Thursday, July 24, 2008

just plain dull

so yesterday turned out as a success. I took apart and removed the existing wall outlet, pulled the fuse from the fuse box, replaced both with new one suited for 20 amps, then re-installed everything.

(love how I just type that like I do this kind of shit every day, right?)

anyways; I was pretty happy. I think I'll always feel extra proud when I accomplish some wiring or electrical task cause the professor I had in college for my Electrical Engineering I and II classes was a total DICK to me. It was right around graduation, and in his office, in front of another professor and 3 other students, Mr. Novy (that's right. he was just a professor; not a DOCTOR) Mr Novy made a flip remark of how I would never be successful in the aviation industry.

Now while I do understand that I did not make a lifelong career in the aviation industry, that asshole can NOT tell me I wasn't successful when I was at Boeing. And to what extent is it his right to tell ME what is successful or not? I mean, sure, we all have our standards of what measures success or not... and based on that premise I probably do not qualify as successful in his eyes.... but that does not mean I have not been successful. just ask my working garage fridge.

ahhh... that's all in the past, anyway. OVER IT!!! speaking of pasts... I have officially entered a 'scanner war' with one of my friends from college. This excites me and scares the crap out of me at the same time. as you've seen right here and by words from Suser (by the way, she's still pimping out her birthday week, so go say hi) I have plennnnnnnty of bad pictures from days of yore. I fear what may surface. I DO see this war spreading to others, though, cause as group pictures get published, I'll be bringing down everyone with me. If you're linked to me on facebook, you might get a glimpse of the horrible outfits I thought were SO COOL 100 years ago.

but other than that.. we're just surviving here in the southern heat. got a few errands to do, packages to finish, babies to visit, and of course.. laundry to do. just another day, ya know?

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Anonymous said...

mmm kinda makes ya THIRSTY, doesn't it?

And let me know that's professor's address. I'll go key his car. BASTID.