Monday, July 28, 2008

Please Hold (updated 9pm EST)

hey gang!!

Thanks to all who participated in the mix last week! things are just a TEEEENY bit busy here this morning, and I was working on a project last night, so the mix tape is not created yet.

Please check back again later today; hopefully this afternoon when the kids are napping I'll be able to knock it out.

In the meantime, please feel free to visit one of the sites on my sidebar.

still feeling lost? FINE. here's some suggestions:

I finally did a new post over at Crumbles.

Suser will need some post-birthday week love. she had lots of visitors for the occasion last week, so let's not leave her high and dry. show her she's a rock star even without the celebrating!

Erin posted a new pic of her UBER-cute apron this weekend, and a new recipe this morning!

Hannikins finally posted something!!! SERIOUSLY.

crap.. there's much much more, but my phone just rang, and I have to bounce. check back later!



ok. so right now I'm just sitting down and being beckoned to be a wife for a bit. Troy seems to have no regard for the mix tape, and alas, I'm too tired to fight. besides, I smell popcorn. and I know I have a very cold Sam Adams Light in the fridge.

tomorrow, gang.. I PROMISE!!


Hänni said...

You are entirely too giddy about my posting! but i love it. psst good stuff to come later this week (inspired partly by le fever!)

Marianna said...

If you have a minute, pop by ~ I have news!

BTW ~ you can link me on your sidebar if you want, since I'm private now.


Christi said...

I can wait...but not for long!