Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Family Ties

so not sure if I had said it or not, but the parents came down for a long weekend.

just in case you were wondering where I was and all....

but yeah. they left Thursday afternoon, and got here at some un-Godly hour Thursday night-slash-Friday morning.

It was really good to have them here... they saw and played with the pooper.... they got to see our new digs here in the promised land.... and they got to see Troy, too. They hadn't seen him since January... so all sorts of family bonding was going on.

For every time I miss the family being close, I know I personally made the right decision to go away for school. I've definitley come to terms with the balance of my emotional eco-system... I suppose having 15 years to think about it has helped.... but in all honesty.... it's a good balance.

I definitely miss my family, and I am jealous of people who can just 'pop over' to their moms's brother's or cousin's house to hang out, or attend a party or lunch, or whatever. The concept of having someone (meaning a family member or close friend we actually trust with our only child) watch Rhena so Troy and I can have a few hours alone outside of the house is well beyond my imagination. I could go on and on.

But I think of all I have gained by giving up the proximity of family. My education, my professional life (may it rest in peace... it was a good professional life!), my travels, my friends.... the house we live in now, my husband and my child are all a result of me going away.


I've said before how happy I am with my life.... true... a visit from the family always makes me a little wistful when they leave.... but perhaps it's in the goodbyes that I gain the ability to really appreciate the hellos.

Thanks again for a good visit, Mom and Dad!!!!

The worst birthday EVER

ok---- so maybe yesterday wasn't my birthday, but in my dream it was!!!

and it was a bad one!!! First of all---- I was stressed in the whole dream... really anxious... like knowing you're running late for a flight somewhere.

somehow.... my gift was this vacation in florida, but it was a surprise that all these people I knew were there to wish me a good day and celebrate with me.

somehow my mom arranged for me to drive a train by myself in Disney... but it was the Disney subway.... and a big harley-dude was watching/teaching me. He did a shit-job of teaching me how to drive the train, and not only did I miss a few stops, but then I accidently left the crew on the platform, then crashed the damn thing into a water ride.

SO I got booed and kicked off, and went up the escalator to the pool party. all the top models of the 90's were there, but I had honey on my legs and sand in my mouth, so I started to choke.

the dream started to get choppy at this point, cause next thing I remember, I was at a market in Tahiti, and trying to buy fabric from a man who was sitting on an alligator.

odd shit, I tell you...... and this was going to bed sober.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

flowers and birdies and sugar

ok.... I was recently told that I bitch too much in my blog.

Ordinarily, I'd launch into a rebuttal centering around my freedom of speech and this is only a venting outlet so I don't lose my mind, and and and.... but the comment came from my mother.... so I'm going to zip it for once.

For proof that I do actually love my life... I encourage you to read this and this as just an example of my ability to write about good things.

I have quite a number of 'good' posts.... like this one and this one, too.

But I digress.

The irony is that I was going to write about what a good day Rhena and I had today.... and the timing of my mother's comment to me may make this post seem insincere. But I know it was a good day, and that's really all that matters.

Today was one of those magic-holy-shit-it's-all-coming-together-kind of days. There was playing, and hearty giggling, and good eating and a nap, and compliments at the food store, and me fitting into a pair of shorts I haven't worn since Troy and I were dating, and chores done, and a walk to the park, and more good eating, and a tasty dinner, and a goodnight with no crying.... not exactly in that order... but it was all that and more.

The walk to the park was fun, and once there, we had even more fun. Rhena really enjoyed being on the swing. She looked so tiny in the big bucket seat... but she is a baby, so I guess it's natural for her to look small.

At first she wasn't sure what to think of the spring-loaded hippo thing I put her in... but after it started wiggling a little, she was digging it.

We saw a number of dogs on our walk... which pleased her to no end.

We saw geese, and she yelled at them (bah-rar-wah!!! Ah RAR bar rar!!!! ) when they flew away.

