Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bandwith Pirate

ok... just checking in really quick on someone else's wireless network to let y'all know that there is still no baby.

in other news, Troy decided to switch up our internet provider et all, and accidently had them cancel our old one about a WEEK before the new one will be up and running.

(I know.... don't get me started!)

in the meantime, I will pretty much NOT be online, cause when I am, I'm breaking all sorts of rules here in stepford. In fact, I wouldn't doubt it if I get a letter from the homeownerss' association fining me for the five minutes I've just pirated.

but for now... no baby.

happy november.


Chief Slacker said...

Hey, if they don't turn on the security of their network, to damn bad! heh.

GL with the new kiddo :O)

Porq said...

It's bandWIDTH, like in wide, etc.

Not Band w/Drums and accordians, etc.

Now, do you remember how long you have to wait in a WEIGH Station??

Or is it like a JOHNNY DEPP Pirate in a band???



greekchickie said...

Breakin' the law
Breakin' the law!

Rock on!

Hurry bebe!


Laina said...

AR, AR, I am a pirate! He he.

There's still time, you aren't due till the 5th, right?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I have never heard of one staying in forever!


I bet Rhena is so excited.

Christi said...


Wethyb said...

Damn, down to the wire!! Hope baby comes soon!!!!!

Jewl said...

I would be having serious withdrawls!
Tell that baby to hurry up!!