Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Said, Meant, and Heard

what I SAID was that I wanted the carpets shampooed.

what I MEANT was that the carpets were dirty and I needed to hire someone to clean them.

what RHENA HEARD was that I wanted her to dump shampoo in her brother's room and on her head. today. when I have a list a mile long of things to do.


What I SAID was that we have a lot of things to do today.

What I MEANT was that *I* have a lot of things to do today. outside of the house.

what THE KIDS HEARD was that they have to pull every trick in the book so that the morning will turn into one long stream of 'one step forward, two steps back' in efforts to get the children and myself dressed and suitable to actually leave the house.

what I SAID was that Danny was sleeping and to not open this door.
what I MEANT was that Danny is sleeping, and I do not want Rhena going into his room to wake him up.
what RHENA HEARD was that she should not use THIS door to go in Danny's room.. she should use the OTHER door to go in his room to wake him up.


What I SAID was that I would be blogging more.

What I MEANT is that I WANT to be blogging more cause I think I have a strong enough grip on my daily routine again that I can cut out some time for myself to do a little on-line fun.

What GOD HEARD was that I needed more shit to do around the house, including fun new ways to challenge me from NOT going past the brink of insanity and/or hiding under a pile of dirty clothes.

Monday, March 26, 2007

cleaned up

ok... just wanted to post so that y'all don't think we're drowning in the vomitorium.

all is going well. well.. maybe not COMPLETELY well... over the course of last week, I found out that two sets of couples were getting a divorce due to reasons caused by infidelity, among other things.

now while that makes me so happy for the relationship I have with my husband... I can't lie... it makes me very sad for the friends involved.



fucking around.

bleh. bleh bleh BLEH!!!

Ordinarily, I'd like to fancy myself as a person who generally doesn't judge people. but the whole cheating thing??? yeah... can't say I'd be the most objective one to go to.

I KNOW that sometimes there are circumstances which cause the love to be absent from a relationship.

I BELIEVE that it's even possible for resentment to build along with other hurtful feelings such that a person would be less inclined to worry what their actions may impart on others, or to even lack respect for the other member of a marriage.....

but to cheat?

to sneak around such that one day you can announce to your SPOUSE that you've been sleeping around for the past 6 months? or SIX YEARS???

That you willingly had a child in hopes that it would make you love your spouse more???

ugggg. that's the kind of shit that makes me sad. very very sad.

anyways... that's what's been going on in the brain-bone of mine. I mean.... you hear about shit like that, and you just can't help but take a look in the mirror and see what's going on.

So on one hand... I'm so deeply disturbed and sad for my friends... but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm so happy that my husband and I have a relationship in which we both very much hold the promises we made to each other and before God right smack in the middle of our hearts. and minds. (cause let's face it... no matter what your heart feels... your brain makes the actual decision as to whether or not to do something... so having the brain on board is pretty important, too.)

bleh. having a child cause you think it'll make you love your husband more. I just... I just... seriously... I just can't.


anyways... here's to all the folks out there that keep their promises. Thank you. cause for each one of you there are... there are countless others who will learn from your example.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Oh what a night!!!

late december back in 63.....

ok, sorry. got distracted there for a minute.

what I mean to say is... bunco was quite the night. QUITE. THE. NIGHT.

hmmmm.... what do you mean, "quite the night"???

well... let's just say that when all was said and done (or should I say ATE and DRANK)... one of our Bunco Girls found it completely necessary to throw up ALL OVER MY HOUSE.

yes... I said it.






ok... I think you get the point... but let me assure you that whatever you're imagining... it was worse. cause it was IN MY HOUSE. Did I mention that it was on the walls and all over the floors? nothing was spared... closets, doors, floors, walls, bathroom rugs... uggg.

My dear friend twinkie made a comment after all was cleaned up (which.. btw... both my friends Ilana and Maria stayed and helped me clean up all the vomit. anyone knows that a friend will help you when you're puking.. but a TRUE friend will help you clean up someone ELSE'S puke.. just because it's in your house. yes.. TRUE friends indeed)

anyways.. Ilana made the comment that my house was like Showtime at the Apollo... so now the casa de Fever has been dubbed "The Apollo". I like it. pretty fitting. I mean seriously.. there's always SOMETHING going on here... and usually set to music. not quite barnum and bailey, you see... but definitely more than the Cleaver's on a weeknight.

so "the Apollo" it is.

kinda makes you want to run right out and join a bunco group, huh????

