Friday, August 19, 2005


SO yesterday-slash-last-night I FINALLY got caught up with my best friend.

It had been a good few weeks since I had last spoken with her, but somehow I kept forgetting to call or write or anything.

Seems to be a trend with me lately. I have been REALLY REALLY bad about getting in touch with people lately. I know one reason is because I'm just a selfish lazy slob....

But I guess another reason is because it's just been a busy freaking summer, and my energy levels are close to non-existent. but yet... they're not. so what the fuck, chuck?

I dunno.... why is this strong wave of apathy taking a choke hold on me? I mean, I haven't been neglecting Rhena... so THAT'S good....

and I've done the bunko thing, and been dieting, and making friends here in town, and visited a ton of people this summer... so I KNOW I've been busy, but yet feel strangely unaccomplished this summer.

I know I've been slacking in blog-land. my entries are sporadic and HARDLY entertaining... even to myself... and you KNOW I can crack myself up!!!

I've BARELY checked in on other people these days.... and again... it's not that I don't care about y'all... cause I DO... you blog-people have become such a great source of support and friendship! But I just haven't had the time energy or focus to sit and get caught up. I think because I missed so much during my trips that I feel so out of it, and trying to get caught up is SO overwhelming, so I've avoided it altogether??? vicious circle, cause the longer I don't read, the further out of the loop I am!

but other than me feeling like a big turd for being so lazy-slash-out-of-it-slash-do-I-really-have-a-pulse-or-have-I-been-faking-it..... things are swell.

So here's a question, if I still have any readers. My girlfriend and I were talking about this last night, and I know I could only answer her from my perspective... but her question was...

"what's up with Blogging? Why do people do it?"

SO I know for ME.... blogging started as a journaling of some sorts of all the weird shit that was going on with my pregnancy... a way to vent my fears, frustrations, and sometimes brag about whatever little accomplishments. Then it evolved to a "capture these thoughts cause I don't know what the hell I'm doing and someday I can probably look back and laugh about this" kind of thing....

then I started getting to know other bloggers, and it served as a great social network... which was key for when I was snowbound in reno, or away from my husband, or when we first got to NC, and I didn't know a damn soul.

But that's me, and I already told her that.

so what about YOU, dear reader???? DO you blog??? why???? tell me about it!

today's title brought to you by Evelyn "Champagne" King, 1977


Taylor said...

I started blogging to keep track of memorable experiences during my pregnancy and so that long distance family could see what was going on in our lives. Have blog friends is a lot of fun, but I mainly do it so I can look back on it later.

dnyduck said...

Truthfully....I saw how you were documenting things about your pregnancy and then Rhena's first year and I thought, I really should do that for Devin since I am not keeping up with his baby book. I figured once I finally sat down to do it, I could look back at my blog enteries and the calendar on the wall and be able to fill it in.

Then like you, it turned into a social network of friends....kind of the way the NN girls became our friends. You know me....I'm little miss social butterfly.

As far as not keeping up with everyone's blogs or making yours "entertaining" do what you can do and no one can fault you for it. You do continue to entertain me. I love to read what's going on in your life and about Troy and Rhena. And I think we all go through these periods of down time. I know I have and still am going through it right now. Suzie blogged about it also. And poor Maria! That does she even find the time to update as often as she does. As long as you don't flat out ignore me, I will continue to read and enjoy your blog my dear!


greekchickie said...

I blog because I wanted to chronicle my life without having my family & friends read what I write. I know that may be selfish, but I wanted something for ME. It started out as a college course ~ we were required to blog for the class. I didn't even know what a blog was! I had to google it. That's how I found this site.

After the class, it became an online diary of sorts. I just needed a place to talk about my political issues, then about Scott (AHEM) & now? I still blog about my life issues, but I throw in fun stuff every now & then. I am NOT offended you don't blog every day... lol. I don't demand you to post my memes. I do mine for fun & just love to talk. I'm a social butterfly, too. And I worry about my friends when I don't see them online, but I know we all have issues to work thru.

But for now, I don't want my family or real-life (you know what I mean) friends to know about my blog life.


CheekyMoo said...

