Wednesday, July 21, 2004

You win some, you lose some

well--- so much for my glory days of high-fiving doctors.

I had my 2-week appointment today (currently at 33 weeks in this pregnancy) and the scales (despite wearing clunky high heels) did NOT lean in my favor.

I lost another 6 pounds.

Just like that, America's Pregnant Sweetheart turned into Mommy Dearest. There were no lauds.... there were no smiles.... just those damn smug receptionists looking at me like I'm intentionally starving my baby.

My doctor isn't TOO concerned, but he was stumped how I could lose so much weight. The tie breaker will be when I go back in 2 weeks, he says.... but I know it won't be good if I'm not up again.

I just don't know how I can eat anymore. Murry has filed a stalking suit against me, and I'm on a first-name basis with the girl at the pretzel counter at the mall. People at my food store are suspicious that I'm casing the joint, cause I keep showing up when the bakery section is putting out new bread. In fact, I feel guilty now as I type, cause I'm not eating at the same time. God forbid I'm burning calories with my fingers, and not ingesting 3x the amount simultaneously.

Well, like the two hopefuls on jeopardy each night, I will find a way to beat Ken. I will be heavier in two weeks.... even if it means stuffing my pockets with jars of tomato sauce before I step on the scale.


dnyduck said...

Ah sweetie! I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time gaining this weight!! I KINDA know what you are feeling. I lost another pound myself since my last appointment. BUT! It's been a month in between my appointments. And, I needed to loose about 15 pounds before getting pregnant anyway so my doc isn't conserned about my total 5 pound weight loss. Where I can relate at...I the feeling of "I CAN'T POSSIBLY FIT ANY MORE FOOD IN MY STOMACH!"

I know you can beat this! Let's see...we have 2 weeks.....I will bring up a bag of Double Doubles from In-N-Out and then we will head on over to the Cabo Wabo. about some of those nasty but cheap all you can eat buffets you have up your way?!?!

And...if it doesn't happen, well at least the little one is healthy and you have less to loose when he/she is out. Try not to worry too much about it. Your NN friends all know that you are not starving the little one. And we will all come to your defense!

Elvis said...

WonderSis -
the Good Lord and I KNOW what kind of food quantity you are capable of putting away, and He's personally let me know that you're building up your baby arm muscles working the fridge door. No worries - it was probably a misreading from the underpaid RN Scale Whore at the office.

Work Murry over double for me. As I type - I'm going through my own gastro hell (self-inflicted, of course) from a big company dinner at Carmine's in Manhattan. All superb Italian foodstuffs served family style so there wasn't any limit to how much yours truly could stuff into his maw. I left not a wake-up call at the front desk but a request for a 6AM defribilator experience. Word...