Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Dream On

From what I gather, there's really only a percentage of people who can regularly remember their dreams.

granted, a percentage can be defined as .00001% or something sick like 95%, so I guess the above sentence is pretty much useless to anyone who really give a shit. But I digress--- I was just making conversation.

Anyways--- so this undefined amount of people exist that really regularly remember their dreams. I'm one of those people.

My husband seems to be one of those folks too, but he doesn't always remember his dreams. (so maybe he's NOT one of those people, as I don't know how often you have to remember to be considered one of them)

again--- digression. Did I MENTION that I've come down with some serious A.D.D. since getting preggo???

but the point is--- what the hell are dreams supposed to mean???? I know there's books and actual people who get paid to interpret dreams, but really..... is there significance that I was eating pizza and burned tator tots while waiting for my husband to come inside with the movie tickets??? Or why, later in the dream, my brother and I did paper mache at my grandmother's funeral????

I used to blame my dream oddities on the drinking, but we all know THAT hasn't been an excuse lately..... Maybe it's just time for me to admit I'm more like my mom than I thought.

That in itself doesn't scare me TOO much--- it's the idea of being called a black pig that really gets me worried. ??????

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