Monday, August 29, 2005

Stayin' Alive, week of Aug 29th

ok, ok, ok..... last week's match-up sucked. I admit it. call it low blood sugar, or junk-food withdrawals, but Phillips vs Atkins???? yeah... WEEEEEEEAK.

Props to folks for mentioning Richard Simmons and Jack LaLane. my oh my... that would have been good.

Today is yet another un-inspiring Monday. I mean, I have lots of stuff going on... today is Rhena's first music class, tomorrow is Troy and my anniversary... then of course, are the volumes upon volumes of laundry and dusting to do. glamorous shit, I tell ya!

but yet... I'm drawing a blank for the match-up. could the run of match-ups be dead?

hmmmm... dead. possible topic..... ok.

got it.

now, it's nothing fabulous, so don't get your panties in a bunch.... but here's one I've wondered about. Who... or shall I say... IN WHAT FORM does Elvis kick more ass???


that's right, gang.... we're bringing back the King for another appearance on the weekly Matchup. only THIS time, he's pitted against himself.

so this week, I give you..


so think about it.... Was Mr. Presley more powerful in his living years, or from beyond the great pearly gates of Graceland? Curious to hear your thoughts... and whether the cry will be "Long-Live the King" or a defiant and resounding "Elvis has indeed left the building".



Porq said...

I vote for ALIVE ELVIS. Ya just can't beat the curling lip snarl with a little quiver.

The dead elvis can only be seen in a still photo. ( MOVIES OF ELVIS HAVE TAO BE CONSIDERED ALIVE - Snapshots and photos are "STILLS" like in "DEAD STILL".

Everybody humm "Hunka-hunka burning PORQ"

yeah that's the ticket.


Laina said...

Dead Elvis. Unlike Alive Elvis, he can be at a fruit stand in WV at the same time he's skiing in Colorado. Magic.

greekchickie said...

Dang, Laina ~ I just saw Elvis this morning at 7~11.

It depends on what AGE Alive Elvis is. If you're talking about the YOUNG, HOT Elvis, then by all means, Alive Elvis rules.

But then again, if you're talking about the older, sagging, wrinkly Elvis, then I say we delve in some necrophelia.

Does that answer your question?! lol


dnyduck said...

Marianna! I completely understand the Young -vs- Old Elvis, but the necrophelia stuff!! What is wrong with ya chickie?!?! :)

Okay.... I have to SORT OF go with Marianna here....

If we are talking young Elvis, then I vote Alive Elvis. But if we are taling old Elvis then Dead Elvis is better. And since you are probably about ready to kick my ass for this right now.... my over all vote would be dead Elvis. I get enough of the live Elvis when Kev puts on his Elvis suit.

Marie said...

I'm placing my vote for Dead Elvis. His memory and legacy are still very much alive.

The Life of Bill said...

Dead Elvis, that poor bastard kicked over as soon as he saw Lisa Marie kiss that freak show.

Susie said...

Hm. Dead Elvis vs Alive Elvis. Remind me to give you a smack in Chicago. I vote Alive Elvis cause that video when he was in all that black leather and swivel-hippy and all. That was hot.

Angela said...

I say Dead Elvis. I thought he was a much better performer as Skinny Elvis compared to Fat Elvis. If he were still alive, he would be Fatter Elvis, so I vote for Dead.

Does that make any sense?

Wethyb said...

I definetely say Alive Elvis. He's got the greatest voice. I love it!

gina said...

Alive Elvis!!!

Chief Slacker said...

Now that would be one heck of a battle, just think if all of the fans qwer able to take sides. i think dead elvis would win if the fans could take sindes since a lot of the people who like his music didn't know who he was before he died. Though Alive elvis had those peanut butter banana sandwiches.... eh, I still give it to dead elvis.

Liza said...

ALIVE ELVIS - I blame him for the death of Nicole Simpson. OJ IS INNOCENT!! Elvis killed her.

carlotta fun said...

When I was five I had a crush on young Elvis even though he'd been dead for several years. Hhhmm, this story isn't going where I thought it would. I was going to vote for young Elvis, but I guess technically I had a crush on a dead man. Now I don't know who to vote for. Alive, dead, alive, dead. Which way to go? I guess young Elvis it should be. I thought HE was the pretty one. I'm guessing I wouldn't have been so enamored of a decomposing dead man

Nick said...

Dead Elvis. He's made more money, weighs less and less each year due to decomposition, and has the good taste not to release new albums that are crap compared to the old ones. Plus he's *everywhere* in Vegas.

CheekyMoo said...

Dead. And he better damned well stay there.

Elvis said...

Alas – I guess it’s time for the “shit on Cheerios” approach.
My dear sister has put forth quite the quandary in which form of Elvis would emerge victorious against the other. Indeed – the Elvis of breathing stature, surrounded by his red-neck Memphis Mafia, bedecked in either clinging leather or sequined jumpsuit and brandishing his very special form of bacon-style karate – or the memory of an Elvis passed, an entrepreneurial juggernaut that has continued win over fans across generational boundaries and like the warning given by Obi-wan Kenobi has grown more powerful than we could have ever imagined.
What WOULD happen when the irresistible force met the immovable object? Physics tells us that the force would win, as no object can resist a relentless force for some amount of time. Eventually – the force would outweigh the object’s resistance.
In this contrast, the dead Elvis, or more specific “force” of Elvis would and is victorious. The King is and ever will be King, thankyouverymuch.