Monday, November 20, 2006

The Countdown

well, we're getting close to the 24-hours-to-go mark.

funny... I've had 2 weeks to prepare, and by every definition I'm ready, but today I have a list of shit to do?

I guess it's different when preparing to 'go at any time' vs. knowing you're leaving at such and such time.

today I'm feeling inclined to finally address and send all the thank you's from the afternoon tea that was thrown in my honor 100 years ago.

I'm going through shutterfly and making sure all the albums have been sent to the inlaws

e-mailing some people

making sure my DVR is going to record the office and Grey's and Medium while we're in the hospital (god forbid I miss a tv show!!)

some of rhena's laundry, so "Gamma" and "Hoo-Hoo" don't have to go in search of clean PJ's this week, or be doing laundry on the day we come home with the new baby.

gotta switch Rhena's car seat form my car to my dad's car, just in case they need to take her anywhere while we're gone.

what else? oh.... eat everything in sight cause I'm not allowed any food or water after midnight tonight. (yeah.. that should make me just a real peach tomorrow morning)

I dunno what else to say, internet. I mean, I DO... I have like a jillion thoughts in my head as far as wonders and fears for how this will all turn out... not the cutting open business... just the whole "holy shit we're gonna have 2 kids" thoughts....

but for now, there's things to cross off my list, and time to be spent with Rhena.

oh. in case I don't post again today... everyone be on your best behavior. Susie's going to be a guest blogger tomorrow to let y'all know the details of the One Within. I want everyone to give her a warm and appreciative welcome, ok?

ok. til the next time....


gina said...

OMGGGGGGGG the one within is about to be the one outside

Chief Slacker said...

Grats chica! hope the big day goes smoothly :O)

Anonymous said...

ooooh how exciting!!!!!!!

I can't wait!

Well, I guess I will have to wait but you know what I mean!

Take a picture of you with Rhena on her last day as an only child.

There is always much discussion of before this kid and before that kid.

Trust me, you will have enough love for both of them!
Your heart gets bigger with each one.

Good luck...we will be prayinG!

Laina said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I'm so excited for you!

greekchickie said...

Congratulations, early! I can't wait for y'all!


holy chaos said...

so happy for you! i remember well the "night before" i went shopping at Wal-mart! i'll be praying for you.

Maria said...

Can't wait to hear about the little one! Love you!

FINY said...

I am now going to be checking in here obsessively throughout the day. Oh wait, I already do that! Good luck today!!! We're all thinking about you.