Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A world Named Sue (part 2?)

I often mention different friends on here. I USUALLY try to keep them anonymous, unless they have a blog themselves, then I link the hell out of them.

One friend in particular has TRULY helped me get through the past 4 1/2 years without too much permanent damage. which is crazy in a lot of ways, considering I've only seen her in person maybe what... 5 times?

but that's how this world is.. you have friends that you don't really see, you see friends that you don't really have... yet somehow. through cables and fibers and signals and transmits; our lives become melded with others.. one post, one twit, one IM, and one e-mail at a time.

I have a world in a friend named Sue. It's not always perfect; we get catty, cranky, hurt, jealous, and often don't understand what the other is trying to say, even if we mean the same thing. But yet, for all of our differences... we share a soul. or at the very least part of our hearts.

Today is her birthday. Now Sue?? shit.. that crazy hen is celebrating all week long. she even whipped my ass yesterday to make her a button of some sorts for the occasion. see?? (not bad, if I do say so myself)

Happy Birthday, Suser!

Anyways.. SHE'S going to celebrate all week long... so be sure to go visit her and wish her well. Here at the fever... well.. I celebrate her all the time. That's how good friends are. they (regardless of the time and distance between) they just have a way of being in your life every day and because of it, you smile. ok, sometimes you HONK... but that's another story.

Like I said.. she'll be partying it up over at her place all week. But today? today I wanted to say that TODAY is a wonderful day, and that I love my friend very much. You know.. even though she calls me a bitch.


Erin said...

Awww ... you made her that button. So cute! Even if it WAS causing her to swear at me over IM earlier today ... LOL ... she is a sweetheart, though, isn't she? And that BASTID is doing it up right with a birthday WEEK, right? Why didn't I do that last week!?

Marianna said...

Happy Birthday, Sue!


Porq said...




Kelli said...

Happy Birthday, Suser!
Hope your day is off to a fantastic start!
Carrie (as always) said it best! I'm so blessed to have known you the past...however long.

raisingtheboys said...

Aw Mama... your SUCH a bitch. But your MY bitch. Thank you so much.

And the button kicks ass!

And I hope your dad didn't tell me to screw in Polish.

MWAH! Thanks everybody!

Choppzs said...

That's awesome.

My friends suck compared to you! lol