Monday, August 15, 2005

I Feel Love - Donna Summer - 1977

ahhhhh yes.... I *do* feel love. thanks for all the comments while I was gone.... it's nice to be missed!

So it was very good to get away for a week or so. We spent the last week in the great mid-west.... in Crystal Lake, Illinois. On the agenda was lots of family time and boating and eating, but apparently they've been having the worst draught in decades or something along those lines. What this means is that the lake that my in-laws' boat was parked on was down over a foot of water, and they actually had to pull the boat out. I guess the water levels where you dock the boats were so low that boats were getting damaged and such.

so no boating for us.

but there was plenty of eating! so much, in fact, that both troy and I have started diets already! In some respect it's silly to go on a diet... depraving ourselves of what we what just so we can absolutely PIG OUT on Rhena's birthday.... but I was starting to FEEL unhealthy... and that ain't good. so back to three squares and healthy snacks and bottles and bottles of water. aside from my constant headache from the caffeine withdrawals and my random urges for chocolate and fried chicken... I'd say it's going pretty well.

wow. I have so much I want to write about, but am having trouble organizing it to actually be said without coming off as a crackhead.

screw it... I've never been known for my ability to focus, so try to follow where you can.

Rhena is doing great. she's eating food, which is always good. she went through about a month where food was the enemy, but she's been coming back strong and taking no prisoners. Her latest favorites are eggplant Parmesan, (thanks to her Uncle Scott and his girlfriend Lisa), lasagne-a-la-Grandma-Johnson-style, and yogurts and chicken and fruit and veggies and well... pretty much everything. She also has a tendency to absolutely HATE everything I just mentioned, so I always need to check what phase the moon is in before attempting to quell the beast. For example... this week, absolutely NO yogurt shall be eaten before 3pm. I mean... God Forbid it's even in her sight.... that kind of crying can hurt somebody!!!

and somehow only peas and alphabet pasta cooked in chicken broth will do the trick for breakfast this week. Seriously... don't even try to not give her that, cause her 17 pounds of sugar turns into 17 miles of fiery screaming Hell if she doesn't see her peas and q's.

but I digress.

she's on the verge of walking for real. she's taken some solo-flights from the table to the couch or from troy to me.... but really no more than 5 steps at a time. she's definitely getting more confident, but she's no dummy... when speed is a factor, she gets down and boogies (crawls) to where she needs to be.

She love love loves dogs. at first she was kinda a wimp around troy's grandmother's dog, and his parents' dog... but by the week's end, she picked up this high-pitched jabber that included a form of the word DOGGIE. I'm still convinced we're only hearing a part of what she was saying, and the rest was secret code to the dogs that only their ears could pick up.

I finished making the invites for rhena's party.... rather I should say... designing them. I still need to print them out and send them to everyone. here's what the cover will look like.... notice the jungle animal theme.

apparently there's a shortage of cute monkeys out on the web... and it took a lot longer to re-vamp all the individual clip arts to be the way I wanted them to be. but either way.... at least some day we can tell her that her mama and daddy made these for her.

I have like 100000 pictures to upload. what a chore. and on the subject of chores.. does anyone want to do my laundry? yeah... didn't think so.

Susie tagged me to do a thing about songs. something like the top ten that I'm digging. I really don't have a top ten list of songs as much as I do ARTISTS. I'm just an album girl. but... to follow through... I give you my digs:

1- Stevie Wonder - The Definitive Collection. EXCELLENT CD. love love love this CD. any mood I'm in, there's at least 5 songs on here to match.

2- Hitch Soundtrack. love this CD, too. lots of motown sounds to it, and of course, Heavy D. Now that *I* have found love, I'm going to dance to you every single freaking day, Heavy!!!! I love love love that song, and adore this soundtrack.

3- Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business. Ok, so I may think that the chick Fergie from the band is an absolute WHORE-bagger for taking Josh Duhamel off the market.... but this album is great. Rhena likes it too... so turn up the radio, and blast the stereo louuuuuud....

