Monday, July 05, 2004

Independence Day

So here it is--- July 5th. As chance would have it, yesterday was July 4th--- I know, deep thoughts here, huh? Anyways, the whole 4th of July holiday had me thinking about independence.

no---- not the freedoms our forefathers fought for, or symphonies playing the Battle Hymn Republic (but Glory, Glory, by the way....).... I'm talking about the thoughts of independence from this baby.

I'm getting into the final stretch here, and not to complain or anything, cause this has definitely been a fantastic ride, but... I'm ready for this kid to come out.

I just don't get it. I was talking to this woman who was lamenting about how she wished she was still pregnant. She missed the anticipation... she missed her baby being inside of her. WTF is THAT about???

That's like saying you MISS having your brand new car or toy on layaway!!! I MISS being on a waitlist for the new X box game....


The only thing I can rationalize from this chick was that she missed being the center of attention and eating all she wants. Cause, if I'm being honest, (and I might as well, since no names have been said) now she's just kinda fat looking, and the baby is getting all the oohs and ahhs.

Not me, buddy.... no way. You see, luckily, I wasn't that pretty to start with. I mean, I'm cute, I guess, but not beautiful or hot, and by no means 'ooh' or 'ahh' worthy. and now---- well, now I'm cute with a baby stuck inside of me. (translate as 'swollen') and I want the thing out.

not for the removal of physical discomfort part, (though that's an added bonus with birth...) but I'm eager to meet this creation of mine!!! I wanna play!!!! I want to know if he or she will be cute, or have to develop a strong personality like their dear ole mom. I want to teach it to read, to manipulate situations, and to be downright likeable.

"I miss being pregnant" ---- my ass. I wanna be a mom. After all--- isn't that the point of all this waiting?

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dnyduck said...

"You see, luckily, I wasn't that pretty to start with. I mean, I'm cute, I guess, but not beautiful or hot, and by no means 'ooh' or 'ahh' worthy."

Ahh....come on Carrie! I have seen your pics (one day the two of us will get our butts in gear and hit the Cabo Wabo or else where together) and you are CERTAINLY NOT just "cute"!!! I mean, seriously! The make-up mafia wouldn't hire someone who isn't deserving and beautiful to slap that stuff on the "lovely" women of Reno. They want the best looking women so those poor slobs think if they use their stuff, they will look as beautiful as you do! So....don't make me track you down and slap you silly! :) Remember....I am just a few hours away, my dear! :)