We smelled flowers. After she tried to eat one, I decided it was better to not smell them so close any more.

We licked the stroller. ---- oh wait... that was just her...

But overall... it was a good day. It might not have been full of culture, but to see her smile on the swings was kinda like an art exhibit in itself. SO no---- motherhood isn't all that bad.... and days like these are what it's all about.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I love the Nightlife....

.... some days bedtime can't get here fast enough.

all day, I've been thinking about what to title this post... debating about something to do with Karma, and my ass being bitten..... touch on the irony of how I was just touting my "friday" mentality, yet today hit me like the worst monday hangover imaginable.

oh well... no matter. It is finally Bedtime in the Johnson house, and by this I mean my Poopy is asleep.

and now.... I breathe.

Today wasn't that bad, when you take out my exasperation of Rhena refusing to sleep. I keep telling myself that I need to remember that she is growing and changing at an exponential pace, and I must adjust her activities/day accordingly. This does not mean that I'm letting her call the shots.... it just means that I have to re-assess what I'm doing, and make appropriate changes. constantly.

and that's what's burning my craw, I think... the constantly changing thing. I mean, by nature I like things to be fresh and new.... I'm a hater of stale, for sure. But in uncharted territory... I cling to patterns like stink on shit. And once again... I find myself desperately wanting to create a form of normalcy in the chaos of motherhood.... and not doing a very good job of it.

But it's good. I bitch about how I miss work, and miss flexing my brain... but when the pot boils... I'm getting my share of flex here. With each successful Bedtime, I review my what went right and wrong in the day, and I set about imagining how I can make the next day smoother.

Overall, I find that the days I fight the hiccups and snags in 'my plans' are far more frustrating then the ones I just kinda go with the flow. So I know... DUH.... why not just be that way every day??? Probably because in my bi-polar brain, I crave control as much as I do spontaneity. and I suppose it's like having my own little mother-olympics... although no medals get awarded. Not that I WOULD win any medals, if indeed there were medals.... but just to compete in events like "Get more than 2 things done before lunch" and "Get through a whole day with no one crying" gives me a sense of purpose... if not adrenaline at the thought of accomplishment.

So each night... I'll make my plans for the next day.... tweaking and finessing so that I may just may get it right one time. As for the likelihood of getting it right... ....I doubt I ever will.... and deep down I'm ok with that.... cause even though Control-Freak Carrie will be bitching and moaning... Stale-Hater Carrie will be thriving, and enjoying what some folks call LIFE.

Monday, May 23, 2005

Monday Matchup--- I wanna be a cowboy!

well--- here we are--- another monday on our plates.

I'm still trying to ignore that Charlotte is bursting at the seems (seams?) with all things and people NASCAR. I've been somewhat successful so far--- having only left the house to go to church and go on walks....

but lo and behold, I'm going to have to get gas and go food shopping... so I'm bound to run in to somebody buying their busch-lite-draft-in-a-can and extra ranch.... and I'm sure I'll get annoyed.

so while I was mentally prepping myself for the journey into the deep red neck, I fantasized about a nice cowboy that could follow me around and shoot the bad guys for me.... yes, I know that red necks aren't the typical bad guy that a hero would whip out his pistol for... but my head... my thoughts, and it works just fine for me.

so long story short--- I'm gonna bring things back to the old west for this week's match-up.

so put on yer 10-gallon hats, partners.... this week, I give you....


Who should a damsel in distress really count on??? Who will end up on his high horse when all is said and done? All I know, is that this town ain't big enough for BOTH of 'em.... so get to voting!


Sunday, May 22, 2005

it's begun

well--- I knew this day would happen, but now that Troy and I actually went there.... I'm wistfully sitting on the couch wondering if this is the right time, and couldn't this have waited another year or so?

That's right, dear readers.... even though Troy and I have discussed this in the past... today was the first time the talk wasn't 'just talk'..... and I'm a little nervous.

