Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No place like Home

so here in the south... it's hot as balls out.

no, really... I logged on to weather channel and I could SWEAR that the reported temp was 5 degrees higher than the expected high for the day, and that was before they factored in the humidity index.

I firmly believe that if I had one of those thermometers outside of my window that it would be giving me the middle finger, telling me to get back inside and don't come back out until at LEAST september. maybe october.

ok.. I lie. before 10am, and after 8pm, the temps cool down to low eighties.. MAYBE in the 70's if there's a cold front moving through. but even then.. the air is... as snoopy gingerly called it... MOIST. (that's for you, Katy!)

anyways.. I'm sure everyone else is having their share of dog days this summer. my point is that we have been spending a LOT of time indoors. the library, the book store, the food store... every errand has become a major attraction, just as long as it's inside and there's snacks involved.

we've been doing a LOT of dance parties. Rhena's passion for dancing and all-things ballerina has only gotten STRONGER over the summer. At any given time, you can usually find her in SOME fashion of leotard, tights, tutus, slippers or shoes.

Not one to squelch creativity.. I just roll with it.

Speaking of rolling.. I TOTALLY need to get cracking on rhena's birthday plans. it might be an age thing, cause Suser was talking about this yesterday... but holy good gravy.. Rhena has changed her mind AT LEAST a gagillion times about her party theme. Top runners have been princess, wizard of oz, a 'dark' party (hang on.. I'll get to that in a second) and most recently.. a pink poodle party.

The dark party was an interesting one. she came up to me one day and the conversation went like this:

Rhena: "momma... I want a dark party for my birfday. Say 'rhena? what's a dark party'"

Me: "rhena.. what's a dark party?

Rhena: it's a party in the dark, silly! momma.. say "Rhena.. how will we see the cake if it's a dark party?"

Me: Rhena.. how will we see the cake if it's dark?

Rhena: No, momma.. say dark PARTY. say 'how will we see the cake if it's a dark PARTY.'

Me: *sigh* Rhena. how will we see the cake if it's a dark PARTY?

Rhena: With Glowsticks, silly! really, momma.. you are just so silly! we can't see a cake in the dark, so we need glowsticks! lots and lots of glowsticks, ok? so I want a dark party for my birfday, ok?

did I mention it's been a long summer?

Anyway.. she has until today to figure out what exactly she wants as her party. as of breakfast, she was leaning towards the Pink Poodles ("but maybe a black spot doggie for the boys, momma")

we have a few errands to run... so who knows where the wind may blow her thoughts today. oh wait. there's no wind. just the stillness of hot, humid death outside. anyways. what I mean to say is who knows what might happen today. we could be talking dolphins before the day is through.

keep it cool, gang.


Steve said...

Dark party = Rave, silly. Rhena's been looking at old pictures of mommy from when she was in school!

Steve said...

Oh yeah, and what a precious picture of Rhena. I'll show Seth when he wakes up from his nap. said...

She is so stinking cute.

And! I love that The South, It Is Blazing Balls Of Fire Hot. But that's probably because (Chris is from there! and) I only go to visit. And usually in January where any sort of warmth is might welcome to this frigid Pacific Northwesterner.

Kelli said...

What a beauty!

And I feel you on the hot. Balls hot. We just WALKED to a friends house 2 blocks away and I truly thought I would die on the way back. I looked up the temp - 98. I don't believe it. Feels more like 1008. Hurry fall!

Jenni said...

she is looking so grown up Carrie!!

Christi said...

So why not a dance party?

Rhena scripts your lines, too? Good, I'm glad I'm not alone. Taryn will ask me a question, and I will tell her I don't know the answer. Then she'll say, "Say yes, Mommy." I think it's cool, b/c now I don't even have to think anymore, just wait to hear what I'm supposed to say!

ZuphChic said...

Thanks for not giving up on me! It feels good to be back...

Rhena looks so grown up...I guess it HAS been a long time...good luck with the party! Can't wait for the pictures...

Marianna said...

She is a doll!!!

And I hear ya on the heat. Only in Iraq can it be over 100 degrees BEFORE 9am!!!


Anonymous said...

Oooooh love me some smiley Rhena! Liam is still collapsing in a heap telling me he hurt his leg and can't walk... so her games are obviously a hit with kids... maybe you should just go with it!