Friday, July 07, 2006

Paging Ben Dover... Mr. Ben Dover, please

dude... I KNOW y'all have been waiting at the edge of your seats for the fart story, haven't you?

It's ok... no need to lie about it. I mean, shit. let's face it, by the very nature that brings to you read my blog, there within you lies a beast that enjoys a good fart story now and then. You'd probably even get a giggle or two (once you stop gagging, that is) from this golden oldie....

but to be honest... the fart story which I'm personally still laughing about probably isn't as funny to someone who wasn't there. (Plus, the Fartress in this case is my mom, and she'll kick my ass and not buy any more presents for Rhena if I sell her out like that)

So anticipating that the best reaction I might get out of y'all is a "hah" or a "hee"... I'm going to not embellish this time. I DO promise to let y'all know if I accidentally fart in my next obgyn appointment when the doc has their entire ARM up my crotch checking on the baby.

and I still fear the shitting-while-giving-birth stories. Luckily, I never dilated past 6cm, so there was no pushing to be had with Rhena.... they just cut her out. with Thing 2, I'm going to attempt to actually pass it through my tidget. (ATTEMPT, people... no promises!)

But due tot he fact that this next kid is NOT a first born, (and by Czernikowski family logic, only the first borns are the favorite) and I AM going to try to go old school with the delivery (as old school as you can get with the maximum amount of drugs allowable, that is)... and well, I just fear the Czernikowski Prophecy that second borns get shit on.

I REALLY don't want to shit on this kid. Which... I suppose is silly... I mean.. kids have no qualms about shitting on ME..... I know Rhena never had a problem with sharing the shoots with me.... on me.... BLEGH!

but still. not wanting to shit on the next one, which means it'll probably happen. AFter all.. my mom's maiden name is Murphy, ya know.

Did I have a point to this post? hell if I know.

Parental visit was good, though. really low key, cause it was freaking HOT outside. But we enjoyed each other's company, I think. I don't recall any fights, though daddy DID get in trouble once or twice.

We went out to dinner to pre-celebrate my mom's birthday (it's actually tomorrow), and one night, mom and dad took over the bedtime routine so Troy and I could go see a movie.




It was cool. We saw Superman Returns, and I have to say that I enjoyed it. Granted, I could be biased, cause I was in the zone of apply-it-yourself-imitation-butter-scented-oil on my popcorn and everything.. and you know.. the whole in public at night with no kid thing had me on the verge of euphoric as well.

But Supey was pretty bad-ass in this movie. I told Troy he needs to get a cape. I know it was in the tizzy of the movie that I said such a thing, but I'm afraid he just might. Then again.. that could make for something FAR better than a fart story!

I'm pissed that we have to wait til MAY of NEXT YEAR to see the next spiderman movie, but I guess that'll be about right when I'm due to see another movie in public. *sigh* I'm such a jet-setter!

but again.. the visit was good. mom and dad spoiled rhena, and did their best to take care of me and troy while they were at it. I'm looking forward to the next visit already.

ok. speaking of ben dover.... I attempted to make Kenny look pretty today, and failed miserably. so now I need to find the nail polish remover and either re-paint him, or just hang my head in misery that my feet will never ever be pretty.

have a great weekend, everyone!


novaks8 said...

I haven't seen it yet but it will be hard for me to love it as I LOVED the original movies.
I watched them so much I knew the script!

Everyone said that my husband looked just like Christopher Reeve when he was young.


I think the girl is too young and skinny to be a believable Lois Lane.

But, I haven't see it yet so...

momxtwo said...

I want to see Superman too. I will probably have to wait until I can rent it on Netflix. Cash flow is low (as usual) so I may not be seeing it anytime soon.

Christi said...

That whole poopin' out babies thing...not cool. I did w/both, and I'm still mortified that my mom and mom-in-law saw w/TJ, still to the point that if it's brought up (and it is, why, I don't know!), I turn red and get mad. That's why NO ONE but Trey was allowed in when Taryn was born, and he was threatened with his life if he looked down for more than one second to see her head crown! I will be the same way for this baby. That is just NOT COOL.