Oh, start breathing again--- you crazy reader! I'm talking about SCHOOL. Today, on the way home from church, Troy and I started talking about schools for Rhena.

I mean... we had talked about private vs public before... when I was pregnant and all.... but that was NevaDUH, and before we even knew what kind of monster was cooking in me. And yes.. I know, she's not even one yet, but it's better in my mind to have some kind of plan.

So today--- the talk was very real. As it stands... Troy is pushing for Catholic School. Me? I'm leaning towards public.

There's big and basic stuff we agree on: Rhena's moral fiber should be primarily taught at home, by us. We want her to be safe wherever her education happens. We want the best available education for her. We'd prefer she went someplace that has physical education, as well as music, extra curricular activities, and attention placed on special needs children, whether it be due to learning disabilities or programs geared towards gifted children.

Troy thinks that by her going to a Catholic School, she will be able to focus on her work without the pressures of drugs, alcohol, and gangs.... which is highly understandable. However, as much as these are different times then when we grew up, I have yet to hear about too many 1st grade public school ganstas pushing crack.

I guess my thought is that no matter where you go... be it public, private, whatever... there will be challenges. Any child, any where, no matter their educational, economical or social status is susceptible to being pressured by drugs, alcohol, sex, and a slew of other parental no-no's for kids. Sure, the stereo types exist of the low-income kids bringing dirt, drugs, and danger into the public schools. But sometimes the kids in private schools have easier access to the 'bad stuff' cause their parents are too busy making money to raise them properly and prevent them from going too far astray.

So let the parenting begin. I mean... I'm totally up to the challenge of being involved in Rhena's life, and trying to teach her how to have a good life... like my and troy's parents taught us. And while part of me will want to wrap her in my arms so tight for the rest of her life so that no harm befalls on her.... the other part is eager to see my baby grow into a strong young woman who will think for herself.

so I guess the bottom line is that we'll make the best decision we can when the time comes. ....I'm learning that it's all you really can do, anyway. --- It's what my parents and Troy's parents did.... and sure, there may have been some bumps in the road along the way, but I couldn't be happier for who I am and who Troy is today. I only pray that Rhena will someday be able to say the same thing.

Friday, May 20, 2005

When Every Day is Like Friday

SO it's friday... and I'm reminiscing about how much I used to look forward to fridays.

....last day of work before the weekend...... just one more day before I could sleep in.... and of course... the anticipation of what the night would bring! Usually I'd be in a good mood on Fridays.... unless my boss was being a jerk.... but even then, I'd still be pretty chipper.... cause after all--- it was FRIDAY!

Then I started thinking... Hey... EVERY day is like that for you! EVERY DAY, I think about what the night will bring... whether it's a DRINK, an un-interrupted BATH, watching a movie or TV show all the way through, (the first time through)...some time with my boyfriend (who I happen to be married to!).... maybe getting together with some friends (even if only by telephone call)...

Of course.... I never really quite get to 'Saturday' in my Groundhog-Day-Style life.... My day free of work responsibilities and sleeping in never quite materializes.... and each day I wake up, I do indeed 'have to go to work'.

But like I said earlier... it's not that bad! Aside from a few rare 'fridays' that I have to really WORK at work... I pretty much get to dress casually if I want... goof around when the boss isn't looking, and then there's that whole 'anticipation' factor I mentioned earlier.

So you guys can have your Saturdays and Sundays..... and in my own way, I'll be jealous. But keep in mind that when MONDAY rolls around..... I'm in Friday mode!!!

have a great weekend, everyone!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Land of the Lost

so I'll admit... I've been gone for a while.

thanks to all who sent e-mails or posted to check in on me. I was feeling the love, and I appreciate it.

Things are fine here.... as I mentioned earlier... I'm in a pissy mood cause NASCAR is invading Charlotte. I mean... you know it's bad when they use the Amber-Alert Road warning systems to announce the need to prepare for the influx of Race Traffic.

but honestly--- aside from that--- things are going really well.

