Monday, November 06, 2006

Together Again

well thank the heavens.... my pirating days are over. (my days of spelling shit wrong, are NOT, however, so feel free to continue on with the editorial comments on my typos)

anyways... we still don't have the wireless router set up, so I'm currently taking up half of the living room with wires and my belly so I can connect directly to the modem.

but despite my size... I'm feeling fast. this connection is much faster than our old service.... even though I had to wait a week to get it (grrrrrrr)

I'm curious to see if the wireless connections will be as speedy. we'll see later, I suppose.

anyways... other than that... all is the same here at the Fever. still no baby.... stilllll feeling like a bloated cow. but I ain't saying anything I haven't said the past few months, now, am I?

alrighty gang. look for me to be trolling a blog near you. I have much catching up to do!


Porq said...

I'm giving you the two points I took off for spelling because you were HONEST that you can't spell!!

So +2 !!


yer ma will be proud!

greekchickie said...

Cable theft is bad news!


Glad you're back.


momxtwo a.k.a. Lisa said...

I will be praying for you. I hope everything goes well with the delivery.


Jewl said...

Glad that you are back in action.

Christi said...

I've missed you so! Do stay with us!

Chief Slacker said...

but piracy is so much fun! YAR!

usually wireless is jsut as fast as long as you get a decent signal. make sure the wiless access point is not right next to a TV or anything else highly metallic.

Spelling shmelling!

Later tater

gina said...

when's that baby coming anyways???
glad you are back. wasnt right without ya.