4- Roberta Flack - First Take. I think it's cause this is a sentimental time of year for me... our anniversary is coming up, Rhena's b-day... I dunno... maybe it's the hot hot hotness of the summer... but deep soul music sounds good in the summer, and I love Roberta Flack. By far, this woman is a legend, and the music on this CD has touched my life in so many ways I can't even begin to explain.

5- Miles Davis- Kind of Blue. my favorite in the afternoon when just chilling with Rhena and waiting for troy to get home. great dinner music, too. go, Miles, go. I could hear this album over and over til my ears bled and not be bothered one bit.

6- 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Kool & The Gang. seriously.... if you can get you ass moving or at least a smile on your face when listening to this album, you need to check your pulse.

ok... there are more, but this was what was in my car's cd player, so that's what you've got. Right now the booger needs to be woken from her nap, laundry flipped, lunches eaten (I just checked the solar system... looks like we're a go for turkey, tomatoes and cheese with some grapes for dessert for Rhena.) invites to be printed, more laundry, chairs to be casted, and much much more.

perhaps tonight I'll post again with a match-up for the week. still percolating on this one, though.

OH... for my winners last week... the CDs are almost complete. I hope to send them out this week!

ok... have a fabulous monday, kids!


Angela said...

So great to have you back! I love the invitations- they are fabulous!

Did Roberta Flack sing "Killing Me Softly" ? Even if she didn't, I now have that song stuck in my head.

Thanks a lot.

Susie said...

OMG. I absolutely HATE Ferg for taking my Josh. But I still shimmy to Shut Up (from Elephunk), my current dig.

Glad you are back. It makes MY solar system more aligned.


CheekyMoo said...

So glad you're home safe and sound. The invitations are wonderful, and hearing about Rhena made my day. I can't believe she's walking and going to be one! Give her hugs from us.

gina said...

i LOVE FERGIE!! i wanna dance like her! LOL
glad you had a nice trip with lots of good stuff to eat.. sad to hear no boating. i would have been crushed!
rhena's invites are precious! we had 44 people at my child's first birthday! BA HA HA.. can you say OBNOXIOUS?
have a good day,. and glad you are back.

Wethyb said...

Welcome back! We've missed you!!!

Sounds like you had an excellent time, even if you do have to diet, which I'm sure you soooo don't need!


Chief Slacker said...

Welcome back chica! Glad you have a good time, you were so close, you should have exended the road trip a little more up to MN ;O)

Marie said...

Hey chick! It's SO good to see you back here. :) I'm glad you enjoyed time away. The invitation for Rhena's 1st b-day is adorable.

I love the list of albums you chose, especially Stevie Wonder. THAT's a good one! :)

Christi said...

Hey, you should check out Go Fug Yourself, and see what Fergie's looking like now. If you go there, do make sure to click on the depends on the caption. It's kinda funny, and kinda sad.

Lil Country said...




I still can't believe you were right here...

john boy said...

Welcome back. Missed you, plus that was a little too long to be seeing me in that crown! LOL

Jewl said...

Yeah, you are back in action! Missed ya chicky!!
Rhena walking = Let the games begin!
Emily just started walking and let me tell ya, it's a whole new world! LOL
Glad you had a good time!

greekchickie said...

lol ~ as soon as I saw Crystal Lake, I knew Karley would be having an utter conniption.

Welcome back, chick! We missed you!


Lil Country said...

Me, a conniption? NEVER!

Wethyb said...

Hi honey. Just wanted to let you know I moved my blog addy. It's now wethyb.blogspot

Hope you're having a good day!

Christi said...

I did one of those tests, and had my peeps take it. Not even my mom and husband got a 100! My hubby got a 60! I didn't think it was that hard! Thankfully, my best friend for life did, so that's cool.

Melissa said...

Glad you had a great trip! The invites look great!