Rhena started crawling, so 'mommy time' has gotten even shorter. ...another trick she's been doing lately is sitting or standing in her crib when she should be napping. Unfortunately... Rhena still doesn't understand that what goes up, must come down. She's not too keen on learning how to lay herself back down after doing a few laps in the crib.

Oh, and naps are apparently no longer necessary--- my little obstinate Poopy refuses to sleep during her nap times now. I'm still trying to put her down, but I'll be a bug on a winnebago's windshield if she actually gets any sleep.

When she DOES nap... she's sleeping longer... which is nice, but until I figure out when that nap time should be... planning anything is a little rough.

But on the subject of plans.... I met another mom. She's got a baby girl the same age as Rhena, so we're trying to figure out something to do. Slowly but surely... we're getting kids to invite to Rhena's first birthday party!

On the subject of the party--- I think we've (I say 'we' like Troy really gives a shit, or Rhena even knows what a zoo is!!! ok, ok,.... *I've* ) decided on a zoo theme. But both sets of granparents will be here, and we're making friends little by little, so it should be a nice small gathering. of course, I have the food already planned out: BBQ Chicken, corn on the cob, meatballs in red sauce, kielbasa and sauerkraut in a beer soak, chicken veggies and pasta in an alfredo sauce, and then for the cold stuff we'll have lunch meats, breads, salads (potato, pasta, green leaf), and maybe some fruit. and a cake. and beer. But the favors and goodie bags will have fun zoo animal shit like masks and hats.... so the kids should have fun, and we should get some funny pictures at the very least.

In other news.... Troy started a diet, and I've been banned from baking. Can I TELL you how much this sucks for me??? sure, I'm losing weight, too.... but a girl needs SOMETHING in the evening to make up for the day, you know? I guess I'll take up drinking again? It's only been since monday, but I sometimes think I hear the kitchen-aide whispering to me that Troy would never know if I made something during the day and hid it.

I guess that's all I have for now. Revelations ended last night. weeeeeeeak! that's my summary.

time for me to read through everyone's blogs.... it might be a few days before I'm all caught up again... but know I'm getting to you if I haven't yet.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

DMV (Drives Me to Vomit)

so I went to the DMV AGAIN today.

I've been trying to get my civic registered in this state since... MARCH? ..... but still to no avail.

I *think* I finally have all the paperwork.... well, I had all the paperwork and signatures the LAST agent told me to get.

However, the woman who assisted me today needed another signature in a different spot. Unfortunately, the signature required was that of my Dad's... who is in New Jersey.


So---- by the time I get it mailed up there, and he mails it back down HERE... well.. he and my mom will be here either that day or the next, so we're just going to wait until they get here.

I'm also going to buy a bottle of white-out, cause if so-help-me-God I have too MANY signatures for the NEXT agent... well... I'd say using the white-out would be better than hopping the counter and laying a smack-down in a state-office with rhena strapped to my back.

Did I mention NASCAR fans are going to be here starting this weekend? yeah.... I'm just in a fucking SPLENDID mood!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

8 months already?

so today my baby turned 8 months old.

has it really been that long?

How can it be that she's been on this planet for eight months, yet every time I look at her, I find something new to love?

How can it be that just eight months and one day ago, I still didn't know what kind of monster was inside of me, yet today I can't imagine life if she were a boy?

How can it be that she's crawling already?

How can it be that I still cry every night I put her to sleep because I'm so grateful to God for giving Troy and me such a wonderful gift?

How can it be? Spend a day with my poopy, and I'm sure you'll know why.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Match-up Nazi

no match-up for you!

this week... like my mood lately, has been shot to shit, so I won't be holding a match-up.

I'm trying to tell if my pissy mood is because of me PMSing, or because by the end of this week through the end of Memorial Day Weekend... Charlotte will be invaded by NASCAR fans from around the country.

maybe a little of both. I still fucking hate NASCAR.

