Monday, June 20, 2005

Roadside America....We's on VAY-CAY-SHUN!!!

well.... this will be my last entry for a while.

that's right.... we here in Cze-Johnsonville are going on a little roadtrip.

after all , it IS summer... and it's not like I WORK... so why not???

yup--- me and the booger are going to go on a little tour de southeast.... On the agenda... driving and relaxing. ...odd to say those two in the same sentence... and I'm certainly not naive enough to think I can do the two at the same time....

but we shall drive somewhere... then relax. maybe take a few pictures, but definitely relax.

I know, I know.... you're probably thinking that's what I do EVERYDAY.... but even when you're doing the same shit every day.... it's nice to do the same shit somewhere different.

Comments will be closed for my hiatus.... and I plan on having a new look when I come back.

Geez... I sound like an unmarried pregnant girl in the 50's..... "no Dear... Carrie's going to go away for a little while.... she's..... uh... not feeling well.... so she's going to spend the summer at Aunt Bertha's...."

(and to answer your question, NO, I'm not pregnant.)

I may or may not do postcard updates, but don't expect any normal postings from me for a few weeks.

So--- insert a couple of fancy-shmancy sayings for goodbye here, and know that we'll catch you on the flip side!!!

peace out!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'll visit your blog later. Don't stop to dvelop it! ;-)