Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Run for the Border

Today, my dear readers, I'm going to surprise you. For your cyber selection today, I am NOT going to talk about food.

I know--- the blog title is misleading--- and I can CERTAINLY fill the time and space continuum with rants about Taco Hell's latest "get full" campaign... but my attention is consumed with the baby's room.

Last night, my husband and I performed Operation Put the Border Up.

The painting, to my relief, was finished this weekend. There's still some touch-ups to be done, and probably a few more will be seen once the tape is removed, but the big-roller stuff is done.

Knowing how PATIENT I've been these past 32 weeks, you can imagine how frustrated I was to read that paint must be allowed to dry 72 hours before a border application is attempted. (and yes, the directions actually said that) I toyed with pushing the envelope--- much like I do with the idea of reclining my seat or dropping my tray whenever we're trying to land in a plane.

But something stopped me. what if--- what if the room WOULD actually crash and burn if attempted before the paint was fully dry?

--- I'm sure the printed directions assumed a national average climate, not like the desert here in Reno, where there seemingly exists no shade or humidity... EVER.

But alas--- 72 hours passed.

So last night, my darling mate and I got loco on that border. I, of course, insisted we use my new laser level, and about 50 pre-steps were taken before a piece of border was even cut or put near water.... but we did it. (Apologies to the 35 people that called our house last night when we were in mid-dip or pressing, or wiping, or re-adjusting for the 7th time on the first piece..... we were a little distracted, and not in a 'talky' mood)

All in all--- the process was a pain in the ass. But- we got it done, we survived without any physical harm being done to one another, and knowing it's for our little monster, it's all worth it.

I'm just happy our voices get muffled when the kid is in utero ---- otherwise its first words will probably be some variation of "sonnuhvuhbitch!"

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