Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Is it too much to ask???

ok-- gotta say... I'm thinking the NBA finals have some secret code going on with the American Anthem.

And while I'm not an overtly demonstrative patriotic person....I can't help but ask if it is too much effort to have an American sing the American Anthem IN America???

night one... they had Alannis Morrisette.... while I understand that she is NOW an american... she was born and raised in canada.... and ever since being slimed for saying "I don't know" on "you can't do that on Television".... she will always be canadian in my eyes. Shit... even MTV just featured her 'crib' in Ontario!!! CANADIAN, I say!!!

game two... Kelly Clarkson... ok... despite being overly annoying and sporting weird hair and sunglasses... she is an American. Born in Texas.. God Bless her little heart. But the song was sung from Iraq!!!

Tonight, Stevie Wonder performed the anthem... but didn't even sing.... he played it on the harmonica!!!

C'mon, ABC..... just once, for old times' sake.... gimme a good ole fashioned anthem, arright?


Melissa said...

I thought the same thing when I heard Alanis was scheduled to sing the anthem. Good lord, we have a country full of people that I'm sure would love to sing the anthem. How hard is it to find one?

Liza said...

FINALLY! Someone who thinks the same way i do. and what was up with alanis and her s's. "oh shay can you shee?" wtf!!

Christi said...

I am a little freaked out that I actually saw the Stevie Wonder thing tonight. I don't watch basketball...or any sport for that matter. I was wondering why he dind't sing it, though. I mean, the man is a singer, right?

Susie said...

It reminds me of when we hosted the Olympics and Celine Dion was a featured performer. She's Canadien too. WTF?

And Stevie is Stevie - he can pretty much come out and fart and people will cheer. At least he played the harmonica instead.

CheekyMoo said...

Be careful, or they'll ask Roseanne Barr to do it next then I will throw up! I think the same way as you do. Is Grape Ape winning? I came to check! LOL