Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Day late and a box short

ok.. I don't know it this counts for being more interesting, but *I* always like hearing myself bitch.. so hear goes nothing.

our garbage men. and women. even the halfsies.... are on my NERVES.

but I should be more specific. The garbage service has been fine enough. every week we get our green monster emptied, so I can fill it with more and more odorriffic diapers from rhena. ew.. and rotten discarded food in summer heat. good lord.. no wonder I'm puking so much!

anyways.. no major complaints with those folks cause our shit (literally) gets picked up each week. the time is never the same throughout the day, but hey.. more power to them; they want to mix up their day by changing the route every week??? rock on, my friends.... as long as they keep taking my crap away, I'm happy.

however.. the recycling crew is past my last nerve. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY are they making it so difficult for me to RECYCLE??? TWO weeks ago, they never picked up the recycles. and our shit was FULL that week. so I started an extra box of recycles, because the original bin was overflowing.

well last week they finally came, and thankfully they took everything. but THIS week... they didn't show up again!! WTF!!! Now... I know I'm not always the most in-tune person, but we DO get the news here under my cozy little rock I've been under, and there has been no talks of sanitation strikes in the area. now town announcements saying we're changing the pick-up schedule. nothing.

(ps.. I'm a LOT more irritated about this than I'm conveying; I just happen to be mowing down some Vermonty Python ice cream while typing.. and how can you really be THAT mad when you have so much happiness in your mouth???)

anyways.. they finally came just a little while ago, but did NOT pick up the large box I had broken down and placed next to my recycle bin. I guess if it's not officially IN the green container, and they're not a week late, they refuse to take anything else. asswipes.

and I mean that nicely, but seriously... if I'm going to recycle, then I'm going to recycle. just somebody fucking let me DO IT, you know?

oh well. I'll try chopping up the box into SMALLER pieces for next week, and maybe if they're stacked on TOP of the green bin they'll get taken.

speaking of taken.. I had to put the ice cream away. I think I ate half a pint just now. and as good as it is... why tempt the spirits of my digestive tract into giving me more to purge?

oh, and speaking of PURGE.. I may as well purge my soul with yet another way of how I'm a bad mother. I put rhena down for her nap early because she was being a total pill. when I just came in from recycle-a-go-no, I saw that she indeed was NOT "all done" with her waffle earlier this morning... and had merely emptied the contents of her special morning waffle-bag on the front steps. yup. pretty much the whole thing. right there. on the steps. not in the baggie. cause the baggie was given to me a few hours earlier with the proclamation that she was "all done!" and thrown away, of course. (but not recycled, cause the bin was outside not being picked up, you see)

so perhaps her incessant crying was NOT because she was tired full and cranky and needing a nap... rather hungry and pissed off that her asshole mommy who was too consumed with doing chores, bitching about the recycles and eating ice cream.... put her to bed hungry.

I really do suck at this sometimes.


greekchickie said...

I wish my town recycled more. When I was in Germany, my trash consisted of a small bag because EVERYTHING was recyclable.


momxtwo said...

Don't be so hard on yourself!

Our trashmen are pretty good but they just leave my green monster on top of my flowers once in a while after they empty it. That usually makes me really mad. I started leaving it on the other side of my driveway so it isn't anywhere near my flowers. So far so good. The recycle guys just throw the red bucket back on my driveway. I just wish they were alittle more gentle with it.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking today that I may start a new weekly feature.

Like a bitch session. Maybe on Mondays?

I can rant about people or things that piss me off!

Like the lady who was backing out of the business next to my husband's business and she didnt look or stop at all. I dont think she saw me until she was ready to hit Drive and then she didnt care I guess.

I stopped far enough back that she didnt hit me.

If I thought I could get a new car, I would have let her hit me! lol

Life Of Abbreviations... said...

You and Laura crack me up about your kids sometimes. Add my friend Amy too...I know I'll feel the same way when I have my own children...but for now I will just giggle.
YOu need one of the Mini dumpster on wheels thingys that the recycling company gave my parents. It looks like a smaller version of the big green trash cans on wheels(they are green here) with a flip lid. They have a smaller one for recyclables. You wouldn't believe what you can fit in that sucker...and you don't have to carry it...Just wheel it out!
And thanks for stoppin by my blog!

The Life of Bill said...

share that ice cream with her, and all will be right with her world! Hope the pregnancy is treating you good!

susie said...

I'm laughing at Bill's comment about the pregnancy treating you well... guess the bottle of pills wasn't big enough HAH! No offense Bill!

Uh any chance they only pick up recycling every other week? And um how the HELL would you have known about the dumped waffles? Ease up on the guilt pedal cause the puke pedal is doing enough of a number, k? If you aren't careful I might have to send another box of random crap down to you. Though I'm out of glow-sticks...bummer!

Christi said...

I thought about you today when I was driving home, with nowhere to stop, and suddenly had to throw up! Yeah, ummm, fun stuff!

Anyway, we don't have recycling here, that I know of. I'd do it if we did, but since we don't, I'm just doing my part to destroy the world.

As for Rhena going to bed hungry, don't blame yourself. You're a good mom...that was a learning experience for her. Well, at least in my house it is. TJ is often hungry (b/c he undoubtedly will NEVER learn) b/c he thinks that if he doesn't eat his food he can have candy instead. Poor TJ. Mommy's wayyyy too mean for that!

Liza said...

aww, poor you and poor hungry rhena!!

i love the new header, silly :)

don't much care for the other sports except basketball (in reference to your comment on my bloggy)

i'm sleeeeeeppppyyyyyy

Laina said...

Christi are you sure TJ isn't short for SAM, because my kid does the exact same thing! I agree--this will be a lesson to her to actually eat her food instead of dumping it. Besides, how could you have known?