old and looked like a 4year old next to all the newborns!

Jewl said...

What is CCD? All I could come up with was Child Care Development...
Good luck on the job and just because you're going to be busy as hell doesn't mean you can stop blogging!! Got that? :)

Liza said...

i'm breaking in my wedding sandals and i have some big ass blisters too!! 16 effin days dude. then i can throw those bastardly shoes away!!

Wethyb said...

Dang! You've been busy!! I wish I could say I've been that productive!

And, I hear ya on the blisters--I got one on the TOP of my foot! Ouch!

kerri anne said...

Ok, so clearly I missed the original baby-making/conceiving/growing belly post(s), so here I am belated congratulatory-ing. Sure, I just made up that word, but isn't a rule that you can "ing" to anything? Sure it is!
: ) Congrats babe.

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

Sweetheart, suggestion for your blisters. Take a safety pin/straight pin(make sure it is steralized) and poke ONE hole in the top of the blister. Use a sterile gause or whatever and flatten it out. Then put a bandaid over it. Helps the skin underneath to heal and is protected by the bandaid and 'over skin' layer. You will know when it's ready for both to come off. Promise it works!
As for the man who felt he needed to comment on pregnancy. Not that I've had any kids, but maybe he should pop one out and then have the right to talk...
Again just my sassy pants observation. Congrats on the CCD...I was a dropout, until my mom realized I had been skipping and forced me to go.
And I'm counting down to the baby for you! Pop over to my nuttiness...I've got a countdown of my own!