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Brady Punch

well... there doesn't seem like there was too much of a question.

While some of you June-Cleaver lovers out there were pulling for the lady of the house... we found out who really runs the show.

Alice kicked Carol to the curb with a decision of 6-2 votes.

As for the rest of the bunch....

Greg is in the attic playing with himself,

Marcia became a groupie for Davey Jones, and in addition to never washing her cheek again, became known for not washing other parts and now has words like 'dirty' and 'skank' associated with her.

Peter committed suicide, cause he knew deep down that nobody loved him.

Jan became addicted to drugs and is now living the hippy life on a farm with her husband, Tiger...

Bobby became a bank robber, and has recently enlisted help from his son, Jesse James Brady... because he is serving time at Riker's.

Cindy went on to college and got a degree in social working, specializing in helping children with speech impediments.

Oliver apparently was the only child to leave the Brady household with more than baggage. He graduated with honors from Yale, and is currently the CEO of a laser-eye-surgery medical company.

As for Mike... he got over Carol real quick, and hooked up with his secretary from the architectural firm.

and Alice... well... once she cleaned house of that perfect bizitch Carol... she rested on her laurels, had Sam deliver a bunch of meat, and started a dog training school.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

American Pie

So tonight is my big cooking class!!! .... not only do I get a night out of the house, but I also get to learn how to make Pizza!!!!

I'm pretty excited. The idea of actually talking to an adult (or two! or three!!) IN PERSON while they're not at their job and better yet... AFTER THE SUN GOES DOWN is beyond fascinating. I think I'm getting goosebumps.

I'm going to ignore the sheer sadness that my soul feels that I am no longer the socialite I once was... that my existence of late has been categorized as a half-step up from chamber maid. I'll even go so far as to shrug off the "people" who call me out on my patheticness.... cause tonight I'm getting a little slice of balance.

and GOD BLESS balance, while we're at it.... right?

I mean, let's face it... even though I had to take Stability and Control twice in college... the one basic thing I understood is that if your plane isn't balanced.... you're not going to fly straight.

People are no different. You get a little too much of anything on one side, and eventually you'll start going in circles.

Tonight I'm getting to shift back to the left a little, and play up my individuality again. Would I have picked a pizza class? probably not... but the class was free, Troy offered to baby-sit, and I know a good opportunity when I see one. See? baby-steps back to Carrie-land.

Am I stressing out about how Troy and Rhena will make out? you're damn skippy I am. ..... but you can also bet that I won't be bringing the cell phone in to class. I might even wear heels and dangley earrings.... just because I can.

last day to vote on this week's match-up, by the way---- represent!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Rhena Columbus

I'm thinking Rhena is somehow a kindred spirit to Columbus. Or was it Magellan? whoever wanted to prove the world wasn't flat.

either way.... somehow, their exploratory knack has transcended the time-space continuum, and my daughter is out to prove that the living room is not the only room in the house.

It's quite comical, really--- she does this roll, shimmy, roll roll, backwards skooch, then sits up. over and over again. If it wasn't so damn hot here, I'd put pants on her to prevent the rugburn she's getting on her poor little knees.

I'm seeing a floor-induced bump on her head in the very near future.

somebody asked me today if the house was baby-proofed yet. I'm assuming she meant if I had safety gadgets covering every square inch of the house, and was not asking if I've ripped my uterus out.

well the answer to both scenarios happens to be NO, so I was able to reply without skipping a beat. I mean.... sheee-it. I know I'm supposed to provide a safe environment, but where do you draw the line?

I'm all for picking up the broken beer bottles, wiping up the bleach spills, and not leaving mouse-traps out in the open and all.... but I've seen some people's houses, and all I can say is this.... YOUR CHILD IS NOT HOUDINI!!!!!

