Thursday, July 08, 2004

A Heavy Issue


so anyone that knows me knows that I've been having a tough time gaining weight for this pregnancy of mine.

I ended up losing a lot of weight in the beginning, and finally at the halfway mark, I started putting on the pounds. BUT--- the only feedback I've gotten from the Doc is that I should eat more.

They've given me fat pills, they've put me on a diet (one that includes a sick amount of food that was impossible for me to ingest all in one day at first).... and every week, as I slowly creeped up the scale.... my progress was met with a "that's nice, but you need to eat more".

SO.... I've turned into a human garbage disposal. I eat more food consistently throughout the day than probably my dad, brother AND husband combined. I'm no longer having a baby; I'm having a machine. or perhaps a tapeworm. or perhaps a fresh turkey with all the fixin's cause at the rate I eat, this child will be over ten pounds.

So today, I had my 31-week appointment. I have them every two weeks now, you see.... and theoretically..... I should be gaining one pound a week.

today, my dear reader, I measured in at SIX POUNDS higher than I was 2 weeks ago. SIX POUNDS!!!!!

"hi, my name is Carrie, and I'm more than a bag of potatoes heavier than I was 2 weeks ago"

While the rational side of me finds this slightly disturbing that my body can accustom to such a rapid weight gain, there's the side of me longing to be told I'm doing something right. SO while I'm quickly becoming the next case study in "Super-Size Me", episode II, I was secretly happy that the doctor actually high-fived me.

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Porq said...

Can you say.... "OINK" ????

Hey ...make sure that lilly kid growin' is healthy or I'll eh... eh..... I dunno. Yeah! heh-heh-heh.
uuhhh.. shut up dillweed!