Tuesday, July 18, 2006


yeah. another day, another box of tissues.

this stupid stupid cold is running its course. My throat hurts, though not as much as it did this weekend. The only real fun lately is that my left nostril has been the mad producer of snot lately, while the right nostril seems to be a bloody mess every time I blow.

I'm so hot, I could totally date myself. not.

So the good news is that tonight is BUNCO night! whe-hoo! a night out of my house, gossiping and eating other people's food! The hostess lives right next door, so the even better news is that if I eat too much, it's only one door away from throwing up in my own toilets.

Though I MUST SAY... if/when I get to the point of wanting/needing to throw up, I seem to produce much quicker when using someone else's toilet. somehow envisioning my face where my neighbors take a shit always helps get the juices going. and forget public toilets. if I so even as much as come eye-to-eye with the flusher, I'm puking for sure.

then again.. this is not to say that thinking of TROY taking a shit doesn't help me throw up any slower. Love him I might... but he does have a nasty ass.

but I digress. all this potty-mouthing just reminds me that tonight is chicken enchilada night. I figured since I was getting a night out with the girlies, that I'd let troy pick what I'd make for dinner tonight. OF COURSE he picked enchiladas. which is fine. it's been a while since I made them, and I'm actually hoping that the extra 'kick' of seasonings might be able to break through the snot-barrier taste-indifference I've been having since the weekend.

but then, of course.. I start to wonder if it's such a good idea to be eating something spicy when I'm still having the puking issues. which then, OF COURSE, makes me think that maybe the enchiladas may help me finally poop a nice log, instead of the popcorny pebble-shits I've been having like FOREVER.

poop or puke? puke or poop? I *AM* faced with such dilemmas here in preggo-ville, aren't I?

in other news... I'm off to see the chiropractor again today. I went yesterday, and did not get any cracks. My main goal is to get some more mobility in my back.. or increase my range of motion again. I've noticed it's really decreased since getting pg, so I'm hoping cracker-man can loosen me up and teach me some new stretches so I can remain semi-flexible for the next 3 1/2 months. A good ole-fashioned-make-my-ears-tingle-back-crack would also be swell, but first things first.

and as if you really care what else is going on... I'll tell you I have another appointment tomorrow for baby-stuff. I *DO* plan on discussing what in hell is up with the meds/me still puking regime I have going on. also hoping to see a weight gain from last month. As of week 20, I was still down 2 pounds. I'm positive I have put on a good 5 pounds or more since last month, what with the carbs-are-my-friends diet I've been following lately. so we'll see.

of course, the biggest thing is that I hear that the baby's all coozy-shmoozy inside, and there's no health issues for either of us. cause as much as I bitch about everything, especially this damn stupid stupid cold and the puking... all that matters is that Thing 2 is doing well.

so I'll keep you posted!

oh, and wish me luck in Bunco tonight... The worst case is that I'm out $5, but hey.. I could be a big winner and come home with $20! c'monnnnn big money!


ZuphChic said...

Hope you feel better...and good luck! "Big money, no whammies, no whammies...STOP!"

greekchickie said...

Have fun tonite, chick!

Girl, do you have a sinus infection? Blood outa your nose? Can't be good.


Chief Slacker said...

All these posts about bodily excretions going around, heh. Poop is the new black or something ;O)

Liza said...

thank god for the new subject halfway through LOL i couldnt take anymore poop and puke!! i was getting ready to heave!! j/k

lmfao popcorn pebbly poop? That had me crackin up. hehe like a butt crack.

wtf is bunco?

holy chaos said...

it sounds like your pregnancy has been no fun! I have felt sick but I don't let myself actually get sick. I would probably feel better if I did!

how did your baby appointment go?

hope you had a great time last night.


Wethyb said...

Yum...you're totally making me hungry! LOL.

Hope you're feeling better soon too!