Sunday, November 12, 2006

I did it!!!

no... not give birth or anything really newsworthy like that....

I sent out an e-mail yesterday postponing the Christmas Social.

It killed me to do it, but ultimately, I know it was the right thing to do. For the sake of the baby's health, allowing myself to recover just a little, and my overall sanity (which we already know is on shaky ground) I spoke with Troy and we agreed to postpone the Social.

I feel better about things now. A little selfish, maybe, but also thinking that I'll be thanking myself on the 2nd when at 8pm I'm having a hormonal and sleep-deprived all-out breakdown that I don't have to stick my fat belly into something presentable and serve drinks to my neighbors. time will tell.... but I have a hunch I really will be happy to have a quiet house that night.

Speaking of quiet.... the house is right now, so I'm actually going to lay down and take a nap. Even if it doesn't make my hips feel better, it'll be something fun to do other than pee every 20 minutes.

hope y'all are having a great weekend.


suser said...

Good job! I'm sure that while everyone loves your social and will be sad to postpone, they will be happier partying after the new year than watch their hosts fall asleep on the couch.

greekchickie said...

Yep ~ there's nothing wrong with a New Year's Social. And everyone is less-stressed from the holidays this way.


holy chaos said...

Good for you!!!! i bet you will be glad.

you are not being selfish at all.

Jewl said...

I think you did the right thing... you are not wonder woman. Allow yourself the time!!

FINY said...

You definitely did the right thing, postponing the social, but holy HELL is that post title misleading. You had me all excited! :)