Monday, July 17, 2006

Pee Pee Puke

now before my mom (and all you other 'moms' out there for that matter) start freaking out....

I ought to tell you that this is NOT about me throwing up again. In fact... I did NOT puke today. hooray!

I DID, however, make some chicken soup... and when I asked Rhena if she wanted to help me make the soup... she promptly replied,

"Pee Pee Puke"


I love that kid. Granted.. anyone else listening to her will think she has an obsession with bodily functions... but *we* know she's just my little boogie, and likes her some chicken soup.


Christi said...

Geez, and here we were just cheering for Taryn to say "cookie".

momxtwo said...

Funny Funny!