Monday, July 14, 2008

Music To My Ears

Well, here we are at the ole mix-a-roni corrall.

I'm pleased to say that we got a lot of good songs. I'm ALSO pleased to say that I found a site that allows me to create a playlist and embed it here.. AWESOME!!!! unfortunately, one of the selections was not available on the site, and you DO need a minimum of 15 songs (so I added 2 more songs of my own after my initial suggestion of Rob Zombie)

for now... because it's late on delivery... I bring you STRENGTH... in musical form:

(for the full-song mix online... just click here)

Cze-Johnson Fever's "Strong" Mix:

'Dragula' by Rob Zombie
'In My Arms' by Plumb
'All Fired Up' by Pat Benatar
'Heroes' by David Bowie
'The Show Must Go On' by Queen
'Shine' by Rollins Band
'Courtesy of the Red, White & Blue' by Toby Keith
'Eye of the Tiger' by Survivor
'Bad' by U2
'Stronger' by Kanye West
'I'm Every Woman' by Chaka Kahn
'Strength Courage and Wisdom' by India Arie
'Suddenly I See' by KT Tunstall
'Survivor' by Destiny's Child
'Dream On' by Aerosmith

as you can see, I also have the links to the lyrics and videos.

THANK YOU ALL for participating, and again.. for all the wonderful comments, e-mails and thoughts of encouragement for Danny. I'll update what the specialist says on wednesday afternoon/evening sometime.

walk strong, my friends.. walk STRONG.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait!

Wethyb said...

Geesh, I'm not by for a week or two and I can hardly keep up!!!

Hope Danny's appt goes well on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Great mix! And what a lot of work to do between and then all the linky loo. Good job mama - I hope it have you strength for today.


Erin said...

Great idea to use to embed the list. That gives me an idea ;)