Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Have You Missed Me?

well--- it feels like it's been a whole year since I've posted... and I guess to some extent it has.

So-- happy new year, kiddies! How are those resolutions working out?

Things have been crazy on my end....

We finally moved out.

GETTING to that point was at times difficult, but knowing that we were leaving Reno and all of it's red-necked inhabitants made it all the much more bearable.

I've seen enough snow to last me quite a while. Reno got hit with 16 inches on new year's eve, and the week later picked up another foot or two. ridiculous. I was convinced the elves of Hell were doing whatever they could to keep us in reno as long as they could. everything with the move got delayed or pushed back. I was nervous.

The fellow who picked up our cars was an interesting chap. Apparently he was under the impression that he had just broken his wrist. I was feeling bad for the guy (considering he also walked with a limp from the time he broke his neck skydiving) but it's not like *I* could load the cars on his truck!!! I did what any compassionate woman would do--- I gave him a baggie of tylenol, an icepack, and Ace bandage, and the phone number to the walk-in clinic.... and made it clear that the clinic would be open AFTER he was done with our cars.

To make matters worse, it began snowing AGAIN while he was loading up the truck.

The packers who came in to do up the house were nice, but two of them were slow as all get out. I literally had to hide in a corner of troy's office when they were packing, cause any time the baby was in a 50 foot radius, they would stop packing and start talking. but--- it got done, so I can't complain too much.

the rest was fairly uneventful--- we stayed in a hotel our last night in town, had dinner with our friends (by the way, congrats to Jim and Jeana--- Gianna Marie was born monday the 17th!!!) and flew out in the morning.

I *was* a little concerned cause each of our bags weighed like 100 elephants, and I was convinced if we had to put them on the scales it would cost us an extra $400 in over-weight fees... I managed to distract the hell out of them, though.... we put Rhena up on the scale to "get her out of the way" and had the lady help us. I suppose I can be thankful that the woman who was helping us was working her last day before retirement, and in her jolliness probably just didn't give a shit how much our bags weighed, but nonetheless, I layed on the charm and distracted with all my might.

But let's see--- traveling with Rhena is definitely interesting. it brings all types out of the woodwork. you get the strangers in the bathroom that just have to stop and talk to either her or me...the drive-by compliments are always nice, too. However, I have to say my favorite is the people on the plane that smile when they see you in front of their seat but are really thinking about how many drinks they're going to need to drown out any potential crying. It's funny.

Here's a little secret if you're one of those people.... stop wasting your energy on the fake smile.... we know you're pissed you're getting stuck next to a baby. My only advice is that you should be happy my baby isn't THREE, sitting behind you, talking non-stop and kicking the shit out of your chair. Just go ahead and order a few drinks and rent a headset. the flight will be over soon enough, arright?

But the bottom line is that we got in to jersey, and troy left for NC on sunday morning without problems. He's now house-hunting, and I am playing house with Rhena at my folks'. Figures I forgot to wear my wedding rings to church on sunday, so I'm sure I looked like the big town slut who had a baby and had to move home with her parents. I make sure I wear my rings now when I leave the house.

so that's about it in a nutshell. in other news... my brother has finally lifted his silence on his blog site, so I need to change my link to graceland to reflect. I haven't been too impressed with his entries, but then again, I haven't been too impressed with mine, either, so I guess it's a wash.

speaking of wash--- I think the beast has settled into her nap, so it's time for me to hit the showers.