Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Thanks, but still no baby

thanks for checking in.... but nope... no baby yet.

That's fine. my 'due date' was only yesterday, so for sure we're under two weeks max now. Plus, dare I ever type this out loud... but I haven't had a full-on puke session since LAST sunday. (mind you, I'm getting up 1 -3x a night because I'm choking on the vomit in my throat....) but no hard-core puke fests in a week and a half. That's right gang... today is day TEN of no major puking!!!! How could I NOT be in a good mood?

other than that, all computer systems seem to be restored to their proper working order in the Johnson house. I even played a little Call of Duty last night on xbox live. Troy just sat and shook his head as I got obliterated by my competition.... but by my third game, I actually killed four other people. I was proud!

the weather today is one of those days where if I had the right mind, (and no child) I'd stay in bed all day. grey with a slight chill, then the occasional sun peeking through at full blast to remind you that you do indeed live in the south.... but not enough that you don't feel guilty for not being out and about basking in it. this is fried chicken weather, people..... actually, we could be having a hurricane today and I'd still think it's fried chicken weather. I just hear Bojangles calling me. (perhaps my digestive system is subconciously trying to clean itself out so I don't shit all over this next child if indeed forced to push it out???)

I dunno... nor do I want to think about it much more. I'd prefer just to focus on the fact that today is day 10 with no pukes, and in roughly or less than two weeks, we's gonna have another baby up in here. If I allow myself to actually think about the whole nature show of pain and pushing and ripping, tearing, cutting and blood and rings of fire and associated things that go hand-in-hand with child birth, I may just pass the fuck out.

so yeah... day 10, and T-minus 14 days.



holy chaos said...

not long now! any day! yay!

Anonymous said...

So do you have someone to guest post when it happens? (did I already ask this?)

Cause we wanna know when it goes down!!!

YAYYY for no puking!

Jewl said...

Sending good thoughts your way for when the one within decides to make their entrance!!
Good luck chicky...

Hänni said...

Fried Chicken Day--you should copyright that.

Maybe you could bribe The One Within. If he pops out today, there'll be delicious fried chicken-enriched breast milk on the other end!

greekchickie said...

Almost there, girlie!


Christi said...

All I have to say is that nothing, and I mean nothing, can prepare you for the actual day that you bring the baby home. I'm still trying to consciously realize that I now have three kids living in my house...and I'm so far from getting it it's not funny!

Susie said...

That's AWESOME about the puking! Getting a glimpse of post-pg life...when you get your esophagus back!

Thinking good thoughts for you! It will happen the way it's supposed to, right?

Erin said...

Just checking in on you. Ditto on the "yeah" for no puking. Had a thought - how about a foot massage to try & induce labor. Here's one site

Laina said...

Don't you hate that moment where you realize that even though you really, REALLY want this baby out of you, it has to have some sort of exit. I had that feeling with Sam, and I have occasional bursts of it this time. Followed by a long internal dialog about what the hell was I thinking?