Monday, July 07, 2008

The "Back-At-Ya" Mix

As Promised... here is the list of songs I have put together for YOU, my friends.

again.. having issues with the muxtape... but that will be my homework this week.

The purpose or the idea behind THIS mix list is that I said I would dedicate a song back to each of my contributors. The dedicated song would be one that in some parts reminds me of that person; regardless of what they said was their favorite .

For those of you who like to just get to the point, I will list the songs (and applicable links) first... then go on to explain why I chose each song. so. without further ado... here it is.

Cze-Johnson Fever's Back-At-Ya Mix:

I'm a Woman by Peggy Lee (dedicated to Erin Cooks)

Kiss Me Deadly by Lita Ford (dedicated to Christi)

Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show (dedicated to Annie)

Beautiful Stranger by Madonna (dedicated to Carrie)

I Couldn't Sleep at All by Joey Ramone (dedicated to Jaime)

Join in the Chant by Nitzer Ebb (dedicated to Topher)

New York by MCL (dedicated to Steve)

Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash (dedicated to Angela)

Jersey Girl by Bruce Springsteen (dedicated to Stacey)

Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin (dedicated to Jodes)

Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper (dedicated to Tara)

Proud to Be an American by Lee Greenwood (dedicated to Marianna)

Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks (dedicated to Jenni)

For Good from Wicked (dedicated to Suser)

Sleep Through the Static by Jack Johnson (dedicated to Christie)

ok. hope y'all enjoyed those. now..... if you're curious as to WHY I picked each song....

Erin - Not only does she bring home bacon and cook it up in the pan, but she takes awesome pictures of it and blogs for the world to see. And her blog has something so very classic and classy about it; while I know the song itself has be performed by many women, I think the nod to Peggy Lee and her ability to stand the test of time represents how timeless Erin is.

Christi - Christi is one of those multi-faceted women; (aren't we all?) but no matter how up on current music she may be, I see her soul as a classic rocker-gal. She's tough and can hang, and probably COULD kick Lita Ford's ass.

Annie--- *sigh* I love Annie. She's young, she's edgy, and just SO COOL. when I see her I remember me from 100 years ago. When I hung with the skater kids and listened to groups like TMBG and Dead Milkmen. Of course, NOW I STILL listen to TMBG... on the disney Channel, though. Time Warp is for Annie.

Carrie - Carrie is new around these parts.. at least to ME, anyway. hence, the stranger reference. BUT... after reading some of her entries, I really dig her. She's got her shit together (LOVE her deep thoughts on how proper bargaining chips for her son) similarly, when madonna was releasing music during "beautiful stranger' days.. i thought she kicked ass. she was long, strong, and was ready to take on anything.

Jaime - Jaime is also kinda new to me, so it's tough picking a song. after going to HER blog, I see she's been having sleep issues with her daughter. I was GOING to pick "up all night" by slaughter, but slaughter is totally trashy. not that Joey Ramone ISN'T, but at least in this song, there's no cursing. I think Jaime's a good girl, so no cursing should be associated with her.

Topher and Steve - while they each have their own song, these guys come from close to the same place in my heart. it's called Daytona Beach, and it involves a cage, thursday nights, and a club called the Coliseum. ok, it also involves a closet, a radio station and so much MORE..... but I think I've said enough for them to know where I'm at. love you guys!

Stacey - my partner in crime is a fellow jersey girl, and a total beach girl. of course, she's also from SOUTH jersey, so I couldn't think of anyone better than Bruce. I'm totally gonna miss you, momma.

Jodes - no... I'm not hitting for the other team. BUT.. Jodes' is a friendship so true and deep that she DOES touch and lift the heart. I could say the 'natural' is also a jab at her crunchy organic side, but honestly, the song is just a testament of how good of a person she is, and what a positive impact she has on others.

Tara - sorry, but you started it with the reference to MJ. that, and you DO use the word SIKED a lot. not to mention you TOTALLY busted me on the SJP pre-nose-job picture... so... "girls just want to have fun" it is.

Marianna -- YES.. you are ALSO proud to be a Greek girl, but your patriotism and dedication to respecting the military and ALL those who serve in the armed services past and present is of the highest level I've seen in many people, both online and in 'real life'.

Jenni- ok, so Goodbye Earl was one of your subsequent choices... but I have to admit it suits you. so Dixie Chicks it is!

Suser - Funny thing about this song is that Suser said that this song reminded HER of ME a while back. I was in a bit of an angry state at the time, and was only focusing on certain things, then along came Sus with this suggestions, and my eyes and ears were opened in a new way. The song STILL brings tears to my eyes, but for many many good reasons. Susie is indeed someone who has changed me for good.

Christie - I had never even HEARD of Jack Johnson before a few months ago, but I have been smitten with his music ever since. He's got a laid-back, folksy sound about him, but yet he makes strong statements through his music. Christie comes across as very laid back, but she's very politically minded. I like that about her. and yet, unlike a LOT of political blogs out there, she presents her ideas and ideals in a respectful, factual and non-threatening way. Even if she doesn't agree with something, she has a way of doing so without ever getting nasty. like Jack Johnson, I feel that Christie makes me think.

anyways... there you have it. whew! that was pretty exhausting, and I have to say I'm glad more people didn't participate.

but next week... game on! I've got a few 'themes' in mind, so this could be fun to help pass the summer. tune in thursday night/friday morning to see what the next 'tape' topic will be!

in teh meantime.. keep rockin' it.


Jaime said...

That is totally funny! Sleep has been the theme of my life for the past 5 months! :)

Stacey said...

awwww. thanks girl. I was guessing you'd pick Bon Jovi...but that would be more appropriate for me to pick for YOU I suppose. Very cool idea going here. love it.
And btw, are you ever going to call me back? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Love you!!! xox

Christie said...

Fantastic picks for the "back at ya" mix. Folsom Prison Blues is excellent, as is Natural Woman and, well, all the rest. I love me some Jack Johnson, too. Makes me think of cute, guitar playing surfers I'd like to meet if I was 10 years younger, unmarried and sans baby.

Erin said...

I think my song dedication is obviously the best ;)