I mean, let's face it... there's some stuff that's necessary... lowering the water temperature... keeping chemicals in a locked cabinet... loaded guns are usually a no-no, too... well, at least depending on where you're from..... but the locks on the toilet lid, and the bumpers on the tables, and a lock on every damn cabinet in your kitchen.... ( Careful, Muffy!!! Biffy is going to get into the tupperware!!! E-gads!!!)

here's a hint. There's a little something called the word NO.

NO comes in many forms... verbal, physical, mental.... but after a while it does the trick.

My parents were tired of my brother going into the cabinets, so they did what any reasonable adult would do.... they played on his fear of alligators, and put a rubber one named Bobby in the cabinets. .....Ask how many times my brother kept going in the cabinets after that.....

of course... I could be talking out of my ass here.... who knows what I'll end up doing to keep Rhena and any possible future siblings in line. But seriously---- if I end up installing shit that even *I* can't open.... well... I can only hope one of you knows how to UN-install shit I can't open, and you help a girl out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Adding a little D-I-S to my CO

well... it's pretty obvious what I've been up to......

I'm still working on some kinks, so bear with me while I get the bugs worked out.

In the meantime.... go vote!!!!

alright--- we're off to swim class..... feel free to compliment the new look while we're out!

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Mother of All Match-ups

well... happy monday, gang!

So yesterday was nice.... although I don't think I'll really capitalize on the whole "Mother's Day" hype until Rhena's a little older. ..... Still... I got a new purse and I had breakfast and dinner cooked for me. you'll hear no complaints from this blogger... that's for damn sure!

Today, however... well... today was an interesting morning... unlike one I've ever had.
I woke up to the happy babbling of Princess Jabber-Mouth. Troy went and got Rhena, and brought her to me so I could feed her in our bed. ....sweet! .....eating then playing ensued, as usual.... and when troy was ready for work, he then played with Rhena... doing her dive-bombing-airplane-'o-kisses routine that she loves loves loves.

it was a really good morning. we were happy. and loving!! I think I even heard birds chirping..... all this and no coffee.... could you just PUKE?

So that got me thinking about this week's match-up. ....Originally I was going to match-up some famous Moms and see how they faired in the wild wild land of the Fever.... but this morning's gag-me-if -it-could-get-any-more-Brady festivities made it abundantly clear that this week needed a little saccharine.

So here's the story.... of a lovely lady......
Who was bringing up three very lovely girls.

All of them were so damn fake...... like their mother,
the maid just wants to hurl.....

That's right, gang---- for your tribute to motherhood and all things unrealistically happy---- I present this week's contenders:


disfunction junction

let's face it.... the tension between these two has been unspoken for waaaaay too long. Is Carol really the perfect home-maker? Has Alice really been running the show? just exactly how DID Mr Brady's former wife die???? Coincidence that Alice is dating a butcher????

time to put up or shut up, ladies!!!!


Friday, May 06, 2005

And the Bar-Tab goes to.....

Well--- let's put it this way... if we were having a 2-for-1 special on frozen Margaritas, we'd have ourselves a tie.

But the fact remains, the vote went in favor of on the rocks. Rocks got 8 votes to the Frozen Wussie group's 4. oh well... at least we have flavor choices in addition to our defeat-induced brain freeze!

I'm hoping everyone had a fabulous Cinco de Mayo.... and your friday mornings were hangover-free.


Life continues here in the magic land.... Rhena's finally getting the hang of solid food. Nothing to write home (or blog) about, but we're getting there. I love my little pooper, though, and if she wants to ease into the whole eating thing, it's cool.

What else? .....I've been biting my tongue lately about a slew of things that are pissing me off.... but when I finally muster up the energy to really go off about shit... I'll see Rhena and I realize that IJDM. (that's albert-street slang for It Just Doesn't Matter)

cause you know.... it really doesn't. I mean, when all is said and done.... no amount of typing or bitching is going to change people or what they do or how they act. ..... AND...... regardless of what other folks do.... it's not going to change what we've got going on here in the land of Johnson. And that right there, folks.... that's where it's at.

