Friday, June 10, 2005

moles, electricity, a visit and an interview

I know, I know... sounds like a bad book, huh?

oh... on that subject... does anyone here know of any writers that are looking for a good suspense plot? I have a great idea for a book or movie, but alas... no will or time to do the writing....

now back to our regularly scheduled blog...

first off....


I had my appointment today.... surprisingly, things went well. I was very nervous to get my lump-o-shit checked out... even more nervous at the idea of sitting in my bra and underwear while being checked over for more lumps-o-shit. And I was right about the sitting in the bra and underwear thing... I mean, sure... I had a paper gown on, but nothing screams "your insecurity is dead on, Carrie" like having a GORGEOUS doctor (and she was skinny and had beautiful green eyes, and was just so sweet, too... I wanted to punch her!) oh, and a waiting room full of plastic women... gag. I swear I was the only one there NOT getting botox.

but the good news is that the mole I was most concerned about is nothing to worry about. She said I could get it removed, but it was totally not necessary. She did point out a few spots that I need to keep an eye on, but for now they are fine... and I don't need to come back for another year. so thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes.... I got a clean bill of health.

as for the ELECTRICITY.....

I swear I'm not a stupid woman.... but I must play one on TV. So the guy finally shows up yesterday, walks into my garage and pushes the reset button on the outlet that the fridge was plugged in to. The same button I had been pressing for the past 24 hours, mind you... but when he did it, it finally took. I swore up and down to him that I had pushed that very button... and he told me that I probably wasn't pushing hard enough. Hey buddy... why don't you bring your fat ass over here, and I'll show you just how hard I was pushing it.... but that's cool... we're in the south, and I'm a girl, so I must not know how to push a button. After all... I only designed multi-million dollar projects and used to help trouble shoot mechanical fixes for a major warehouse distributor.... but I can see how you might think that I as a girl wouldn't know how to press a fucking button. .....oh... did I digress again? sorry.

right-o... here we go.

The bedrooms losing electricity was a true brain fart on my part. I forgot to totally reset the switches properly in the main box. I was only flipping them half-way to one side, and needed to push it just a little further. when he did it, I smacked my head in an utmost Homer-fashion... cause damnit... I should have remembered that. But hey... I'm just a girl, and some big burly man should have showed me how to do that when we moved in.

the good news is that this guy is going to come back and install a dedicated 20amp circuit for our garage fridge for $40 under the table. I should ask him if a 60amp will cost more (parts, maybe?)... that way we have the juice if we need it. Not that I foresee power tools in our immediate future, but you never know. second thought... maybe we'll just stick to the 20 amp, and leave the power tools away from the kids.

on to the impending VISIT!!!!

My dear friend, whom I've never actually met before, is coming for a visit!!!! I'm very excited about this..... I have known Angela and a group of almost 20 other women for just under two years now. we met on a message board, and have been there for each other's journeys in trying to get pregnant... from the month after month onslaught of getting periods, frustrations in figuring out ovulation cycles, to sharing the miraculous news of positive pregnancy tests, or the heartbreaking dread of yet another negative result. We've shared with each other the fears, hopes and love for our unborn children, and the joys and frustrations of parenthood... and God.... so much more.

I love these women. They are my sisters, no matter how you slice it. No... they do not replace my 'real life' friends... but they have created a whole new chamber of my heart and chapter in my life that I never knew was missing until I met them. I can honestly say that I am a better woman and better mom because of the influence and support of these women.

Anyways.... Angela is coming this weekend..... and I couldn't be happier. I see drinking, laughing, eating, crying, some more drinking, a lot more eating, even more laughing, and lots of picture taking going on this weekend.

As a side note... I doubt I'll be blogging or checking other blogs this weekend... due to the visit... so if you don't have any comments from me... you're still loved... I'm just busy.

and finally.... THE INTERVIEW!!!

on my sidebar... you'll see a link for "Diary of a Mad SAHM".... love her. bless her heart, she has TWINS.... and is so damn real, I'm kinda a groupie for her. .....Like I said... love her!!! I threw away any pride I had a begged to be interviewed by her, so she gave me the following questions....