Well, today I blogged the "F" word a lot and kicked people off of my blog left and right. LMAO

AND I'M NOT EVEN PMS'ING!!! But you're not invited to leave my blog. In fact, you're invited MORE!! Your comments are always making me smile and giggle.

I love your blog because you're sarcastic like me. I love Rhena because she's a doll baby who's only had one fever. And I love Troy because he lets you post a pic of his missing tooth and once he said I was hot. We all know I'm a snob and love anyone who says I'm hot.

I'm outta here for the weekend, but be good, and stick to your diet, and have loads of sex. :-)

carlotta fun said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. Sometimes you just don't feel up to writing, or at least I don't.

Susie said...

I've always kept written journals. I started an online journal 2 years ago through LiveJournal. It pretty much chronicled my weight loss then my attempts to get pregnant. My pregnancy to the birth of Liam. I wanted more options so I switched to Blogger. I keep journals because I enoy writing. I think I can make people laugh from time to time while documenting life from my perspective. I like that my parents and inlaws are getting to know me better through my writing. I think it's made us closer. And I love having Liam's life and challenges documented for someday. I would have LOVED to have been able to read what I was like (and what my parents were like) when I was an infant. ESPECIALLY now that I have a child.

Long story...short? ;-)

Marie said...

Hey there, chick. I'm still reading and coming back. :) You make me laugh...what a wicked sense of humor you have. And I enjoy that.

I started blogging because I love to journal write and figured this would be an interesting medium to get my thoughts out. I love having the archives to look back's easy to journal online. I didn't know about the whole "word of mouth" thing about blogging and the community that exists. It's amazing how we all find each other. LOL! It's become a great social thing and good networking opportunity for me.

I love that my blog is MINE and I can write whatever I feel like even when I'm not in the mood to write. My thoughts just come out anyway. :)

Nick said...

My inspiration was that I caved to the tremendous peer pressure set upon me by R2 over at Via Panjo... he and I were college roommates back in the day. He had a blog, a website, (and oddly) his own nation at "" For almost a year, he bugged me consistently about how I needed my own website, journal, and small Eastern European country to rule with impunity. Since I was bored off my head in class due to an overwhelming number of powerpoint slides, I decided to take him up on one of the items. (God only knows why I didn't chose to dominate the fake country...) Thus I established a blog that I figured only he would read, and I used it as a way to post humor articles. I majored in English Lit in college, and I hadn't been able to do much writing since then. It seemed like a natural outlet to compose some neat humor essays with exaggerated jokes and have R2 read them for fun. Then, one day, a woman named Carrie started posting comments onto my blog and I realized I had a somewhat wider audience. :) It made me want to write even more and to improve some of the comedic and satirical structure of the stuff I posted. You can be the judge of whether or not it's working. I have even started the backbone of a huomr book since then, which I occasionally update as a labour of love. ;) Keep up the good work over here on The Fever... I, honestly, check it at least once a day for updates. It assists in the maintenence of my sanity amidst the school and lab work.

Jewl said...

I actually started to Blog for other family members. We live so far away that I thought it was a great way for them to be able to be apart of our lives. Then I actually started to enjoy it and got more into it... I use it to vent and rant of course too. I love the support I get from my Blogger friends... I love reading what is going on in their lives as well. When you are a military wife you don't always have the chance to meet people to be friends with and express yourself. In the Blogger world I have that and I can take all my friends with me!
As far as you not Blogging everyday and reading others... well we all have times like that. We have a family, lives outside of the Internet... that is actually HEALTHY!! LOL... Just remember we are all still here reading and writing and we will be here for you once you need us. I don't care who reads my Blog, I am just thankful when people actually do! LOL, I appreciate the comments and knowing that somebody actually took the time to read it... Don't worry about it, enjoy the rest of your summer and relax a bit! Later chicky....

Christi said...

This summer has been a busy and hectic one for me, too. I'm not sure why, either. Like you, as well, I've been having a hard time keeping up with the blogging thing, and been kind of forcing myself to do it (when usually you couldn't get me off the computer ever!).

I blog to keep up with what I do, and b/c I love my newfound blog friends. I started it b/c my best friend had one, and told me about it. I thought it was neat to be able to have my own website. At the time I started it, I had a VERY stressful job, and it felt kinda good to vent somewhere where I didn't upset the people I was talking about.