Yes... here in the land of Johnson is a very good place. I love my husband, I love my child, I have GOOD and LOVING friends and family. We don't have money problems. We don't fight. We're healthy. and Damnit... we're happy.

so today.... instead of ranting about this and that, and how annoying this one and that one are, or even how I really really don't want to go to someone's house for mother's day... I'm going to say IJDM, .....'Cause I love my life. plain and simple.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

I got some digits!!!

well... yesterday may have been a bust in terms of no culture, but today was good!

Yeah... yesterday was spent by the phone waiting for the whirlpool guy to show up. (our dishwasher had a recall, so a person had to come out and replace the heating element) The service agency said he would be here between 8am and noon, and that he would call before he came over. if I didn't answer, if he got a busy signal, or the machine picked up, they said he would assume I am not home, and we would need to re-schedule. at this point in my head I'm screaming "bullshit!!!" but the fact remains that it needs to get done, and it's not like I have to take a day off from work or anything, so whaddarya gonna do?

so at 11:57am I get a call from the kid, and he says how he's running an hour late. greaaaat. figures. on my museum day.

so he showed up at like 1:15 and was here til after 2. by then Rhena needed a nap or was already down for one, so the day pretty much was in the can.

I did get to hit up hallmark and buy like 100 mother's day cards, which were then promptly signed, addressed and taken to the post office today.

****side note****

me thinks the funniest thing I ever did see is the sight of rhena creeping around the floor like a tugboat, farting louder than her father. GOD!!! I LOVE this kid!!!!!

Back to today....

I worked it, dear readers! My unending stream of flattery to a little girl in our swim class has paid off, and her mom and I exchanged phone numbers today!!!!

I'm pretty excited.... they live in the same town as us, and they also have no family nearby. .....not that I'm LOOKING for people with no family close by... but I've found that people who don't have family at their beck and call typically have more free time to hang out. Plus they understand the frustrations that come with the territory. (not saying that there are no frustrations with family nearby... I'm just speaking from understanding a point of reference through similar experience.)

wow--- how's THAT for PC???? yeah... not really my style, is it? .... but the point is this...... I MET SOMEONE!!!!!

So today was a good day. Kinda makes up for the fact that I will not be fiesta-ing tonight. ......well, I suppose the puke-free evening is also an added bonus.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It ain't easy being green....

so I got to start scratching the head and wonder what the world thinks of me when two... count 'em... TWO people mention me when it comes to this article.

Thanks, Dan and Steph.... you do wonders for my image.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Matchup de Mayo

ok.... is it me, or is it MAY already???????

good gravy. what the hell has happened to this year????

But it's cool. I'm excited that we're in a new month. I always love the beginning of a month. ....well, except today--- I'm having a rather crappy day in terms of my husband having no freaking clue on what goes on around here during the day, and his grandiouso way of inviting people over with one hour's notice for me to serve lunch during the very time that I feebly try to get rhena to eat solids. and then calling when I'm trying to put her down for a nap to ask if he can go to a nascar race.

but I digress.

It's monday, so it's match-up time. Now, I'll be the first to admit... the whole shark-bear thing was pretty weak. ....but that was last month, so let's move on, shall we???

This week we celebrate a very important holiday in any bar-hopper's life. -----Just about as close to a Mexican St Patty's day as you can get--- this week, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Now if the few remaining functioning brain cells serve me right, this holiday celebrates the Mexican Independence day, or something of that sorts?

All I know is it's a fine chance to get caught up on chips and salsa, and cervezas and of course... tequila.

so to kick our month off right... I present the ultimate Margarita Matchup----


Time to find out who's driving your bus, gang..... so sit back, put in your vote, and enjoy your drink.... whatever it may be. this is gonna be a fiesty one!!!!

el dingo.... el dingo!!!!!