Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feeling Blunt

So I've been listening to the james blunt cd a lot lately. A LOT.

It's good. not great-oh-my-god-everyone-should-go-buy-this-good..... but good. I'm feeling it. (yes, I know it's well over a year old.. I'm just getting around to it now)

however.. one of the side effects, I must admit.. is it's REALLY making me miss Grey's anatomy. I know... weird, right? there's a number of songs on the cd that make me think of the show... and this shit-hot weather and that music is REALLY making me look forward to fall.

so what else?

I bombed in bunco last night... I was doing REALLY well... on my way to winning some serious cash, then whammo.... I got on a losing streak. bleh. so no money for momma. snacks were VERY good. and mmmm... there was a cheesecake. mmmmm.... cheesecake.

had my 24 week appointment today. Anyone want to atke a wager on how much weight I gained???

EIGHT POUNDS!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know... crazy! that's TWO pounds a week since the last visit!!! textbooks say I'm supposed to be gaining at a rate of one-pound a week right now, so I asked the doc if I should be worried. since as of last appointment I was still down two pounds overall, he said he was not worried, rather pleased with my progress, and that my body was making up for lost time, and doing what it needed to do. Overall weight gain at this point is 6 pounds.

we also discussed the pukemaster 2000 regime I've been having. long story short, I am being referred to a GI specialist now. Doc says that while it may just be possible that I'm having a suck-ass time because of the pregnancy, he doesn't want anything major to be overlooked. so me and GI Joe should be getting it on within a week or so. I really won't have more info until then about that... so we shall see what happens. I'm pleased with the go-forward plans. or at least until the next time I puke, then I'll be cursing the daylights out of everyone again... ;)

ok. That's really about all. thank you all for the well wishes, both with bunco (it's a dice game, btw, Liza!!!) and the baby. all is much appreciated.

ok again, ok. rhena has one of the new phones that I bought today, so I ought to go intercept her before it gets lost, or she calls china. or she calls china THEN loses the phone. cause that would be bad.

have a good night, all!


Anonymous said...

I have been invited to play Bunco but have never been able to work it out.
I fear that I would be like Monica from Friends. I am a bit competitive!


Hope you get the stomach stuff worked out soon.
Puking bites!

Christi said...

I really, really do love you...yet at the same time, I just want to hate you so much! 6 pounds! Oh shut up! I'm terrified to see how much I've gained since my last appt. I am suddenly non-stop hungry, and the only thing that seems to make me happy is chocolate! Yeah, that's surely not good...

Speaking of...I have some M&M's calling my name!

Jewl said...

I have no idea what Bunco is but sounds like you had fun with the girls. Em uses my phone as a teether... not a good thing.

Yeah for baby doing so good!! :)

Laina said...

Ah, Grey's Anatomy. I can definitely commiserate, I miss it too!! And we could maybe do some other commiserating soon....what's that? I'm being vague, you say. Well, yes, yes I am. :D

greekchickie said...

I hope you get over your puking soon. That's no fun, I can imagine.

BTW, your comment last nite got more than a couple of giggles from me & others. Thanks for the smiles!


Wethyb said...

I miss Grey's Anatomy too :( Can't wait for fall so it can be on again :)

I don't have that album, but I do love "Beautiful"...then again, who doesn't :)

8 lbs isn't bad. I may have started off good in the beginning of mine, but she sure made up for it by the end!

Feel better soon honey!

bridget said...

Hey, if you're really jonesing for some Grey's they are re-running the first season during the summer. And I actually think that it's on tonight...

Glad to hear that the appt. went well.

XXX for no more puking!

john boy said...

Oh, puke, groooossss! ;)

Glad everything else is going well.


holy chaos said...

okay, I do not know how much weight I have gained this pregnancy and I do not want to know. i am with christi- chick fil a and chocolate are my favorite food groups. i'll be thinking about you with this puking stuff...