Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nothing to see here

sorry. no news.

no contractions, no waters breaking... just a whole lot of being big and farting like a trucker.

I'm pretty hot, huh?

anyways.. I have an appointment tomorrow, so we'll see what they say then. I'm supposed to get another ultrasound, and an exam. I imagine after having a doctor's entire arm up my crotch that I should be able to get SOME news, but who knows....

til then... I remain pregnant.


susie said...


And no pukes? That's even HOTTER

holy chaos said...

you never know what tomorrow will bring!

greekchickie said...

Fine. Remain preggers. See if we care!


(You know we love ya!)


Christi said...

Sometimes all it takes is an entire arm up your crotch...

mary said...

yep yep

Maybe you will get a "vigorous exam" like I did with my first baby who was 2 weeks overdue.

(I told Amber...who WAS my first baby, and she cringed! lol)

It started my labor though!

Good luck!

(oh yeah...sex is the answer! works every time)

gina said...

YIKES> lol. good luck Carrie. i am thinking about ya. cant wait to see pics of baby

Choppzs said...

Yup, the entire arm up my crotch did it! Within a couple hours of doing the overdue exam I went into labor both times. Of course I insisted that she thin the hell out of my cervix for me and poke the little terds so they'd wake up and start doing what they needed to do. Typical men, sleeping when they should be up and doing something! Hope the doc helps you out!!