1. I've read your blog, and more than once I wanted to shout "Carrie! Get out of my head!" we're so on the same wavelength. So let me ask you this, and let's see if we're still on the same page. Is motherhood everything you thought it would be? How does reality differ from what you thought it would be when you were pregnant?

This is actually more difficult to answer then I thought it would be. I am SO wrapped up in Rhena, and the love I have for her, and life with her, and her smell, and her sounds... I honestly can't remember my life before she was born.

I really don't think that I had ANY idea what life as a mother would be like. I mean, I THOUGHT I was mentally prepared... and to many extents I was/am. I mean, sure, I bitch about the lack of sleep, and the screaming and petty stuff like that... but these things are what I was expecting, and these things I got. so for *most* of the bad stuff, or the drudgery parts of motherhood... I saw all of this shit coming.

but where I NEVER prepared myself correctly was to feel this much love. I am OVERWHELMED by this explosion of emotion when it comes to my baby. I guess I thought it would be like loving Troy, which I do with all my heart... and I continue to love him in new ways as time passes... but this love for Rhena is equal and the same and different... all at the same time. ... and I never imagined how great this would feel.

2. You've lived in different parts of the country - Daytona, Seattle, Reno, etc. For every city you've lived in, give us one word that describes each one.

1972-1991... Sayreville, NJ ---- one word? HOME

1991-1998.... Daytona Beach, FL ---- one word? TRANSIENT

1998-2002... Seattle, WA ---- one word? FUN

2002- 2005 ... Reno, NV ----- one word? BROWN

2005 - present.... Charlotte, NC ------ one word? REFRESHING

3. What did you do before becoming a stay at home mom? Do you miss it? Would you go back to it if you could?

Professionally Speaking..... My education gave me the title of Aircraft Engineer.... I worked for Boeing in Seattle under many hats, from Engineering to Project Manager. After Troy proposed, he moved to Reno, so I followed him a few months later and was an Industrial Engineer for

In my spare time... I have worked as a Bra Specialist for Victoria's Secret (1995-2002), Dj'ed/had a personality character for a Radio Station in Seattle, tended bar, waited tables, worked for Estee Lauder... and a ton fo other odd things.

I miss people, so to that extent, yes... I miss working. I don't think I could go back to my professional life in the capacity of an engineer. Technology changes so rapidly... not sure if I'd be able to just jump right in... I mean.. who even knows what version of AutoCAD is out there now???

If I were to go back... I wouldn't mind doing some type of project management position. But honestly... I would love to own a restaurant or have some type of event-planning business. Or teaching... haven't done that yet...

but WOULD I??? as much as I bitch about needing to get out... I probably wouldn't when push comes to shove. if we NEEDED me to, for financial reasons, I would do anything I needed to do to keep my family healthy and afloat. But since we have no family here, and Rhena is so young... AND having Troy and I raise her is one of our top priorities... I guess I doubt I would until she's older.

4. What one thing have you learned about yourself, thanks to your blog?

I've learned that I'm not as crazy as I give myself credit for, and that I'm not alone. I've learned that I like attention more than I thought I did, and that I've only just begun to tap into my creative resources.

5. A theme that keeps returning in your posts is that of balance. Do you think you've achieved it? If so, tell us your secret!

ahhhh... the question of balance. I've found that I'm better at achieving moments where my instability lapses.... but overall... I feel good. Somewhat well-rounded, and ultimately happy. I've said before that I like .... sorry... LOVE my life, so even in the times where shit is all FUBAR'ed.... I somehow am able to look around and find happiness. So I guess I have the balance.... it's just being able to see it sometimes is where I need work.


Thank you so much for the 'interview'.... you asked wonderful questions, and I feel mentally refreshed by doing this re-cap. It's funny how you forget shit about your own self, until someone asks you a question and makes you go there and dust everything off. Like having company, but better... cause you don't have to vacuum.

Anyone want to be interview by me? let me know, and next week, when I'm back online... I'll see what I can come up with!

