Monday, July 12, 2004


There's no question about it. I'm in LOVE with Murry.

If I had a pair of sneakers on right now, I would be doodling big goofy bubble hearts with Murry's name in the middle of them.

I just wish I knew who the guy was so I can personally go up and kiss him.

You see.... Murry is the maker of my french toast sticks. my beautiful, delicious, mouth-melting cinnamon french toast sticks. .... I'm positive every pregnant girl should have her own case, cause these things are amazing!!!

Ready in just one minute of prepared by microwave, these delectable sticks of sweetness just beg to be eaten by anyone with an appreciative mouth. Even now, at a little past 6am, I'm wondering what type of wine would go good with these critters. I'm thinking a hearty red like a cabernet to compliment the sweetness.

GIMME! I can't explain my fascination with this processed food--- all I know is I must heed to the call. The BABY certainly likes them.... and it figures--- I just looked at the box this morning; apparently there's about 25% of the RDA for FAT in each serving. (which also makes me wonder who really makes up these insane portion sizes... I mean--- why would I only eat FOUR at a time when I can CLEARLY polish off six or seven at a time?!?!?!??)

I know I should be scared that I'm obsessing about a mythological figurehead--- but you can't tell me there hasn't been a time in a LOT of guys' lives that they haven't given Mrs. Butterworth a second look.

So Murry--- wherever and WHOever you are--- thank you. I may be repulsed by the very thought of french toast sticks when the tapeworm comes out, but for now and the next 8 weeks or so--- you are my hero.

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Elvis said...

and the answer to the wine question would be Shiraz.
Or a Pinot Grigio.

Marry is a lucky guy. Me? I don't think he deserves the lauds. Instant gratification (to a very pregnant woman, in my experience) takes way too long. At the single moment of crave, it is too late for the Alpha Male (captive husband) to respond with the placating portion of desired foodstuffs.

In my humbled opinion - you need to kick the Murry habit and jump on the Dinty Moore meatwagon. Hormel is King, and you all know it.
See? Pick yer poison!