Saturday, July 08, 2006


that would be Happy Birthday, Mom.

Today is my mom's birthday. we were lucky enough to see her last week and not only enjoy her company, but also over-expose her to rhena. And we went out to dinner to celebrate, too, but who's keeping track?

today also happens to be my girlfriend Renee's birthday. She lives in Seattle. I called her, naturally.. to wish her a happy birthday, and we were able to get caught up for about a half hour. she was busy, and I didn't want to talk TOO long, but we had some catching up to do.

for starters... I told her I was pregnant.

I'm so embarrassed at how many of my FRIENDS don't know I'm pregnant. there's a handful or two that read my blog, and since I came out a few weeks ago, they may have learned of my hidden castaway... but GOOD friends that I love still have no idea about me being knocked up.

I really have no good reason; I mean sure.. LIFE has been in the way, and that nagging puke thing keeps happening... but really. I take the time to update this blog every so often.. you'd think I'd take the minute to e-mail or call some friends.

wait... wasn't I just yelling at myself about this a few weeks ago? yeah... I was. shame on me.

I DID end up getting caught up with that girl "CC" from high school the other day. if you count getting caught up as her e-mailing me (btw, I was right.. she's like super smart and got a masters in like nueroscience and shit...) and then me e-mailing her back saying how I change diapers every day.

actually, we haven't spoken SINCE high school, so I was able to jazz up my life story with tales from college, seattle and reno. not that my life now isn't exciting.. because in so many ways it is, and I'm enjoying the hell out of it... it just seems low-key compared to all the shit I did just a handful of years ago.

but again. that's just how I see shit. if you asked me a few years ago when I was handling multi-million dollar projects for amazon and boeing.. I probably would have said it was the same shit, different day as well. in fact.. I KNOW I would have said that, cause I actually HAVE said that in the past. I know full well there's plenty of folk out there that can not and WILL not handle being a SAHM, and perhaps in someone else's eyes, what I accomplish on a daily basis can be considered nothing short of admirable. perspective. all about perspective.

but I'm happy in my current flight pattern.. even when the skies are turbulent (threw in the airplane references as a throwback and nod to the degree in aircraft engineering... I'm so savvy, huh?)

so anyways... I'm still way behind in getting caught up with friends. I finally spoke with my cousin.. (ok.. exchanged e-mails) and I'm actually due to check in on her soon to see how things are going. Now I have Renee crossed off my list. of course, that still leaves Debbie (who probably thinks I'm the biggest jackass cause I haven't returned her calls or e-mailed me or anything... in fact I ought to e-mail her tonight. not now, though, cause rhena's waking up from a nap) Melissa, Marilyn, Katia, Patricia, Megan, and Lyndon, to name a few...

bleh. oh, and I didn't forget about the winners of cze-bingo and my 800 friends who just had babies in the past 3 months... I have packages and cards and all sorts of good shit to send out. And Susie's b-day is coming up, too. can NOT be late with her... she's my bitch and takes care of me. I refuse to let THAT one get off track.

anyways. time to get my derailed ass in gear and take care of the babe. speaking of derailed.. anyone seen the documentary called Dark Days? it's about the people who live in the tunnels of the trains in NYC? interesting shit that makes you think, lemmee tell you. always good to check out how some other folks live and make you realize that life is indeed good.

so spread the word that life is good, and while you're at it... mind telling my friends for me? they really do deserve a phone call....

happy birthday again to my mom. she is living proof that even Trolls can give birth to goodness. love you!


gina said...

you are making my head spin with all the catching up BS. i say send a group email. or one of those cheesy christmas letters (6 months in in advance). am telling you, i am the same way. we suck. oh well. we have each other.

Maria said...

Don't feel bad. Ed's grandparents didn't find out until about 3 weeks before Rachel was born. Amazingly, they weren't totally pissed. Slightly, yes, but not totally.

greekchickie said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom!

Life's so intense sometimes, it's hard to slow down & remember the little things ~ like a telephone call... or an email.

We're all just too busy, unfortunately.


Pieces of Me said...

Ok you now make me sick LOL I cant believe how freakin tiny you are at 5 mos..I feel like a heffer now haha!!!

momxtwo said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

My memory is getting worse and worse everyday and I am only 38. It really concerns me.


Choppzs said...

Got to you from my sister's site (Beth). Congrats on the baby. You do look very small for 5 months, but then I don't usually start showing till about 6 months too. After that, you couldn't get me into any of my pre-prego clothes.

Again, Congratulations. And, I guess I didn't realize your husband was a Marine until I looked at your 4th pics. My husband got out last year also. Civilian life sure has changed him, but he still does allot of things that make me wonder if he should have stayed in!! lol Always a Marine I guess!! lol

Christi said...

Hey, I say that everyone by now should have the internet. If they don't want to read my blog, then that's their loss. I actually have friends who I see on a reasonably regular basis who don't know the big details of my life. I can't hide the whole prego thing, but a lot of them don't know it's a boy...of course all the people I don't know "personally" who read my blog do!

Jewl said...

I am ALWAYS behind on catching up with friends.... then I try to catch up and I can't think of a damn thing to say to them!!