Friday, July 25, 2008


ok.. anyone that's my friend on Facebook has GOT to be having a grand old laugh right now.

I went ahead and entered what my friend and I are calling "SCANNER WARS". That's right... I'm busting out the old pictures from college and putting them up on Facebook.

oh.. it's UGLY. like UGLY-ugly.

like big-haired, SMALL-clothes, RED-lips ugly.


SO! Since I'm flippin' it back ole school where the waists were high, the hair was teased, and Lord HELP me my jeans were rolled... I'm asking you to do the same.

NO.. no need for you to embarrass yourself by putting pictures up... trust me.. I'm doing enough of that for EVERYONE.

no... today and this weekend (well.. you know.. before monday morning!) I want you to give me a song that reminds you of college. Doesn't matter when you went, WHERE you went, or actually if you went at all.

tell me one song (and ONE SONG ONLY) that was topping YOUR CHARTS in those preciously liberating years after high school.

you have til Sunday night (again.. monday morning if I'm running late or I happen to like you) to cast your vote.

But DO tell us the year(s) it takes you back to. that way we can call bullshit on you if you're trying to sound younger than you really are! HAH!

and I'll tell you what... if you e-mail me a picture of you in college, I'll let you pick TWO songs. consider it a bonus round, with admission being a tiny bit of your pride.

so what say you??? let's LET THAT RECORD SPIN!!!!!


Angela said...

HeeHee...this is fun...
A song that reminds me of college (and that year oh so long ago, 2007!) would have to be Tim McGraw - Last Dollar (Fly Away)! And there's my country!

To make this fun, I should ask my mom and dad to contribute to this one!

Elvis said...

It's college bar music time, through and through:

Beastie Boys!
So What'Cha Want

No need to frighten your readers with a pic.

angela's mom said...

Tonight's the Night - Rod Stewart

Jodes said...

little earthquakes by tori amos. and i would totally email you a pic but i'm not even sure where any are! and i have no scanner. let me poke around online and see if there are any pics from shows i was in...

Hänni said...

Juvenile--Back That Ass Up

Liz Phair--Polyester Bride

(pic to be emailed tonight. get stoked)

Amber said...

So many! I have vivid memories of TLC No Scrubs. Repetitious memories of drunkeness in a bar in Sitka one summer my sophomore year.

Erin said...

Coldplay - Trouble

effing boys.

Cathy said...

Oh - the one song that totally reminds me of college -
The Piano Man by Billy Joel

oh - and also - yeah, I know you said one, but since this is my first time playing I like to break the rules - but also -
American Pie by Don McLean

After every band party (of which there were many) we'd all put our arms around each other and totally belt these two songs out. Every time I hear them on the radio I think of all my great friends from, um, oh my gosh, almost 10 years ago!

Christi said...

"Angry Johnny" by Poe. I'm pretty sure I listened to it in high school, too, but I know I listened the whole album to death in college! Trey and I also used to rock out to Limp Bizkit. That is, until the day we were cruising down the street, and he punched me in the face during the chorus of "Break Stuff" wasn't on purpose! Needless to say, after that, I decided we couldn't listen to that song in closed quarters anymore! As for the years, that was in the 2000-2001 era!

Stacey said...

Oh all you young 'uns here...Class of '92 about to speak out now...
The Joker, Steve Miller Band. Never hit a Rutgers bar that wasn't playing that song at least 20 times a night. I've got the Facebook photo wars rolling too, so if you are so inclined, you can see your fellow Jersey girl sporting the big hair and bad clothing.
(do i get the freebie anyway? how 'bout "Unbelievable" by um, was it Jesus Jones, or some other one hit wonder? crap, can't remember...was usually drunk when singing along with it.)

Stacey said...

oops, it was EMF that did "Unbelievable". Equally as lame though.

Porq said...

I was "living" this song trying to win my "love" from my cousin who was dating her.

Dave Clark Five - Because (1964)

Try this link.

Yeah! I'm OLD!!


Erin said...

Crush - by Jennifer Paige.

Oh, fond fond memories tied to that song of my and my freshman year roomies driving around blasting that song.

Kind of our house motto ... we all had huge crushes on boys but were smart enough to want to keep it light and NOT get into a relationship the first 6 months of college!

And watching the video with the smokin' hot boys in it for hours upon hours while eating chips ahoy cookies slathered with chocolate frosting out of the can and drinking diet coke by the gallons and choreographing our own dance moves that we were planning to bust out at the Halloween dance. Wait, did we really do that? At least I know where my intense craving for chips ahoy comes from!

Anonymous said...

Closer to Fine - Indigo Girls.

being morose and drunk at closing time at the bar.

Jenni said...

damn. All I can think of are from high school! wtf? I'll just say Open Arms b/c Dale and I slow danced to that in his dorm room one time. :-)