Monday, March 19, 2007

dang meringue

so tomorrow... I'm hosting bunco. you know... stepford's version of a girls' night IN. sure.. there's a dice game somewhere in the evening... but I'm all about the hosting. something about throwing a party just makes me happy.

food, drinks... and gossip. lots of drunk housewives running their traps and eating too much. good times!!!

of our group of 16 ladies... three that I know of are celebrating their birthdays this month, so I declared this month's theme of bunco to be Birthday. *IF* I have the time tomorrow, I plan on making a soundtrack for the evening, and presenting the birthday girls with a copy as a gift. that, and birthday cake martinis. I think I've got the mark on the chocolate cake ones (though my mom didn't care for it... but I thought it was good)... I still need to play with the vanilla ones. (I'll take pictures)

food to be served includes balsamic chicken drumettes, grilled japanese eggplant salad, sweet potato fries with an herb salt and garlic mayo dip (all from the same Everyday Italian episode) , and a veggie platter with another herb dip. Sweets include berries on a cloud and assorted chocolates for the game tables.

so yeah... doing my prep work now. marinating, making the meringue discs, and mixing my dips so the herbs can 'set'. and trying to avoid mowing down previously mentioned assorted chocolates for the tables.

ok... I'm officially hungry now. pardon me while I go chew on my hands.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Men in Skirts

It's not that I *WANT* to be drunk in the House of Blues in Chicago listening to Gaelic Storm.... but right now.... watching them in hi-def on the monster TV, with that damn coffee finally kicking in....

right now.. I'm feeling my Irish roots.

happy belated St Patty's Day, gang!!!!

coffee magic

yeah. it's 8:38pm,and I'm drinking coffee. dumb dumb dumb.... but what else is new?

a lonnnng time ago, when I was hitting the sauce regularly, coffee had a way of eveloping me in its warmth and making me feel sleepy. I didn't question WHY a large coffee with about a pound of sugar in it would mke me feel tired, cause I've been known to get jittery from nyquil and pass out while popping dayquil. I just chalked it up to the Polish blood in me, and figured things just ad an opposte effect on my system.

however... since the first child was cut out of me.. coffee does to me what it's supposed to... and that's help me survive. I mean stay awake.

(note to self... I'm currently not feeling very awake after downing this big ole mug of Joe... but then again.. I'm watching the Grease auditions on NBC... that could have something to do with my lack-of-alertness??)


hmmm... it is now 9:06pm. the Moose is finally quiet. or not. rats.

and people wonder why I never bog anymore.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I'll Stop the World

Gotta stop my stopping in blogging to say that one of my dear friends finally had her baby.

Granted, the baby came BEFORE her due date, but still...

a sincere and hearty congratulations to my friend Jodes on the birth of her daughter, Zoe.

Jody and her husband are the kind of couple that makes you so happy that they are able to and DO procreate. they're good people, and not only does the world shine a little brighter when they're around... but the future looks a little better, too. Sure, I give her a bunch of shit cause she's got that whole "I'm from Brooklyn and can make my own food cause I'm all organic and shit" vibe to her... but I'm from Jersey and my body runs on processed food, so it's just my insecurities of how she can look so good without ever using aqua net in her life...

but SERIOUSLY.... I love her. she's good stock, and I'm oh so very happy that Zoe is here. Next up is Susie... but I'll talk about that later.

so anyways.... how the hell are you, blog-world??? is anyone still even out there?

as for me.. things have been quite busy. for a while, it was a bad kind of busy... filled with sickness and too many trips to the doctors' and hospitals... but now it's the good kind of busy again.

spring has sprung here in stepford, and as the flowers are blooming, so are my kids. Danny is HUGE. seriously. frigging aych-you-gee-eee HUGE. Rhena is... well, she is amazing. her brain goes on and on like her legs, and every day she makes me laugh myself silly and hold on for dear life as she pushes me to the brink of mental breakdowns. she is two. oh BOY is she two. but that's a good thing, Martha.

I feel like I have so much to say.... especially along the lines of where the hell and why have I been gone so long. in part, I think I had to dig in deep and find my way out of my post-partum funk. having the second child really put the screws to my daily routine and what I formally understood to be my life. I feel that now, just past danny being here for 3 months... that I'm starting.. just now STARTING to get a handle on things.

you see, when it comes to cleaning.....I have a bad habit of scooping things up, and shoving them in a box or bag, then 'hiding' said box from the public... usually into a closet somewhere. so while it looks like my house is in order... my closets will go toe-to-toe for any haunted house out there.

so I guess without being TOO-too wordy... (I know.. too late) you can say I was kinda cleaning out the closets the past few months. My girlfriend Jennifer calls it 'secret cleaning'. you know.. when you're cleaning up stuff that nobody really ever sees... like your underwear drawers, or your tupperware cubbord... or my brain.

so anyways... I guess I'm back. although... my folks are currently visiting, so I'm really not online that much. so I'll be scarce for another week or so.

but yeah.. I think I'm back. I mean.. is IS the season of Idol right now... and Paula is too annoying for me NOT to be blogging.

SO!! until next time, which will be much sooner than the last time.... peace out!