The Official Interview Game Rules
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions — each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

In the meantime... have a wonderful weekend, everyone! BTW... for those of you wondering about this week's match-up.... Billy was the BIG SHOT and kicked out Elton 10-1, Susie never gave a vote, and my brother had shit in his cheerios. Not bad for a week's work!

'see' you monday, gang!


Kelli said...

I am so glad your mole checked out okay!!

And you made me teary talking about our group!! I can't wait for Chicago!

Give Ang a hug from me!!

dnyduck said...

Very interesting interview Carrie!

I must say....there are times we are so much alike (must be the Sag in us) and then there are times I think there is no way we can both be Sagittarius (e.g. I SUCK at math, science and anything remotely related to engineering).

Never knew you where a DJ once. Kevin will love to hear that!

The thought of being interviewed by you interests me....I would love to hear what you would come up with for questions. But I don't know if I can be as creative with coming up with questions for anyone who asks me to interview them.....I will think about this for a little while.

greekchickie said...

I'm glad to hear your moley is just finey! That kinda stuff always stresses me out ~ especially sitting there in those flimsy paper gowns.

I loved your interview! Angela (the other Angela ~ CheekyMoo) gave me mine a few weeks ago & I loved doing it. I liked learning about you!

Have a great visit with your friend & see you on the flip side!

Elvis said...

Damn straight my Cheerios had the shit. Always did and will. I can't go near those little O's without having to stock up on the Charmin. Ahhh life...

Kid - I just don't think this world is ready for you to interview me. Not just yet...

Liza said...

woooow that was long. i have to read it when i get home because i'm still at work (yay for work though! It's so better than being at home) but i look forward to actually reading and not browsing. i shall be back!

greekchickie said...

Ok, I give up! What IS it with blogs about men crapping today?!?! I swear to God, this is the 3rd blog I've been to today & they've ALL centered around men's shit! This is just hysterical!


Melissa said...

interview me! Interview me!!

Lil Country said...

Great Post Carrie! loved the interview. Those were some great questions. Marianna threw the interview at me, but I think it's fun to see what different questions different people come up with, so feel free to throw some questions at me.
And speaking of AutoCAD, if ur jonzing to tinker around with some new versions, let me know. My dad teaches AutoCad, so we have some new stuff at the house right now!
I wish I could work that stuff! I could use it as a design tool. Like reorganizing my house!
Have a great visit this weekend! You have a coctail for me and I'll have some "jello" at the pool for you!

Jewl said...

Great Interview, enjoyed reading it.

Liza said...

And I have finally read it!

Wow, I'm glad your mole is just fine! It'd be very scary if it wasn't.

I've been there with the electricity thing. My bathroom had no electricity for a month...until Chris just flipped the switch.

And you worked for boeing? my arch nemesis? I hate planes...but wow, a bra specialist! how exciting and kinky :)

and you really make me want to be a mommy...but i gotta get married first. Well, I geuss i don't gotta get married first, but that's what i want! september 2006...gah, so far away!

have fun with angela! i met one of my online friends last year in california! It was so much fun! take lots of pics and share lots of stories :)

ThoughtsGalore said...

I haven't said hi in a while! I love your post and I'm so happy you're getting a visit from you friend. Enjoy your weekend and live it up!

Laura said...

Cool interview..your comments and your blog crack me up. I am laughing about your bra/underwear deal with the doc. My OB looks like a GQ model. I actually blushed the first time he gave me an internal..AND made the comment that he could have at least bought me dinner first. Nothing like looking over your pregnant belly and pubic bone at a GQ model giving you a sarcastic look from between your thighs. Fabulous. Eesh...

Christi said...

I hope you have a great weekend! I am looking forward to the day I get to meet some of my internet friends. That must be so exciting!

Susie said...

Loved the interview! Interview ME now!

Glad the moley moley mole was ok.

And of course you had a GREAT time with Ang. She's the nuts!

Maria said...

(Arm up in the air, waving frantically) ME ME ME!!!!

Glad you had a fun time with Ang. LOVED the pics! I'm with Kelli, I can't wait for Chicago ;-)